Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Post 'Bout Some Stuff

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just got back from a bacation with all of Big Mummy's rel'tives. We did lots of fun stuff. One day we took the Ski Train to Winter Park. The train goes through lots of tunnels. 28 tunnels. That's lots of tunnels. The last tunnel is six miles long. You have to hurry up and put on your ski boots, cuz when the train stops, you can start skiin'. I like skiin' a lot. I'd post of photo of me doin' some skiin', but Big Mummy forgot our camera. Maybe I'll put on my skis and have Big Mummy take a picture of me wearin' them so you can see. Roma is the best skier of all of us. She's real good on the bumps. And all day, she was doin' some practicin' to talk like a skier, so she kept puttin' her sticks in the pow, and shreddin' the gnar. She's the funniest muppet I know.

Then we all stayed in a fancy hotel and there was a fire alarm in the middle of the night. The hotel had a big hole in the middle of it where you could look up at the ceiling and down at the lobby. (Big Mummy says it's called an atrium.) When the fire alarm went off, everyone came out of their rooms onto the balconies and looked up and down the atrium (that's the hole in the middle of the hotel). They looked funny cuz they were wearin' their jammies. Grownups look funny in their jammies. Then the announcer said we could 'resume normal activities.' That meant we could go back to bed. I'd post a photo of the grownups in their jammies, but Big Mummy forgot our camera.

Then we went up to Estes Park. I like Estes Park a lot. I've been there before on another bacation. We did lots of fun stuff, like rescuin' an old lady whose car was stuck in the snow. I'd post a photo of us in Estes Park, but Big Mummy forgot our camera.

Now I'm back home, and we took down the Christmas tree, so that means Christmas is over. I like Christmas a lot. I wish we could have it again soon.


PS. I changed my posts 'bout the Famous Bloggin' Hedgehogs cuz I wasn't supposed to put their pictures on my blog. My Big Mummy told me I needed to ask permission, but I just got impatient cuz they were the cutest hedgehogs I ever saw. But then I had to change my post and write a comment to 'pologize to Ms. Kate (she's the hedgehogs' Big Mummy.) I been doin' lots of 'pologizin' lately. That's cuz I keep gettin' in trouble. Maybe I should have made a New Year's Res'lution 'bout not gettin' in so much trouble.

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