Monday, June 07, 2010

Speedy's Come Out of His Shell (huh huh, that was funny)

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear. I couldn't do my bloggin' this morning cuz Blogger was down, but it's back up now, so I'm gonna write my post 'bout Speedy the Turtle, and how he's come out of his shell since we 'dopted him. (Huh, huh, that's funny).

I just asked Big Mummy when we 'dopted Speedy, and she said it was August 2007. That's a long time ago. When we first 'dopted Speedy, he was really scared and shy. Here's a picture from back then of me tryin' to get him to eat a piece of spinach. See how scared and shy he looks?

Uncle Kerms brought back a pretty rock from one of our 'ventures, and Speedy decided it was his rock. He wouldn't sleep in the basket with us other kids. He just stayed on his rock all the time. Here's a picture from back then of Speedy just stayin' on his rock all the time.

But then Speedy started comin' out of his shell. He started doin' some jammin' to some music, and then he started collectin' some bling. One of his blings is a glass turtle that he wears around his neck. Uncle Kerms brought it back from Las Vegas for Big Mummy to wear, but Speedy liked to wear it so much that it's sort of his bling now. One of his other blings is a bottle cap from Hawaii. It says 'honu' on the inside. That means turtle in Hawaiian. Some more of his blings are some little rocks from our 'ventures. Here's a picture of Speedy with his blings. He doesn't look so scared or shy anymore.

Speedy looks so different now that I changed his photo in the sidebar. (The sidebar is the place on my blog where I have all the pictures of the kids.) Here's the new picture of Speedy for the sidebar. He doesn't look scared or shy at all anymore.

Klu the Bear

PS. Tomorrow I'm gonna write a post 'bout Dars. I don't think she's changed very much, 'cept she got a lot noisier. And she likes coffee a LOT.

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