Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ahoy, Ye Salty Sea-Dogs. Today Be Hal'ween. Huh.

Ahoy, it's me, Cap'n Klu, the Pirate Bear. (Huh, that was a funny way to start, wasn't it?)

This morning, I was pacing the deck of my ship -- (Pirate Bears pace the deck a lot -- I'm not sure why)-- and suddenly we were attacked by a dangerous flying sea serpent. It landed on the deck with its tongue hanging out, ready to eat us all. (Actually, it was just Geraldo the Draft Dragon, and his tongue always hangs out, but we were just pretending he was dangerous.) Here's a picture of me fearlessly approaching the dangerous flying sea serpent.

I closed in on him with my sword in hand (here's a picture of me closing in on him with my sword in hand) cuz I had to protect my crew and ship. I said to him, "Avast, ye scurvy scum," cuz that's what Pirate Bears say to dangerous dragons they don't like (but I actually like Geraldo a lot -- he's my friend and he's not dangerous -- he just lies in front of our door to keep the draft out -- that's why he's a Draft Dragon.)

When he saw my raised sword, he 'pologized for attacking my ship. So I forgave him. Here's a picture of me with my raised sword.

After he 'pologized, I tamed him so I could ride on him when he was flying. Then I could be the scariest Pirate Bear on the high seas, cuz I'd be riding a dangerous flying sea serpent. Here's a picture of me riding on Geraldo.

When we were all done with the photo shoot, Big Mummy wanted a picture of the two of us together. She said we made her laugh. So here's a picture of me and Geraldo. He's my friend. I like him a lot. I'm glad it's winter and he came out again. In the summer, he just lives in his cave, but in the winter he comes out to guard our door from the dangerous drafts. Lots of exciting things happen in the winter. I like winter a lot. (I'm a bear, you know, and bears like winter.)

Cap'n Klu, Rider of the Dangerous Flying Sea Serpent and Pirate of the High Seas (Huh. Huh. That made me laugh. I never signed my blog that way before.)

PS. Happy Hal'ween.

PPS. I got tired of fighting with just one eye, so I pulled off my eye patch, but then Auntie E said I look like Aunt Jamima with a sword.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Some Stuff I Been Thinkin' 'Bout

Um, hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Some days I get real 'cited to write my blog and be a Famous Bloggin' Bear. But other days, I don't feel like doin' it, and when Big Mummy asks me if I want to use her 'puter, I just sigh a lot. Bears are good at sighin'. We got good lungs for sighin'. Today, I didn't really feel like writin' nothin'. But then I got scared that my fans are gonna get bored and go away, so I decided to write a post. I wanted to write a funny post to make all my fans laugh, but I couldn't think of nothin' funny. Bears aren't funny all the time. So I'm just gonna write a post about some stuff I been thinkin' 'bout.

We got squirrels living in our roof. They run up the side of the house, then they jump on the railing on our balcony, then they jump up onto this little roof. They got a hole up there where they go in to their nest. Back a few weeks ago, when all the walnuts were falling off the tree in our yard, the squirrels went back and forth all day long, carrying walnuts. (I don't know if bears like walnuts or not. I think they do, cuz walnuts are nuts, and bears eat nuts.) The squirrels carried the walnuts in their mouths, and they hid them in our attic in their nest. Sometimes we could hear them drop one, and it probably rolled down in between the rafters, cuz then you could hear them going scrabble, scrabble, scrabble with their paws, trying to pick it up and put it in their nest. Last spring, Big Mummy saw the mummy squirrel come out one day, and she had her baby with her, and the baby crawled up on her back. I'd like to see that. I like animals.

That's one thing I been thinkin' 'bout. 'Nother thing I been thinkin' 'bout is winter. Almost all the snow melted today. That made me sad. I think it's cuz I like winter. Maybe that's cuz of my fur, you know. When I'm playin' in the snow, I don't think of anything sad or scary. I don't worry about the weird crease on my tummy. I just play. Oh, I forgot to tell you: our snowman melted, the one that looked like an alien. I went out and picked up his hat, cuz it was plastic, so that makes it litter. I think the squirrels ate his eyes (but he was dead already so it didn't matter). The eyes were made out of raisins. I think squirrels like raisins. Bears like raisins a lot.

