Monday, April 30, 2007

Uncle Kermit's Dinner

Hi, it's me, Klu the Happy Bear. I'm a Happy Bear cuz I finally got to make dinner for Uncle Kermit. My Big Mummy promised us kids AGES ago that we could make dinner for Uncle Kermit. But sometimes grownups take a long time before they do what they say.

The first thing we had to do was 'ssemble all the 'gredients. Here's a picture of us 'ssemblin' all the 'gredients. Wilb'rina wasn't really doin' much helpin' with the 'ssemblin'. She was too busy doin' some 'vestigatin' cuz Big Mummy left some grapes on the counter. Darla didn't do much helpin' either. She just wanted to find a nest. She always wants to find a nest, you know, cuz she's a baby duck and baby ducks come from nests. She tried to make a nest in the kielbasa before we opened the package.

I had to make Darla get out of her nest in the package of kielbasa, cuz I needed to cut it into pennies. 'Cept it wasn't really pennies. Huh. Huh. We made kielbasa quarters instead. Here's a picture of me cuttin' the kielbasa, and I put a penny and a quarter in the picture so you can see that kielbasa is kinda fat.

Then the next thing we did was put the kielbasa in the pan so that it would turn brown and smell good. But I didn't get any pictures of that, cuz as soon as the kielbasa started to smell good, Wilb'rina tried to climb into the pan to eat a piece. Big Mummy caught her just before she started to burn her hooves. Wilb'rina got in BIG trouble from trying to climb into the pan to eat a piece of kielbasa. Big Mummy said she couldn't help at all anymore, makin' dinner for Uncle Kermit. She just had to sit by the toaster and watch. Here's a picture of her sitting by the toaster and watchin' us make dinner for Uncle Kermit. Isn't she the cutest pig you ever saw?

Big Mummy said we had to have some begetables too, so we made broccoli, cuz broccoli tastes really good with mac 'n' cheese. Here's a picture of Roma helpin' to cut the broccoli, and me doin' some supervisin'. Darla is doin' some sittin' in the steamer cuz it looked like a nest. Wilb'rina isn't in the picture cuz she's still doin' her time out for tryin' to climb into the pan to eat a piece of kielbasa.

Here's a picture of Wilb'rina still doin' her time out.

You have to grate a lot of cheese to make mac 'n' cheese. Here's a picture of me gratin' a lot of cheese. Darla had to get out of her nest in the steamer, cuz we needed it for the broccoli, so she sat in the colander instead.

We got everything ready before Uncle Kermit got here, 'cept for puttin' the cheese sauce on the macaroni. Here's a picture of Uncle Kermit stirring the cheese sauce and me doin' some superivin'.

I'm so 'cited I finally got to make dinner for Uncle Kermit. He's the best uncle ever, and he liked dinner a lot. He ate a lot, too, cuz he's a good eater. I can't wait till we all go on our bacation of a lifetime on the David B. Uncle Kermit and Uncle Captain J haven't met each other yet, but me and the other kids think they're gonna like each other a lot, cuz they both know we're real.

Klu the Happy Bear

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our New 'Partment

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I'm gonna write a longer post later today, but I just wanted to show you a picture of our new 'partment. I kinda feel like doin' some cryin' cuz I'm gonna miss Auntie E and the cousins something fierce. But I'm kinda 'cited too cuz our new 'partment has a bird feeder in the garden and we can see a mountain. And it's real close to Uncle Kermit's house, so he can visit us all the time.

Tomorrow is the day that me and the other kids are gonna make dinner for Uncle Kermit. I woke up so 'cited this morning that I asked Big Mummy if we could start makin' it today, but she said no, it wouldn't taste as good and we had to wait till tomorrow. But she said if I wanted to help get ready, I could clean the bathroom. But I said I didn't want to. I've got some playin' to do.

Klu the Bear

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mac 'N' Cheese With Hot Dog Pennies For Uncle Kermit

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Um, I'm in a hurry today, cuz me and my Big Mummy are gonna go rock-climbing, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm FINALLY gonna get to make mac 'n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Uncle Kermit on Friday. My Big Mummy promised me AGES ago, but then she kept cooking fancy grownup food with French and 'Talian names for Uncle Kermit cuz she was showing off. But now it's us kids' turn. I just went with Big Mummy to the grocery store, and we bought all the stuff we need. 'Cept we didn't get hot dogs; we got kielbasa. Me and the other kids like kielbasa a LOT, even though we're not Polish.

Some nice lady left me a comment a while back that she didn't know what hot dog pennies were, and she had to look online. (I think she's from New Zealand.) Well, now we're gonna make kielbasa pennies. Huh. Huh. That's really funny. Cuz kielbasa is way fatter than hot dogs, so they're gonna come out more like quarters instead. Huh. That makes me laugh. To make kielbasa quarters, you slice the kielbasa into circles so they look like quarters, and then you put them in a pan on the stove till they turn brown and smell really good. Sometimes you eat some out of the pan when Big Mummy isn't looking. Then you put them in the mac 'n' cheese. They taste really good.

Tomorrow I'll show you a picture of our new house. I'm 'cited 'bout our new house, but I'm really sad cuz I'm gonna miss Auntie E something fierce. And the cousins. I wish Auntie E could live with us forever.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Uncle Kermit's Museum

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I used to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear, but I'm not sure I am anymore, cuz all I've been doin' is some spinnin'. It's hard to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear when all the grownups around you are doin' some spinnin'. So I decided maybe I should just do some spinnin' too. And some playin'. But now I want to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear again.

