Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Album Cover

Hi, um, it's me Klu. Today I'm back to being a Famous Bear, so I'm gonna record an album. I'm gonna sing lead vocals, and the kids are gonna sing backup, and it's gonna feature Auntie E on guitar. Auntie E's a really really good guitar player, but her favorite way to play is with her back to you, so she can't tell you're listening. She's gonna write some songs for me to sing, and I'm gonna sing them, so you can listen to them. Maybe we'll use some of the songs for the music in my play that I write, too. Huh. Maybe I should write a musical, instead.

I painted my album cover today, and I only got one little blob of green shiny paint on my tummy. It's kind of next to my weird crease, but Big Mummy stuck me under the faucet and it mostly came out. She said the rest is just so you can tell I'm a painter bear.

This first picture is me and the kids before I started painting. That's Blu in the front -- can you tell cuz his head is fatter than mine?

This next picture is me with plastic wrap on my feet, so I could make my shiny green bear pawprints on the painting. That's when I got the blob of green on my tummy. Big Mummy put the green paint on the bottoms of my feet with a paintbrush (that tickled a lot) and I walked on my album cover, to be dramatic.

Here's me painting my name (Klu the Bear) and the name of my album (Get a Klu). I'm just in the middle of painting the blobs at the end of each letter. I like painting with shiny paint. The green paint was supposed to be shiny, too, but it didn't look as shiny as the gold and silver paint. I like shiny things.

My last photo for today is a closeup of my album cover, so you'll be able to recognize it in the music store. I'm gonna sell it on Amazon, too. And I'll auction the 'riginal of the painting on eBay when the paint gets dry.

Maybe that's all for today, cuz I'm tired and kind of soggy. But I had lots of fun. I'd like to be a Painter Bear every day.


Klu the Bear

PS. My last two photos won't 'pload, so I'm gonna put them in a different post, but you'll know what they are, right?

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