I think I'll go ask Big Mummy if I can eat some raisins now, cuz I finished my blog.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

We Like the Snow A Lot

Um, hi, it's me again. Um, Klu the Bloggin' Bear.

I love the snow. Me and Bianca and Roma just played in the snow for a long time, till we got cold. I was wonderin' last night in my blog if it was gonna snow, and I was so 'cited this morning cuz it's snowin' lots. And it's still snowin' now.

We took Janna Ganna (Lois Cheerio)'s birdhouse outside, cuz we wanted to play in it in the snow. Bianca's kind of little, and the snow was over her head, so she mostly stayed in the birdhouse. Here's a picture of her in the house. We were playing on the balcony just then.

Then we asked Big Mummy if she would move the birdhouse down on the ground, where there was more snow, cuz we wanted to build a snowman. Here's a picture of me and Roma and our snowman. It came out looking like an alien. I didn't like that. I wanted it to look like a happy snowman. But its eyes came out kind of weird and scary. Bianca went inside before we finished making him, cuz the snow was over her head (she's kinda little). So here's a picture of me and Roma and our snowman (the one that looks like an alien).

Now we're inside, by the heater, to get dry, then we're gonna eat soup for lunch.

Klu the Snow Bear

Me Talkin' 'Bout the Snow and How We're Gonna Make a Snowman

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Stuff I Been Wonderin' 'Bout

Hi, it's Klu.

Sometimes I wonder 'bout stuff, then I forget to write a blog about it. But today I'm gonna write a blog about all the stuff I been wonderin' 'bout.

1. I wonder if it's gonna snow tonight. I like snow cuz I'm a bear, 'member? Bears like snow, cuz they've got fur to stay warm.

2. I wonder why Blu's head is bigger than mine. He's got way more stuffin' than me. When we were havin' our bath, the water made me all skinny and scrawny, but Blu still looked plump, like he always does. I wonder why.

3. I wonder why I have that weird crease on my tummy. I think it's bigger after I had my bath.

4. I wonder why I'm not 'llowed to eat chocolate every day. Chocolate is kind of like honey, and honey is real good for bears. (I wonder why the honey always comes in a bottle shaped like a bear with a funny hat on its head. Maybe milk should come in a bottle shaped like a cow. Or like a human, cuz humans like milk. (Bears like milk too. Especially with honey.))

5. I wonder why it's so hard to be a Bloggin' Bear. I had lots of ideas at first when I was a Bloggin' Bear, but now I seem to get Bloggin' Bear Block pretty often. But I don't want to let my fans down, so I gotta keep writin' my blog.

6. I wonder what Auntie E was talkin' 'bout in her sleep last night. She was sleeping with the door closed, and we were in the kitchen, and all the sudden, she started talkin' real loud 'bout something, but we couldn't understand. We laughed a lot.

7. I wonder if it's started to snow while I was writing my blog. I need to go look out the window now.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Was A Little Dirty (Blu too)

Hi, it's me, Klu, the Clean Bear.

I had a bath today, cuz I wasn't a tan bear anymore -- I'd turned into a grayish-brown bear. (I was a grayish-brown bear from all my 'ventures. 'Ventures make you dirty sometimes.) My bath turned out to be the 'citing-est thing ever, cuz our house has a sink in the kitchen that's bear-bathtub-size. I didn't know if I'd like to have a bath or not, cuz I never had one before. But it was lots of fun. First, me and Big Mummy ran the water, with lots of bubbles. (Kind of like Bubble Bees, my favorite computer game, where you catch the bees in bubbles. The red bee flies really fast, and sometimes a clock flies by.)

Then, I was gonna dive in, but I changed my mind and put my toes in first. (That was cuz I never took a bath before, and I didn't really want to dive in.)

When I first got in the water, I didn't like it very much. It felt all squiggly on my tummy and stuff. I wanted to get out, but Big Mummy said she would stay right there and it would be okay. (I didn't cry.) Then I started to like it a lot, so I put my head under the water. It felt funny in my ears, all that water. I never had water in my ears before. But then I did a little swimmin'. I like swimmin' a lot. I floated on my tummy, and then I swam on my back. Then I did some divin', and touched the bottom and stuff.

