Saturday, September 30, 2006

Um, This Is Janna Saying Thank You To Hannah G For Her Birdhouse. She Has A Squeaky Voice.

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A Interruption, 'Kay?

Hi, it's Klu the Sailor Bear.

I'm gonna do an interruption in telling about my bacation of a lifetime, cuz Janna just got her birdhouse! Our friend Hannah G made it for her. Janna's so 'cited she can't fly straight.

Here's a picture of Janna holding her basketball. She doesn't know how to play very good yet, but now she can practice all the time. But she plays it more like quidditch that Harry Potter plays, cuz most of the time Janna flies instead of runs. Her feet don't work very well for running, cuz they're just attached right to her body without any legs. It's hard to run without legs.

Janna's house has a front door and a back door. Here's me trying to go in the front door, but I'm a little too big. It's more like a Janna-sized front door. My head kind of got stuck.

Then Janna got her beak stuck in the basketball hoop when she tried to do a slam-dunk. But we had lots of fun. And we got lots of kids here, so we're gonna start a basketball team after we practice and get really good. (We don't play very good right now, so the other team might laugh at us, but we're gonna practice lots.) We gotta think of a name for our team.

Guess what Janna's doing in her birdhouse tonight? She's having a girls' night! She and Roma and Bianca are all gonna sleep in the house. I'm glad I'm a boy-bear, and I'm not invited, cuz I'd take up all the room in the house, and I'd have to sleep at the bottom of the pile. I'm just gonna sleep on Big Mummy's pillow like I always do.

Hannah G's the BEST!


Friday, September 29, 2006

Small Ship Cruises For Bears

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I don't think I would like going on a big cruise ship, with about a buh-zillion other Sailor Bears on board. That's why I liked being a Sailor Bear on the David B. The David B does small ship cruises cuz it's a small ship. So I could sit wherever I wanted and pretend I owned the boat. Here's some more pictures of me on the boat. And there's a picture of Uncle Captain J being 'nonymous while he was driving the boat.

I feel like a Boring Bear today. Big Mummy keeps telling me I don't have to feel 'citing all the time. But it's nicer to feel 'citing than boring. I want to be a Sailor Bear some more.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Got Lots More 'Citing Things To Tell You 'Bout

Hi, here's me, Klu, looking out the window of the David B. When you're a Sailor Bear, looking out the window is real 'citing. (Now that I'm back home, looking out the window isn't quite as 'citing, cuz our house isn't going anywhere. But I like watching the squirrels in the tree. Maybe I could write a blog about the squirrels in the tree when I'm done telling you all 'bout my 'venture of a lifetime.) Anyway, on the day that my Big Mummy took this picture of me looking out the window, the 'citing-est thing ever happened. All the sudden, my Big Mummy started shouting, cuz she saw whales!!! Orca whales! A whole pod of them (a pod is like a pack of wolves or a bunch of humans -- they all know each other). Orcas are black with a white patch. Each one has a white patch that's a different shape. That's how you can tell them apart. (It's kind of like how me and Blu look the same, except his head is fatter than mine and he has more stuffin', so you can tell he's Blu and I'm me, Klu.) The pod we saw probably had about twenty whales. I took lots of photos, but it's hard to get a good picture of a whale, cuz most of them is below the water. Here's the best photo that I took.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here's Bruno Saying, "I Mith You Thomething Fierthe."

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Um, I Forgot To Tell You Something

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear again. I forgot to tell you that I'm back home in Colorado now. I had the bacation of a lifetime, and I've still got lots more to tell you about it, but I'm really glad to be back home. I missed the other kids something fierce. That's what happens when you love the other kids: you miss them something fierce when you're having the bacation of a lifetime. I'll tell you more about the other kids soon.


PS. Bruno always says he misses people something fierce, but he's a dog, so he's got a lisp, cuz his tongue is so big, so it comes out sounding like this: "I mith you thomething fierthe."

