Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Doin' Some Thankin'

Hi, it's me again, Klu the Bear.

Um, it's Saturday night and we're 'bout to eat pizza and watch a movie, but I asked Uncle Kerms if I could quick use his 'puter to write my blog cuz I 'ploaded some photos the other day. Then I forgot 'bout my blog for a few days. But I just 'membered it now.

Me and Speedy and Uncle Kerms and Big Mummy went to Estes Park for Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving cuz you get to do some thankin'. I'm thankful for Speedy and Uncle Kerms and Big Mummy and Auntie E and Wilbs and Darla and Roma and Blu and Bianca and Uncle Gumbles and um, lots of other things, like chocolate and stuff.

Anyway, um, me and Speedy went on a hike with Big Mummy and Uncle Kerms. We saw two big boy elks. That was 'citin'. Then we saw mountain lion tracks everywhere in the snow. Tracks are footprints. The mountain lion footprints were really big. That made me feel funny in my tummy. I don't want to get eaten by a mountain lion. But we never saw the mountain lion, just the tracks.

When we got back to the car, Speedy and I climbed up a fence while Big Mummy and Uncle Kerms were puttin' their packs in the car. Here's a picture of us climbin' up on the fence.

When we got home, me and Speedy were really tired and kinda cold, so we got in Big Mummy's hat and took a nap. Here's a picture of us takin' a nap in Big Mummy's hat.

Uncle Kerms just took the pizza out of the oven so I gotta go now. Uncle Kerms is the best uncle ever. I love him a lot.

Klu the Bear

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Doin' Some Playin' In The Leaves

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear,

I didn't write a post for a few days cuz it was Thanksgiving, and I had to do some thankin' and some eatin' and stuff. But I did a photo shoot with Speedy, cuz he went on our Thanksgiving bacation with us. But first I have to write my last post 'bout our trip to St. Louis.

After we got done doin' some swingin' and some climbin', we went to another house where there were a lot of woods to play in. A whale came along with us, but he didn't say very much. It's hard to get to know a whale when he doesn't say very much. Ewey came too, and did some more playin' with us.

First we made a fort out of some logs and big pieces of stone. The big pieces of stone were so big that we had to have the grownups move them for us. Here's a picture of me and Speedy and Ewey and the whale in our fort, after the grownups moved the big pieces of stone for us.

But the best part of doin' some playin' in the woods was all the leaves. We made a big pile of leaves beside our fort, and we jumped in them. I didn't want Ewey to jump in the leaves cuz her wool was so pretty, but she said it was okay. (My cousin Bianca is a lambie too, but her wool is a lot dirtier cuz she's had so many 'ventures. I miss Bianca something fierce.) Here's a picture of me and Speedy and Ewey doin' some jumpin' in the leaves.

We keep havin' so many 'ventures I can't keep track of them all. In my next post, I'll tell you 'bout our Thanksgiving 'venture. But it was just a little 'venture, not a bacation where you ride on a airplane.

Klu the Bear

PS. I haven't written any ph'losophy for a while, or any stuff that Richard Scarry would like. Maybe I'll do that for my next post.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Doin' Some Climbin' In A Tree (And 'Bout How Speedy's A Really Good Climber)

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

After we did some swingin' on the swings, then we decided to do some climbin' in the tree. Me and Speedy and Ewey all climbed up to the first fork in the tree trunk together. Here's a picture of me and Ewey at the first fork in the tree trunk. (Ewey's a really pretty lamb, and her wool was really clean. My fur was really dirty. That's cuz I rolled in the dust at the bottom of the slide.)

After we took the picture of us at the first fork in the tree trunk, we realized that Speedy had disappeared. That's cuz he just kept doin' some climbin'. I made a 'scovery on this bacation: Speedy's a really good climber. Here's a picture of him when we 'scovered he'd just kept doin' some climbin'.

Speedy just kept climbin' and climbin', till he climbed higher than Uncle Kerms. (You can see Uncle Kerms's arm in the photo, but he's bein' 'nonymous, cuz he's a grownup.)

I wanted to climb that high too, so I asked Luke to make an elevator out of his hood. (Luke is Natalie's brother. I liked playin' with Luke a lot. I wish I had more little boys to play with.) Here's a picture of Luke makin' an elevator out of his hood and takin' me to the top of the tree.

When we got up as high as Speedy, I climbed out of the elevator that Luke made out of his hood, and hung onto the branch with Speedy. Here's a picture of me and Speedy on a branch at the top of the tree.

That's all I can think of right now 'bout climbin' in the tree. Tomorrow I'm gonna tell you 'bout playin' in the pile of leaves.

Klu the Bear

PS. I miss Roma somethin' fierce tonight. I hope she wants to write a post on my blog soon. I sent her an invitation to be a poster on my blog, but she didn't answer yet.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doin' some swingin'

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear again.

I like bein' a Bloggin' Bear again. When I wasn't a Bloggin' Bear, I missed it lots. Bloggin' makes me happy cuz I can tell my fans 'bout all my 'ventures.

After me and Speedy got done doin' some slidin' with Ewey and Natalie, (Ewey is a lamb who looks like Bianca, only she's bigger, and Natalie is a little girl who kinda reminds me of Hannah G, only she's littler), we decided to do some swingin'. Here's a picture of all of us doin' some swingin'.

