Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm kinda 'nnoyed with my Big Mummy

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. I wrote an email this mornin' to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E. They both liked it lots, and Uncle Kermit thought it was 'musing, so I decided to make it the post on my blog. Here's my email that I wrote this mornin' to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E:

Um hi, it's me, Klu.

I'm kinda 'nnoyed with my Big Mummy. Last night in the middle of the night, she grabbed me around my tummy and put me on the floor under the bed on the side by the wall. She scared me cuz I was doin' some sleepin', and she was doin' some sleepin' too, while she did it. I pounded on her hand with my paw, but she didn't wake up. I just lay there on the floor where she put me, cuz I was kinda confused and not really awake. Then I started to cry. Then all the sudden, her hand came back down and she grabbed me around my tummy again and picked me back up and put me under her chin where I always sleep. I didn't 'zactly know what had happened.

I asked her this mornin', and she did some 'pologizin'. She said she was dreamin' that her new boss came in our bedroom and saw me sleepin' under her chin where I always sleep. Big Mummy got 'barrassed to have her boss see me there, so she hid me under the bed. Then she woke up and realized it was a dream, so she picked me up again.

She thought it was funny, but I didn't think it was very funny. It kinda scared me. Big Mummy is weird when she thinks she's awake but she's asleep.

Klu the Bear

That's the end of the email I wrote this morning to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E. When I decided to make it the post for my blog, I asked Big Mummy if we could do a 'nactment. A 'nactment is when you do the same thing that happened before, 'cept it's just doin' some actin'. They do 'nactments all the time on the news when they're tellin' 'bout a robber, and they want to show how he snuck into the bank. It's not the real robber in the 'nactment; it's just an actor. In the 'nactment that Big Mummy and I did, I acted the part of Klu the Bear and Big Mummy acted the part of her hand. But we weren't really sleepin'. Here's a photo of our 'nactment.

That's all.
Klu the Bear

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Done With My Worryin'

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I can only write a quick post today cuz my Big Mummy is goin' off to a new job and I'm not 'llowed to use the 'puter when she's not here. But I just wanted to tell you that everyone's done bein' sick now, so I can stop doin' some worryin' and get back to my playin'. ('Cept I think Uncle Kermit's back probably still hurts.) I'll write a longer post later 'bout the dumbest thing Big Mummy's done in a long time. And we're gonna have a surprise for Uncle Kermit, but we haven't found it yet. And I can't tell you 'bout it, cuz he reads my blog.

Klu the Bear

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Hard To Be A Bloggin' Bear When You're Doin' Some Worryin'

Hi, it's me, Klu the Worryin' Bear.

I haven't written any posts for a while cuz I've had a lot of worryin' to do. And worryin' takes a lot of time. You can't write your blog and do some worryin' at the same time very well.

My Big Mummy has been sick for a few days. She doesn't get sick very often, so I was kinda scared. And bored, too, cuz she was just sleepin' a lot and runnin' to the bathroom. Maybe I shouldn't write that on my blog, 'bout her runnin' to the bathroom, but it's the truth.

And Wilbs was sick, too. I never saw a sick pig before. She was the crankiest pig I ever saw. She didn't want to eat nuthin' and she didn't want to play and she didn't want me to tell her a story.

Uncle Kermit came over yesterday to eat dinner with us, but Big Mummy was so sick that he had to cook his own dinner. I thought that was funny, 'cept I was sorry Big Mummy was so sick. Least she got everything ready for him to cook before he came. But he didn't feel good either, cuz his back hurt.

And I talked to Auntie E, and I had to do some worryin' 'bout her too, cuz her life is crazy. She's movin' again, and she's real tired, and she said a bad word on the phone. (I can't tell you what it is, cuz I'm not 'llowed to write bad words on my blog. That's almost like sayin' them, and I'm not 'llowed to say them. 'Cept sometimes I do when I get mad.)

Then I started worryin' 'bout my blog. Whenever I don't write my blog for a while, I start worryin' that my fans are all gonna go away. And then I think I better write a really good post, to make up for not writin' my blog for a while. But then I start worryin' that I can't think of a really good post, and it's hard to write a really good post when you're doin' some worryin'. But Auntie E told me on the phone that I just needed to write something, even if it wasn't a really good post. So that's why I'm tellin' you 'bout doin' some worryin'.

Klu the Bear

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm A Unlucky Bear Today

Hi, it's me, Klu, the Unlucky Bear.

Me and Bruno have been beggin' and beggin' my Big Mummy to take us to the playground. Bruno likes to go down the tornado slide, and I like to swing as high as I can. And I wanted to do a photo shoot for my blog (Get A Klu) so that you could see our playground.

Big Mummy finally said yes just now, so we walked up to the playground. But when we got there, there were tons of big kids everywhere. They were usin' all the swings and doin' some pushin' on the slide and everything. Me and Bruno (and Wilbs came too) didn't feel like doin' any playin' with all them big kids around. Sometimes big kids don't know we're real, so they do mean stuff to us.