Then I got lonely, being in the bathtub and having all that fun by myself, so I asked Auntie E if Blu could swim too. She thought that was a good idea, cuz Blu was even dirtier than me. (He was dirtier than me, cuz he's older than me, so he's had more 'ventures.)

Blu just put one toe in at first (he didn't dive in either) but then he climbed in and put his head under too. When he got 'justed to bein' in the water, we floated on our backs. Bears like swimming. We swam a lot. We swam so much that the water turned brown. It was all that dirt from our 'ventures. Big Mummy and Auntie E were 'mazed by how brown the water was.

We didn't want to get out of the bath, cuz it was warm in there, and real shivery on the counter. But then the water started getting cold, so we had to get out. Then we sat in the sunshine in the window to get dry. I'm all nice and dry now. My fur feels nice. I like being clean.

I wanna get dirty again real fast, so I can take another bath.

Klu the Clean Bear

PS. This is a picture of me shivering. I was wet.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Here's A Picture of Blu Cuz He's My Best Friend

Hi, it's me again, Klu.

Here's a picture of Blu doing that cool climbing move I told you about. Last night, after I wrote my blog, Big Mummy said I could either talk about why I was so mad at Blu, or I could have a time out to think about it. I almost picked the time out, cuz then I could just fall asleep, but then Big Mummy said I could sit on her lap while we talked about it, and I really wanted a hug, so I picked talking about it. While we were talking about it, I 'membered that Blu is my best friend (along with Roma, Bianca, Bruno, and Janna) and I love him a lot. I just got jealous cuz he's older than me and bigger than me and better at everything. But Big Mummy said maybe I was just feeling insecure about me, and that's why I was mad at him. Seems kinda funny, but maybe she's right. Cuz I was feeling insecure about the weird crease on my tummy just then. And then she asked me what I was good at. It's hard to think what you're good at sometimes, but then I 'membered that I'm good at bein' a Blogging Bear, and I'm good at playin' Bubble Bees, and I'm good at being a Sailor Bear. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up, like Uncle Captain J on the David B. So after I 'membered all that stuff, I 'membered that Blu is my best friend, so this morning I took a picture of him doing that cool climbing move.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Grouchy As A Bear

I'm in a bad mood tonight, so I'm not gonna say hi. I'm mad cuz Blu is better than me at everything. His head is bigger than mine and it's got more stuffin'. He doesn't have a weird crease on his tummy. (I think my weird crease is getting bigger.) He's really good at doing some walkin'. When I try to do some walkin', my feet bump into each other cuz my legs are bowed. And he can do Bear Ballet real good. And he's better than me at climbing. Right now he's doing a cool climbing move on Janna's birdhouse, but I was mad at him so I wouldn't take his picture. He wanted me to put his picture on my blog, doin' the cool move, but it's MY blog. Blu got 'dopted before me, so he thinks he's more in the family than me.

That's all I'm gonna say.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 'Traption We Made With Janna's Birdhouse

Hi, um, it's me, the Get A Klu Bear (Klu).

I didn't write no blog for a couple days. One day I had a tummy ache. It made me cranky, and I didn't want to write nothin'. Then, the other days, we just played a lot, and I forgot that I'm a Blogging Bear. Maybe I shouldn't admit that I forgot that I'm a Blogging Bear, but sometimes it's hard to 'member. I've only been a famous Blogging Bear for a few months, so I'm not completely 'justed to it.

Here's some pictures of what we've been playing. You know how our friend Hannah G made a birdhouse for Janna? Well, since Janna is a bird, we thought her birdhouse ought to be in the sky, not on the ground. (Cuz birds fly.) We wanted to put it in a tree outside, but then it snowed a lot. (I like snow. Maybe it's cuz I'm a bear, and bears like snow. We have fur to keep us warm.) And we're only 'llowed to play outside in the daytime, and we wanted to be able to play in Janna's birdhouse 24/7. (That means all the time -- 24/7.) So we used our climbing ropes and hung the house from a hook in the ceiling.
Only problem is now we can't play basketball, cuz the house came out all crookedy, and the basketball hoop is crookedy too. But we can play other things. We can pretend that we in a tree, cuz there's a plant real close by. And Janna likes to fly in circles round and round her house. I only go in and out the back door now, cuz I learned my lesson. ('Member how I got stuck tryin' to go in the front door? My head's too big. But Blu's head is bigger.) Janna's birdhouse is the best place in the whole world to play. We like it a lot. Tomorrow morning, we're gonna eat some Cheerios in there. Janna likes Cheerios cuz her last name is Cheerio. Her middle name is Ganna, like in Gannet. And her second middle name is Lois. Lois is our great-grandma's name, but she's not 'live anymore. But she was a real nice lady, and she would have liked us a lot. I love Janna a lot. She's my sister.