Darla took me along to Uncle Kermit's house, cuz I wanted to do some 'vestigatin'. I'm not as good at 'vestigatin' as Wilb'rina, but Darla knows all 'bout Uncle Kermit's house cuz he fostered her before we 'dopted her. So I just followed Darla around, 'vestigatin' stuff while she said 'mwack.' Darla only says 'mwack' cuz she's just a baby duck. I can't wait till she's old enough to say my name, Klu. Kuh-lu. Here's a picture of me 'vestigatin' some of Uncle Kermit's shoes.

I like Uncle Kermit a lot. Some grownups don't know that me and the other kids are real. But Uncle Kermit knows we're real. He likes us a lot. But his house isn't very good for kids yet. It's kinda like a museum, really empty and clean and stuff. The best thing for kids that me and Darla found was a statue of a giraffe. I climbed up on a candle holder to get a better look at the giraffe, cuz I was hopin' it might be a real giraffe. But it's just a statue. I guess in museums you only have statues, not real giraffes. Here's a picture of me and Darla 'vestigatin' the statue of the giraffe.

After we got done 'vestigatin' the statue of the giraffe, we got kinda bored. I think I'm gonna give Uncle Kermit some of my toys, so the next time we go to his house, we can do some playin'. I think Uncle Kermit's real good at doin' some playin', but he just needs some toys.

Now that I'm a Famous Bloggin' Bear again, I'll write some more posts. My Big Mummy helped me make a list of all the posts I want to write. I want to write about moving to a new house, and about making mac 'n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Uncle Kermit (we're gonna make it for him on Friday), and how sad it is that Auntie E is moving away to Mr. Gumbles' city, and some other stuff. I'm sorry I let my fans down for a little while. Would you please forgive me? Um, thanks. Pretty soon I'm gonna have lots of posts to write, cuz me and Darla and Wilb'rina and Uncle Kermit and my Big Mummy are goin' on another bacation of a lifetime on the David B with Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch.

Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There's Another Get A Klu, But They're Hats, Not Bears!

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear, not Klu the Hat.

Auntie E made a 'scovery last night. There's another Get A Klu, but it's hats, not bears. Here's the link. I like the bears wearing hats.

Get A Klu

I wish I didn't have to wait a whole year for my birthday again, cuz I'd like to have that yellow hat with the black band. But maybe it would be too big for me. I can't tell how big that bear is. Maybe it would only fit Blu, cuz his head is fatter than mine. (He's got more stuffin'.)

Klu the Bear (not Klu the Hat)

Monday, April 09, 2007

All 'Bout Darla and Her Senior Photos

Hi, it's me, Klu the 'Tographer Bear.

I decided to take Darla's Senior Photos today, now that Auntie E brought my camera back. (She took my camera to go visit Mr. Gumbles, cuz when grownups are in love, they like to stare at photos of each other.) I needed a good photo of Darla to put in my sidebar with all the other kids. But Darla didn't want to coop'rate. Her favorite place to sit is a nest she made out of hats. (Baby ducks come from nests, you know. I think that's why she likes to sit in a nest.) The bottom hat is from Uncle Captain J's boat company, Northwest Navigation. The next hats are to keep Auntie E's head warm in the winter. I couldn't make Darla come out so I could take her Senior Photos. She just sat there, saying 'mwack.' She still won't say my name, Klu. It's not very hard. Kuh-lu. But all she says is 'mwack.'

Here's a picture of Darla sitting in the nest of hats.

I got mad at her cuz she wouldn't come out of her nest so I could take her Senior Photo. Finally she got out of her nest, but then she just wanted to stand on her head. You're not supposed to stand on your head for your Senior Photo.

Then Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio came over, and she wanted to be in the photos too. I told her that only one person could be in a Senior Photo at a time, but she didn't want to listen to me. She just wanted to sit in Darla's nest. Janna likes nests too, cuz she's a bird, you know.

Finally, I got Darla to sit up so I could take her Senior Photo, but then Janna decided SHE wanted to stand on her head. I turned into a Very Frustrated Bear and stopped taking photos.

Klu the Very Frustrated Bear

PS. You can see Janna's backpack straps in the photo. I don't think most gannets have backpack straps.

PPS. I'm gonna use the first photo of Darla in the sidebar till she's old enough to coop'rate.

My Big Mummy Did Some 'Pologizin' Too

Hi, it's me, Klu the Finally Bear. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I'm the Finally Bear cuz all my fans are gonna say, "finally" when they read my new post. But it's REALLY not my fault that I didn't write any posts for a long time. It's my Big Mummy's fault. She's doin' all that spinnin' cuz of Uncle Kermit. Grownups are really weird when they fall in love. I hope when I meet a nice girl-bear one day and fall in love that I don't get weird. But all the grownups I know get weird when they fall in love. Auntie E is weird too. And now she's movin' away, cuz Mr. Gumbles lives a long ways away from here. I'm gonna miss Auntie E something fierce. I asked her if Roma and Blu and Bianca could live with us, but she said no, they were gonna live with her. I'm gonna miss them something fierce. But Auntie E said we could come and visit her lots. I can't wait to visit her where she's gonna live. Guess what? They have grizzly bears where she's gonna live. I hope I don't get eaten by a grizzly bear.

Klu the Finally Bear