Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More 'Citing-est Stuff Ever!

Hi, it's me, Klu, and today is the 'citing-est day ever. Last night Big Mummy came home from Uncle Kermit's house, and she had a baby duck with her!!! Uncle Kermit was lookin' for a good home for the baby duck, and he thought of us, cuz we like kids a lot. The baby duck didn't have a name, cuz she hadn't been 'dopted yet. And she was kinda scared (just like Samuel was, when he climbed up the tree. You can read about that in my post 'bout 'doptin' Samuel). Auntie E gave the baby duck a big hug, and she knew right away what her name was: Darla Duck. That's short for Darling Duck. And we're gonna call her DD. She's the darling-est baby duck I ever met.

This morning DD was kinda scared and she did some cryin'. So me and Wilb'rina decided to make a nest for her. Baby ducks come from nests, you know. So we thought maybe she wouldn't feel so scared if we made a nest for her. Here's a picture of me and Wilb'rina and DD in our nest.

After DD got done doin' some cryin', Roma decided to teach her to stand on her head. Here's a picture of Roma and DD standin' on their heads, and me and Wilb'rina doin' some encouragin'. (Encouragin' is when you tell people nice things 'bout them.)

Isn't DD the cutest baby duck you ever saw? I like the tuft on the top of her head.



Tammie Jean said...

That is really 'citing! How fun to have a new member of the family.
And yes, she is very cute.

Manda M said...

Hi Klu,

And welcome to DD!
She is a very clever baby duck to be able to do head stands already!
Roma must be a very good teacher!


Susan said...

Welcome to DD! She is the cutest little duck I have seen. You are so lucky to have such good friends.

Blue said...

You kids are crazy!
I'm posting my guard dogs later, you'd like them..

Abigail S said...

Your family keeps getting bigger and bigger!

DD really is a cute baby duck! Have lots of fun together!