Speedy was really good at doin' some swingin'. I didn't know turtles could balance so good. Turtles are kinda surprisin'. Here's a photo of Speedy doin' some swingin'. He had to kick his little back legs really hard to make himself go. It was the cutest thing I ever saw.

Ewey and Speedy got to swing in the rings, but I did my swingin' on a bar. Here's a picture of me swingin' on the bar.

After a while, the bar started to hurt my tummy. So I decided to do some climbin'. Here's a picture of me doin' some climbin' up the chain of my swing.

I gotta go do some playin' now, but I'll write more tomorrow 'bout climbin' in the tree. Now that I think 'bout it, our bacation was almost a bacation of a lifetime cuz we got to do some climbin' and stuff. Plus we got to meet Uncle Kerms's family. Uncle Kerms (rhymes with worms) was a little boy once. Huh. Huh. That makes me laugh.

Klu the Bear

Doin' Some Visitin'

Hi, it's me, um, Klu the Bear.

I just went on another bacation. It wasn't really a bacation of a lifetime, like my other bacations. On bacations of a lifetime, you usually do some sailin' or some rock-climbin' or some bikin' or some campin' or something. This was more of a visitin' bacation, cuz we went to visit Uncle Kerms's family. Speedy came too. He was really 'cited, cuz he never went on a bacation before. (He didn't know it wasn't really a bacation of a lifetime. He just thought it was a 'citin' bacation.)

On the second day of our bacation, the citin'-est thing ever happened: we met Ewey. Ewey is a lamb who looks a lot like Bianca, 'cept she's bigger. (I miss Bianca something fierce, now that she lives with Auntie E and Uncle Gumbles in Wyoming.)

Here's a picture of me and Ewey at the top of their slide in their back yard. I wish we had a slide in our back yard. We can do some good slidin' on Uncle Kerms's railing, but you can go faster on a real slide. Oh, I forgot to tell you 'bout Ewey's Big Mummy. Ewey has a Big Mummy named Natalie. Natalie is almost the same age as my friend Hannah G. You can see Natalie's knee in the photo. (I miss Hannah G something fierce. I need to write her an email.)

At the bottom of the slide, there was the best patch of dust I ever saw. Bears like dust, you know. I kinda rolled around in the dust cuz I liked it so much. Ewey wanted to roll around in it too, but I wouldn't let her cuz her wool was so pretty. (Lambs have wool, not fur, you know.) Here's a picture of me after I rolled around in the dust.

While me and Ewey were doin' some slidin', we didn't notice what Speedy was doin'. Turtles are really quiet sometimes. While we were doin' some slidin', Speedy was doin' some climbin'. Speedy is really good at doin' some climbin', but we just found that out. We didn't know turtles were good at doin' some climbin'. While me and Ewey were doin' some slidin', Speedy climbed all the way to the top of the jungle gym. Here's a picture of Speedy wavin' to us from the top of the jungle gym. Isn't he the best turtle you ever saw?

I gotta go to bed now, so I'll write another post tomorrow about doin' some swingin' on the swings.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm A Real Dirty and Tired Bear, Cuz Of My 'Ventures

Um, hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. I'm not gonna write a long post cuz I just got back from my 'venture in St Louis. That's where Uncle Kerms grew up, and we just went to meet his family. I think they liked me a lot, 'specially Natalie and Luke. Speedy went on our 'venture too, and my Big Mummy. I took lots of photos of our 'venture, but I'm too tired now to download them. And I really need a bath, cuz I'm kind of a different color of brown now. More like dirt than fur. I'll write a post 'bout my 'ventures tomorrow.

Klu the Tired Bear (I'm kinda dirty too.)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Gonna Do Some More Bloggin'

Hi, um, it's me, Klu.

Um, I've been away so long I don't know if I 'member how to do some bloggin'. I didn't mean to be away so long. I just got kinda 'stracted, cuz there were so many 'citing things goin' on. But now I'm gonna do some more bloggin' again, and I asked Roma and Blu to help me write some posts. And maybe Wilbs is gonna write some posts too. Cuz sometimes I can't think of a post.

But tonight I can think of a post. It's about Auntie E's wedding. Auntie E got married to Uncle Gumbles! (Now Blu and Roma and Bianca can call him Papa Gumbles, but he's still Uncle Gumbles to me.) I got to be the Best Bear at the wedding! That was the 'citin'-est thing ever! Here's a picture of me and my Big Mummy and Auntie E, with me bein' the Best Bear.

Now that I'm doin' some bloggin' again, I'll tell you all 'bout Speedy, cuz he's the best turtle I ever met. I love him so much. And I'll tell you 'bout all our 'ventures. We're gonna have a 'venture tomorrow, cuz we're going to St. Louis to meet Uncle Kerms's family. I don't know if I'm gonna do much appearin' cuz I don't know if they'll know that I'm a real bear or not. I'll tell you 'bout it when we get back.

Klu the Bloggin' Bear

PS. I'm sorry I let my fans down by not bloggin' for so long. 'Specially Shelley Anne, cuz she wrote me a comment that she was sad cuz her Big Mummy used to read my blog to her.