I feel like a Cranky Bear now.

That's all.

(I didn't feel like signing my post 'love,' cuz I'm a Cranky Bear right now. I wanted to swing on the swings as high as I could.)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Waitin' For Uncle Kermit

Hi, it's me, Klu. Happy 4th of July. Huh. Huh. I'm a Swedish-Scottish-'Merican bear, so it's only the 'Merican part of me that's wishin' you a happy 4th of July.

Um, this is just a really quick post, cuz we're gonna go soon for a barbecue and then the fireworks. I just wanted to show you that picture at the top of this post. It's a picture of us kids waitin' for Uncle Kermit to come for dinner. We've got the best window I ever saw, and we can do lots of watchin' from our window. When we moved here, we could even see the mountain where we do some rock-climbin', but it's all covered up now cuz of the leaves. So we just watch other stuff, like the cars goin' by. 'Cept when we're waitin' for Uncle Kermit. Then we watch for his car. It's got lots of stickers on it. That's how we know it's his car.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Me and Blu in a Tree

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I was gettin' really frustrated on our bacation, cuz every time I wanted to spend quality time with Blu, all the other kids wanted to play too. But we're both bears, you know, and sometimes we just like to talk 'bout bear stuff.

But finally we got a chance to climb a tree and talk 'bout bear stuff. (Tame bear stuff. We're not wild bears.) The picture of me and Blu sittin' in a tree and talkin' 'bout bear stuff is at the top of my post today. I just did that for v'riety.

Um, I was gonna tell you 'bout bein' chased by a grouse. On the day that we saw the wild bear (my Big Mummy was scared, but me and Uncle Kermit weren't) we also got chased by a grouse. A grouse is a kind of bird 'bout the size of a chicken. I thought it should have been called a grouch, cuz it was the grouchiest bird I ever met. It hopped out onto the trail right in front of me and Big Mummy, so we all stopped and talked to it. It was close enough it could have pecked Big Mummy's ankles. (She didn't really like that idea, but she wasn't scared yet). We all looked at it for a while, then we went around it to go down the trail. All the sudden, it started chasin' us with its beak open, makin' a weird noise. Big Mummy and Uncle Kermit started runnin' down the trail. They were laughin' a lot, but in a kinda scared way. The bird just kept chasin' us. We ran some more and the bird chased some more. It chased us a long ways down the trail. I had a really good view of it chasin' us cuz I was ridin' on the back of Big Mummy's pack. I didn't like it chasin' us cuz its beak was big and pointy. Finally it stopped chasin' us and went back to its house. If I was actin' that grouchy, Big Mummy would probably make me take a time out.

We saw the grouse just before we saw the bear. When we were back at the car, Uncle Kermit said the funny thing was that he was more scared of the bird than the bear. Maybe that's cuz he's used to me, even though I'm not a wild bear.


Monday, July 02, 2007

A Post 'Bout Seein' The Wild Bear

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bacationin' Bear.

Huh. Huh. I've been on so many bacations lately that I called myself the Bacationin' Bear. Huh. That's funny.

Um, this is a post about seein' the wild bear in Grand Teton National Park. First me and Uncle Kermit and my Big Mummy drove to a trailhead. Here's a picture of me sittin' on the top of Uncle Kermit's car, doin' some admirin' cuz the view was so beautiful, while they put their hikin' boots on.

I'm just a little bear, and my legs aren't as long as Big Mummy's, so I can't walk as fast. So she lets me ride on the back of her pack when we go hikin'. When we stop somewhere, I like to get down and do some 'splorin'. Here's a picture of me ridin' on the back of Big Mummy's pack.

We hiked up to some lakes. Here's a picture of one of the lakes. It's a scenery picture.

When we were hikin' back down, some men comin' up the trail told us there was a bear just a little ways down the trail. Huh. Huh. They didn't see me on the back of Big Mummy's pack. And anyway, they meant a wild bear, not a tame bear like me. I felt a little squiggly in my tummy, cuz I've never met a wild bear before. Big Mummy and Uncle Kermit talked real loud as we went down the trail, cuz we didn't want to make the wild bear jump. Then Uncle Kermit saw the wild bear. It wasn't the mama grizzly with her cubs that Blu told us 'bout in the newspaper. It was a black bear. It was goin' 'bout its business right by the trail. Uncle Kermit was the man, so he went first. He wasn't scared, cuz the bear was just goin' 'bout its business. But my Big Mummy was scared. She was kinda in a hurry, and she didn't want to stay and look at the wild bear too long. But it never really paid any attention to us. It just kept goin' 'bout its business.

It was the 'citing-est thing ever.

Oh, I forgot to tell about bein' chased by a grouse. I gotta go play now, but I'll tell 'bout that in my next post. It happened on the same hike.

Klu the Bear