Thursday, August 24, 2006

Goin' Rock Climbin' with the Cousins

Hi, it's me, Klu, again. Um, today I'm gonna show you about going rock climbin' with the Cousins. I like rock climbin' a LOT. I could do it every, every day. Bears are good at rock climbin', cuz they know how to climb trees.

Here's a picture of me on the face, and my cousin Blu belayin' me. Roma's standing there watchin' us, cuz she's gonna climb next, so she wants to see how I do it. (I do it really good). Blu has to do a hip belay cuz they don't make belay devices for bears. Or muppets.

I think this face is a 5.10. That means it's REALLY hard. There are some good footholds, but not much for your paws, so you really gotta trust your feet. That's somethin' they say all the time in rock climbin': trust your feet. It means you stand on really little stuff.

Here's another picture of Blu and Roma. Can you tell that Blu's head is fatter than mine? That's how you can tell that I'm me and he's Blu. He's got more stuffin.

Blu and Roma are my cousins. I've got another cousin, too. Her name is Bianca. She's a lamb from Italy and she has a funny accent. I wish I could make a movie of Bianca. I wanted to put lots of movies on my blog, but we took one of me the other day, and Big Mummy said it was so big it would take a month to upload. She doesn't know how to make it smaller.

Um, I'd really like it if you posted a comment on my blog. I got one comment so far. It was really nice. Huh. It made me happy.

I was trying just now to get the photos fixed on this post, and I messed up the words. It said something before about Roma, but I can't 'member what it was. I'm just a beginning Blogging Bear. Sometimes I mess things up.

Klu the bear

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