Friday, January 05, 2007

More 'Bout Those Famous Bloggin' Hedgehogs!

Hi, it's me, Klu, the Famous Bloggin' Bear.

This post is 'bout those Famous Bloggin' Hedgehogs I 'scovered. I learned several things I didn't know 'bout Bloggin' Hedgehogs.

1. Bloggin' Hedgehogs like 'spresso. (I'm gonna ask my Big Mummy if I can try some 'spresso. Maybe Bloggin' Bears like 'spresso too.) Here's the link where you can see them drinkin' some 'spresso:

2. They like french fries too. (I already knew I like french fries, but we're not 'llowed to eat them very often, cuz they're not good for us.)

3. Bloggin' Hedgehogs can balance spoons on their noses. Here's the link where you can see a picture of one of them balancing a spoon on their nose. (I'm not sure yet which one is which -- this is the pink Bloggin' Hedgehog.)

Here's where you can go see more 'bout all their 'ventures.

It looked so fun to balance a spoon on my nose that I decided to try it. Here's a picture of me and Blu tryin' to balance spoons on our noses. I got mad at Blu cuz his nose is better than mine. He could do some balancin' but I couldn't. He's always better than me at everything. So after Big Mummy took this photo, I threw my spoon at Blu cuz I was mad that he's better than me at everything.

After I got mad at Blu and threw my spoon at him, Big Mummy reminded me that I love Blu a lot. Then I felt real sorry, so I 'pologized to him, and he said that was okay. Then I gave him a hug. I love Blu a lot. He's my best friend in the whole world. I just get mad cuz he's bigger than me and he's always better then me at everything.



notfearingchange said...

is that starbucks esspresso?! lol.

glumnmum said...

All images and content on my blog are the my property/copyright to me, except as noted, and may not be used without my express written permission. You may not copy them to your server and post them on your blog. You have my permission to link to the page the content is on only, if you don't know how - write me and I would be happy to provide help.

cheers, kate

Klu said...

Dear Ms. Kate,

I'm sorry I got so impatient and posted the pictures of your Famous Bloggin' Hedgehogs without asking permission first. My Big Mummy told me to wait, but I didn't, cuz I thought they were the cutest hedgehogs I ever saw. I changed my post now so it just has the links to the photos.

Klu the Bear

PS. I can't wait to see their 'ventures in Germany.