Monday, April 30, 2007

Uncle Kermit's Dinner

Hi, it's me, Klu the Happy Bear. I'm a Happy Bear cuz I finally got to make dinner for Uncle Kermit. My Big Mummy promised us kids AGES ago that we could make dinner for Uncle Kermit. But sometimes grownups take a long time before they do what they say.

The first thing we had to do was 'ssemble all the 'gredients. Here's a picture of us 'ssemblin' all the 'gredients. Wilb'rina wasn't really doin' much helpin' with the 'ssemblin'. She was too busy doin' some 'vestigatin' cuz Big Mummy left some grapes on the counter. Darla didn't do much helpin' either. She just wanted to find a nest. She always wants to find a nest, you know, cuz she's a baby duck and baby ducks come from nests. She tried to make a nest in the kielbasa before we opened the package.

I had to make Darla get out of her nest in the package of kielbasa, cuz I needed to cut it into pennies. 'Cept it wasn't really pennies. Huh. Huh. We made kielbasa quarters instead. Here's a picture of me cuttin' the kielbasa, and I put a penny and a quarter in the picture so you can see that kielbasa is kinda fat.

Then the next thing we did was put the kielbasa in the pan so that it would turn brown and smell good. But I didn't get any pictures of that, cuz as soon as the kielbasa started to smell good, Wilb'rina tried to climb into the pan to eat a piece. Big Mummy caught her just before she started to burn her hooves. Wilb'rina got in BIG trouble from trying to climb into the pan to eat a piece of kielbasa. Big Mummy said she couldn't help at all anymore, makin' dinner for Uncle Kermit. She just had to sit by the toaster and watch. Here's a picture of her sitting by the toaster and watchin' us make dinner for Uncle Kermit. Isn't she the cutest pig you ever saw?

Big Mummy said we had to have some begetables too, so we made broccoli, cuz broccoli tastes really good with mac 'n' cheese. Here's a picture of Roma helpin' to cut the broccoli, and me doin' some supervisin'. Darla is doin' some sittin' in the steamer cuz it looked like a nest. Wilb'rina isn't in the picture cuz she's still doin' her time out for tryin' to climb into the pan to eat a piece of kielbasa.

Here's a picture of Wilb'rina still doin' her time out.

You have to grate a lot of cheese to make mac 'n' cheese. Here's a picture of me gratin' a lot of cheese. Darla had to get out of her nest in the steamer, cuz we needed it for the broccoli, so she sat in the colander instead.

We got everything ready before Uncle Kermit got here, 'cept for puttin' the cheese sauce on the macaroni. Here's a picture of Uncle Kermit stirring the cheese sauce and me doin' some superivin'.

I'm so 'cited I finally got to make dinner for Uncle Kermit. He's the best uncle ever, and he liked dinner a lot. He ate a lot, too, cuz he's a good eater. I can't wait till we all go on our bacation of a lifetime on the David B. Uncle Kermit and Uncle Captain J haven't met each other yet, but me and the other kids think they're gonna like each other a lot, cuz they both know we're real.

Klu the Happy Bear


Linseed said...

Wow, how clever you are Klu - this looks a wonderful meal, and nice to get a photo of Uncle Kermit too!


Auntie Linseed

Becky L said...

this is the most absolutely cutest thing i've ever seen!

Blue said...

What a truly clever bear you are!
Am very impressed!

Manda M said...

Hi Klu,
Thanks for showing me how to make Hot Dog Pennies! They look really yum! I normally use bacon but they look way better!!Did Uncle Kermit like the dinner?
Manda (from New Zealand) :)