Sunday, February 16, 2014

Something 'Sgusting 'Bout Pigs and Dogs

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.  I've been waiting and waiting to write this post on my blog, Get a Klu, but I couldn't write it cuz I couldn't get a picture I needed.  But now I got the pictures so I can write my blog.

We live in a house where there are lots of deers.  The deers come in our yard all the time.  Here's a picture of a Mr. and Mrs. Deer in our back yard.  Once we counted and there was 17 deers in our yard all at once.

The deers do some eatin' and some chewin' and some sleepin' in our yard.  And they do something else.  They do some droppin'.  Everywhere they do, they leave lots of droppin's.  (I wanted to write a different word that starts with a 't' and has a 'r' in it and ends with a 'd', but Big Mummy said I had to call them droppin's on my blog.  But just so you know, our reg'lar word is the one that starts with a 't'.)

The deers do some droppin' just about everywhere on our yard.  You have to be careful you don't step in them, cuz that's pretty 'sgusting.

But wanna know something even MORE 'sgusting?  Wilbsie (she's the pig with the crush on Maxwell) and Brunsie (he's the best dog I ever knew) like to EAT the droppin's!!!  I want you to believe me in my blog, so I had to wait till I could catch them.  And guess what?  I just caught them eatin' some droppin's, and I took lots of photos so you can believe me.

Here's the first photo I took from the window.  You can barely see Wilbs and Bruno out there, eatin' some droppin's.

So then I 'cided I had to go out of the house and try to sneak up on them.  Here's a photo when I was sneakin' up on Bruno and Wilbsie eatin' some droppin's.

Here's another photo when I got closer.

Then I got a little closer and turned the zoomer on.  The zoomer makes the camera get closer.  You can see the droppin' that's hangin' out of  Wilbsie's mouth.

But the zoomer made a noise and Wilbsie saw me, so I wasn't stealth anymore.  But they weren't 'barrassed at all 'bout eatin' some droppin's.  They were just happy cuz I was takin' their picture.  Here's a picture of them bein' happy I was takin' their picture.  They did some posin' for the camera.

Then they went back to eatin' some droppin's and I went inside to write my blog.

Klu the Bear

PS.  I really don't like it when Bruno wants to give me a kiss with his tongue after he's been eatin' some droppin's.  It's 'sgusting!  But 'sides that, he's the best dog I ever knew, and I'm really glad he's my brother.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wilbsie's Got a Crush on Maxwell

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.  I wanna write a post on my blog, Get a Klu, 'bout how Wilbsie's got a crush on Maxwell.  Wilbsie is my sister.  She's a pig.  She's pink and her tail used to curl, but she outgrew that and now it's just bent.  Her real name is Wilburina, but we mostly call her Wilbs or Wilbsie.  She's got a crush on Maxwell.   He's a pig too.

Me and Daddy always watch our Broncos, but mostly the other kids don't like to watch pootball.  I like to watch pootball cuz I'm allowed to do some cussin' when me and Daddy are watchin' the pootball. 

There a new commercial on 'bout Maxwell.  Wilbsie heard Daddy talkin' about it, so she decided to watch the pootball with us.  Here's a picture of Wilbsie watchin' the pootball with us.

Wilbsie watched and watched the pootball but she didn't see Maxwell.  That made her really sad.  She saw Peyton Manning a lot, but she doesn't have a crush on Peyton Manning.  She has a crush on Maxwell.

Finally, she was doin' so much pesterin' to see Maxwell that I told her I'd show her Maxwell on Big Mummy's 'puter.  Here's a picture of Wilbsie lookin' at Maxwell on Big Mummy's 'puter.

Her favorite 'mmercial with Maxwell is the zip-line one, where he stops next to the other guy and says, "pure...adrenaline."  Wilbsie LOVES that part.  So we backed the video up about a buh-zillion times so Wilbsie could watch him say, 'pure...adrenaline" over and over.  Here's a picture of Wilbsie watchin' Maxwell say, "pure...adrenaline," for about the buh-zillionth time.

She could have sat there all day, backin' up the video but me and Big Mummy were getting tired of hearin' Maxwell squeal.  'Sides, it was lunchtime, and I wanted to stop backin' up the video and go eat.  I really like to eat, you know.  Wilbsie really likes to eat too.  (She's a pig, you know.)  So Big Mummy told her to come and eat, and I turned Maxwell off.

Klu the Bear

PS.  See how Wilbsie's tail doesn't curl anymore.  She outgrew it, you know.

Friday, January 17, 2014

This Post is 'Bout Me Doin' Some Bowling!

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear.  I'm gonna do some bloggin' again!  And some writin' on my Facebook page.  Cuz I used to really like bein' a Famous Bloggin' Bear but then I got really busy bein' some other stuff and forgot 'bout my blog. 

I know it doesn't look yet like this post is 'bout me doin' some bowling, but that's cuz I have to tell you 'bout going to Debil's Thumb.  Me and Big Mummy and Daddy just went on a bacation to Debil's Thumb. Here's a picture of me riding in the car on our way to Debil's Thumb.

Debil's Thumb is the best place in the whole world for bacation.  Here's a picture on me sitting in a chair in the lodge, and a picture of me looking down at the fireplace in the lodge.

Here's a  picture of me doin' some lookin' out the window of the lodge.  You can do the best things at Debil's Thumb.  You can do some cross-country skiin' and some ice-skatin' and some swimmin' in pool that stays warm so it doesn't freeze.  We did all that stuff and lots of eatin' and sleepin'.

 But the best thing we did was some bowlin'!  We went to the game room, and the bowlin' had a piece of paper on the money slot that said it was broken.  Here's a picture of me sitting by the bowlin' balls when we thought the bowlin' was broken.

But Daddy did some fiddlin' with the machine and suddenly it put down some pins and got ready for us to do some bowlin'!  Here's a picture of me doin' some bowlin'.

Here's a picture of the ball goin' down the lane.  The picture is blurry cuz I threw the ball so fast.

The ball kept doin' lots of rollin' toward the pins, but then it started goin' crooked.  Here's a picture of the ball goin' crooked.


The ball kept goin' crooked and then it went into the gutter and stopped.  Here's a picture of the ball doin' some stoppin' in the gutter.

 Big Mummy had to do some walkin' on the lane to get my ball cuz it did some stoppin' right in the gutter.

I like bowlin' a LOT.

Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear

Saturday, January 11, 2014