Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sometimes Dars Drives Me CRAZY!

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Um, this post is 'bout how Dars sometimes is the best baby duck I ever met, and sometimes she drives me CRAZY. It's all cuz she likes water so much. Every time anyone turns on the sink or the shower or pours water into the top of the coffee maker, Dars starts doin' some hoppin' around. She's always jumpin' into the water and gettin' all soaked, then she hops around, doin' some shakin' and makin' water fly everywhere. Drives me CRAZY.

But when she's all wet, she's the cutest baby duck I ever met, so then I gotta stop bein' mad at her. Here's a picture of Dars when she's all wet and 'draggled. Isn't she the cutest baby duck you ever saw?

This is a short post cuz I gotta go help Uncle Kerms make dinner. I like doin' some cookin' with Uncle Kerms cuz he lets me cut things and stuff. My Big Mummy doesn't let me cut things cuz I might cut my paw or something.

Klu the Bear

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