I think that's all I'm gonna say tonight. We're still waiting for the photos to 'pload. Using computers can be kinda slow sometimes. 'Specially when you're waiting for stuff to 'pload.

The Get A Klu Bear (Klu)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Place Sticker on Forehead. Huh.

Hi, um, it's Klu.

I couldn't think of nothin' to write my blog about today, but I didn't want to let my fans down, so I just did something silly. I put a sticker on Bruno's head that says, 'Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile.' Then we took a picture of us in Janna's birdhouse. Here's the picture of us. Did it make you smile?


PS. I'll try to write a more 'citing post tomorrow, but sometimes I get Blogging Bear Block, and can't think of nothin'. But Big Mummy says it's important that I write a blog every day, even if I'm stuck. Can't wait for insp'ration, she says, or I'll never write a blog at all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kind of A Ordinary Day

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Today was kind of a Ordinary Day. I woke up when Auntie E was blowin' her nose really loud. (She makes a lot of noise when she blows her nose. Sometimes she sounds like one of them Canada geese.) Then I ate some Cheerios. I like Cheerios a lot. I like them cuz they fit just right in my paws. And if I'm bored, I can look through the hole in the center. (I eat them dry, cuz that's how my Big Mummy trained me to eat them.) Then I did some other bear-stuff. You know, normal things that bears do every day, like looking for honey to eat. Honey 'minded me of Bubble Bees, so I asked Big Mummy if I could play Bubble Bees, but she needed her 'puter. Then me and the other kids played for a while. We played in Janna Ganna's birdhouse. Blu made us laugh cuz he got his head stuck trying to go in the front door. (His head is bigger than mine, 'member? That's how you can tell us apart.) And we practiced basketball. I think Bianca is gonna be the best player on our team, cuz lambs are frisky and all. Then I can't 'member what we did next, but now it's time for me to write my blog. All 'bout my ordinary day.

I'll have a more 'citing day tomorrow, and I'll tell you all 'bout it.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Elk Bugling and Campin' in the Middle of the Night

Hi everyone, it's me, Klu.

Um, here's a picture of me and Roma and Auntie E all being 'nonymous. Big Mummy took this photo of us on the second day of our camping trip. We went on the camping trip cuz it was Big Mummy's birthday, and what she wanted to do for her birthday treat was go listen to the elk bugling. So we drove to a campground, and got there in the middle of the night. The moon was the prettiest ever, and we had lots of firewood, so we made a big fire. It's okay to make a fire at that campground, cuz they had those metal places to make a fire. And Smokey Bear said the fire danger was low. (I like Smokey Bear's hat -- maybe I could be a Fireman Bear or a Ranger Bear some day. 'Cept I want to be a Captain Bear, like Uncle Captain J.) Anyway, we made a fire and ate dinner, and then we slept in the back of Auntie E's truck. I like sleepin' in the truck. It's super-cozy, cuz two grownups and a bear and a muppet take up a lot of room. Then, we got up REALLY early and drove into the national park and went to a meadow where the elk bugle.

I gotta tell you all about the elk bugling. The oldest boy elks want to catch lots of wives, so they make a 'mazing sound. They open their mouths in a funny way, and then they make a moo that sounds like singing. It was so beautiful it made all the fur stand up on my arms. And the sound went bouncin' round and round in the valley. It was like a concert. When it got light, we watched the elks with the binoculars. The boy elks would bugle at each other to say who was the strongest, and who should have the most wives. Sometimes they crash their antlers together if they can't agree on who's the strongest, but we didn't get to see that. Maybe next year, cuz I want to go back. It was the most 'mazing-est thing I ever heard.

