Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some Stuff 'Bout Me and Wilb'rina

Hi, it's me, Klu.

This is just a Some Stuff blog. I can't think of nothin' to do my blog 'bout. So I'll just tell you some stuff.

Me and Wilb'rina really like clementines. And we like to sing the song 'bout the darling clemetine. But our clementines aren't lost. They're right on the kitchen floor in a box. Here's a picture of us eatin' some clemetines. (We're 'llowed to eat clementines whenever we want, so we didn't get in trouble.)

Hannah G sent me an email 'bout Samuel. His nickname is Sammi. Hannah G made a bed for him and lots of stuff. I can't wait to see Sammi again. I miss him something fierce.

I’m kinda tired tonight. I think I'm gonna do some sleepin' now.


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Kirsten said...

Hi Klu,

I love eating clementines. I wish I could buy them all the time, but they are only in the stores during the winter.