Friday, September 14, 2007

The 'Citin'-est Thing Ever: We 'Dopted Speedy!

Hi, um, do you 'member me? It's me, Klu the Bloggin' Bear, 'cept I kinda stopped bloggin' for a while. That was cuz it was summer, and I had too much playin' to do. Then my Big Mummy got a new job, and I'm not 'llowed to use the 'puter while she's gone, so I didn't have as much time to write my posts. But now I got lots of 'citin' things to write about.

The first thing is Uncle Kerms (rhymes with worms, huh, huh) 'dopted Speedy the Turtle. My and my Big Mummy went to lots of 'doption places before we met Speedy, cuz we had to find just the right turtle for Uncle Kerms to 'dopt. We brought Speedy to our house for a few days, so he could get used to bein' 'dopted. Then we told Uncle Kerms we had a s'prise for him. Here's a picture of us waitin' in the window for Uncle Kerms. You can tell which one is Speedy cuz he's the green turtle.

Then we all went back to Uncle Kerms's house to help him take care of Speedy. Speedy can't talk yet, but we made a 'scovery that he really likes to eat spinach. Uncle Kerms gave him some spinach, and he ate it really fast. Here's a picture when Speedy is almost done eatin' the spinach really fast.

Then we taught Speedy how to do some slidin' on Uncle Kerms' stairs. Here's a picture of Speedy gettin' ready to do some slidin' and Wilbs gettin' ready to do some pushin'. (It's more fun to slide if one of the other kids does some pushin' cuz it makes you go faster.)

Darla waited at the bottom, in case Speedy was scared. Here's a picture of Darla waitin' at the bottom. (I don't think Speedy was scared.)

Wilbs really like to do some pushin'. Here's a picture of her after she pushed Speedy.

Speedy did some good slidin' and flew off and landed on his side. Here's a picture of him on his side. It was some pretty good slidin' for his first time.

I thought turtles could get stuck if they landed on their side, but Speedy just rolled over. Here's a picture of him just rollin' over.

I love Speedy a lot. He's the best turtle I ever saw. I miss him something fierce on the days he stays at Uncle Kerms's house. But then I get so excited when we can see him again. We're gonna see him tonight.

Klu the Bloggin' Bear