I gotta go to bed now, cuz it's WAY past my bedtime. It's 11:00. I'm supposed to go to bed at 9:00, but I was all wakey-wakey, cuz I wanted to write a blog. I like bein' a Blogging Bear.

Tomorrow I'm gonna write a post about some of the other kids, cuz I wrote lots of post about me and my bacations.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Gotta 'Pologize

Hi, um, it’s me, Klu the Bear, and I’m real sorry, cuz I didn’t do no bloggin’ for lots of days. I think I’m still gettin’ re’justed from my bacation of a lifetime. Sometimes it takes a long time to get re’justed after a bacation. It’s hard to settle down and be a Normal Bear after being a Sailor Bear. And then, just when I was gettin’ ‘justed, Big Mummy and Auntie E took me and Roma on another bacation. It was just an overnight bacation, and we went to Rocky Mountain National Park to hear the elk bugling. But I’ll tell you all ‘bout that in another post. Right now, I gotta tell you about the last thing we did on my bacation of a lifetime.

Uncle Captain J had to do an extra job one day, ‘sides his normal job driving the David B. He had to drive the ferry that goes back and forth to Lummi Island. So me and Big Mummy borrowed Auntie Ch’s bike, and we rode around Lummi Island. Here’s a picture of me in Big Mummy’s backpack. I like feeling the wind blowing through my fur.

Okay, that's all I'm gonna write about my bacation on the David B. Now that I'm back home in Colorado, I'm gonna write about other stuff. I'm gonna write about the elk bugling (that's when they make a special noise, but I'll tell you more about it tomorrow), and about the things we play in Janna's birdhouse, and about lots of other stuff.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Wish I Could Always Be A Sailor Bear

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just have two more posts to do about my bacation of a lifetime. Here's one.

After we got off the David B, we stayed in Bellingham for a while. One day Big Mummy and Auntie E and I went to a bookstore and coffee shop in a place called Fairhaven. I looked out the window and pretended that I was still a Sailor Bear. Here's a picture of me looking out the window and Big Mummy being 'nonymous.

Then I read a book about a pirate. I'm glad we didn't 'counter any pirates when we were out on the David B. I think pirates might be a little scary. Here's a picture of me reading the pirate book.

Tomorrow I'll write my last post about my bacation of a lifetime. I feel sad that I'm not a Sailor Bear anymore. But once a Sailor Bear, always a Sailor Bear.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Tribute From Me and Roma

Hi, it's me, Klu, and Roma. We're feeling real sad about those kids that died because those bad men came to their schools. We don't understand why people do bad things to other people. (Bears and muppets do bad things to each other too, but you don't hear about it so much cuz they don't have newspapers and radios and stuff like people do). Big Mummy said we should do a tribute to those kids that died. A tribute is when you do something nice about someone who died. So we just want to say that we're real sad and this is our tribute. Sometimes it's good to be a Blogging Bear, cuz then you can write important things on your blog, like a tribute to some kids who died. That's more important than telling about my bacation or how we like to go rock-climbing.

Here's a picture of me and Roma saying a prayer. We said a prayer for all those kids' brothers and sisters. I bet they miss them something fierce. I'd miss Janna or Bruno or Roma or Blu or Bianca something fierce if something happened to one of them. We cried, too, when we said a prayer, even though we don't know those kids' brothers and sisters. But we feel real sad about it.

Klu and Roma

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Almost Done Tellin' You 'Bout My Bacation

Hi, it's me, Klu.

It's kind of a peaceful day today. My Auntie E is off today, and she's havin' a nap on the couch right now. I like naps on couches. My Big Mummy is just doin' quiet stuff too, like writing her novel. So I decided I'd better write my blog (Get A Klu) while she didn't want to use the computer. Then I'm gonna take a nap too. Bears are good at naps, cuz we know how to hibernate.

The first picture is a picture of me by some weird lady made out of wood. She looked kind of scary but kind of funny too. You can see the David B in the background.

After we saw the weird lady, me and my Big Mummy and Auntie E walked back down to the dock. Here's a picture of me on the dock.

That's all for today.
Klu the Almost-Napping Bear