Friday, August 25, 2006

Feelin' Kinda Shy

Hi again, it's me, Klu. I'm feelin' kinda shy right now, cuz me and my Big Mummy decided for me to go public. I feel 'barrassed. (But that's okay, cuz I'm a bear.) I want to be a famous bear. And the only way I can be a famous bear is to go public. So I'm making my debut. (Roma taught me that word. She likes big words. She's really smart.)

I started feelin' shy just now, writing this blog, but Big Mummy said to just write what I was already plannin' to write about. So I'm gonna write about me and my cousin Blu, and how his head is bigger than mine and how that's how you can tell that he's Blu and I'm Klu. Besides that, he's dirtier than me, cuz he did lots of sleep-overs with Hannah and the other kids. And he had lots of adventures in Scotland before I got 'dopted. Having adventures makes you get dirty.

I can't remember why we're standing on our heads in the photo. We like standing on our heads. Sometimes me and Bruno and Janna and Blu and Roma and Bianca all stand on our heads at the same time. It makes us happy. You should try it. Sometimes when you're feeling sad, you should stand on your head and it'll make you happy.

Can you tell which is me, Klu, and which is Blu in the photo? Huh. I'll give you a clue. Huh. Get it? Get a Klu. Huh. Huh. I'm really funny.



Linseed said...

hi klu! I think your blog is really cool, i know your mummy and auntie e and i think they are cool too. i have my own blog as well. keep on blgging!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Hannah G. I read your blog today and it reminded me of me. Doing headstands makes me happy too. I'm doing one right now, that's why my mummy is writing for me. Have you ever tried handstands? They make me really happy. When I was 5 years old I used to do headstands all the time. When I went to bed mom and day would say, Go to sleep. But I didn't want to listen, I had to practice my headstands on my bed against the wall. Mom and Dad would wake up and hear thump thump thump against the wall. That was me practicing. My world's record was like 5 minutes or something.

bye bye,

Hannah G

p.s. Freckles say hi