This Is About Puff Dragging Her Anchor

Um, hi. This is my story about the boat called Puff that dragged her anchor. Dragging your anchor is very bad when you're a boat, cuz you might run into another boat that's anchored nearby. We dropped our anchor at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show, cuz we wanted to go looked at all the wooden boats. But before we could get in the skiff and go ashore (the skiff is the little boat that rides around on the David B), um, we saw that the boat next to us, called Puff, wasn't so next to us anymore. She was going backwards. There wasn't anybody on board, and she was dragging her anchor. Then the sheriff came with his boat and then we had to fend Puff off the David B (fending off is how Sailor Bears keep one boat from bumping into another boat). Then Puff got her anchor chain all tangled around the anchor chain of another boat in front of us. Then the fire department boat came. Then the boat tow truck came and finally towed Puff away. It was very exciting. Here's a picture when it was all finished, of the boat tow truck at the dock, with Puff tied up behind her. Later the owners of Puff rowed out in their skiff to the place where they had put Puff, and they couldn't find her. I bet they felt all squigly on the inside till they found out what happened to their boat.

I like being a Sailor Bear. Something exciting happens all the time.


Me and My Friend Eric

Huh. It's me, Klu, and I just 'scovered somethin' funny. I have a friend named Eric and he lives in Scotland. He's a Swedish-'Merican-Scottish boy. And guess what: I'm a Swedish-'Merican-Scottish bear, cuz I was born in Ikea, Sweden, and I got 'dopted in Scotland, and now I live in 'Merica. That makes me and Eric kind of the same.

Now I'm gonna write another post about the David B and being a Sailor Bear.

Klu, the Swedish-'Merican-Scottish Bear

Monday, September 25, 2006

Um, Here's The Next Thing That Happened To Me As A Sailor Bear

Here's a picture of me looking out the window. When you're a Sailor Bear, you look out the window a lot.
This is a picture of Auntie Ch being 'nonymous. (I don't understand why all the grownups on my blog want to be 'nonymous. I LIKE being a Famous Bear, and I would share my famousness with them, but they always want to be 'nonymous.) Anyway, Auntie Ch looks like she's gonna harpoon a whale, but actually she was trying to catch the little ring on the top of a mooring buoy, cuz we wanted to tie the David B to it for the night. But when she caught it, there was a sign on it that said the David B was too long, so we had to drop anchor instead.

Tomorrow I'm gonna tell you about a boat called Puff, and how she was dragging her anchor. That's very bad, when a boat drags her anchor. But the David B didn't drag her anchor, cuz Uncle Captain J is a good captain. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up.


Hi Hannah G and Auntie Linseed

Um, it's me, Klu the Sailor Bear. I wanted to tell Hannah G I hope she's feeling better, cuz Jack said she was sick. And I keep getting 'dopted by more aunties and uncles all the time. I have an Auntie Linseed now, and an Uncle Captain J and an Auntie Ch. Huh. I like getting more relatives. It must be cuz I'm a Popular Blogging Bear.

I'm gonna write another post about being a Sailor Bear now.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The 'Citing-est Thing Ever: Lady Washington and Lynx

Good morning, it's Klu, the Blogging Bear. Huh. I never started a post by saying good morning before. I think that's funny, cuz you might read it at night. Huh. Or in the afternoon. But it's morning now when I'm writing about my 'venture of a lifetime as a Sailor Bear.

So the next thing that happened was that I was looking out the window. I looked out the window a lot. Here's a picture of me looking out the window.

Then guess what I saw -- I saw these pirate ships in the distance, 'cept I didn't know yet that they were pirate ships. I didn't know they were pirate ships till they got closer and we could see the pirates.

We watched the pirate ships for a while, and then the 'citing-est thing ever happened: they started shooting their cannons at each other. (I was scared, but Big Mummy said it was okay, cuz it was just ships pretending to be pirate ships, and they weren't really hurting each other). Here's a picture of the Lady Washington shooting her cannon. It made a really loud boom.

Then we really close to the pirate ship, so close we could see the whites of their eyes. Huh. That was a funny thing to say, wasn't it? The next picture is one I took of one of the pirate ships when we were really close. It's the best photo I took. Some of the others were all blurry, cuz I was trying to take a picture when they fired the cannon, but every time they fired it, the boom made me jump and I jiggled the camera, and jiggling the camera makes the photo all jiggly too. If you look really hard, maybe you can see the whites of their eyes too.
I thought you might like to see Auntie E, even though she's being 'nonymous. Here's a picture of Auntie E watching the pirates fight with each other.That's all I'm gonna write about now. I took about a zillion more photos, cuz the pirate boats were so 'citing, but Big Mummy says I need to be s'lective. That means I need to choose the best ones, or you might get bored. I don't want my fans to be bored. That would make me really sad.

I forgot to tell you: the one pirate ship was called Lady Washington and the other was called Lynx. And we were in a place called Port Townsend, for the wooden boat festival. I'll tell you about some of the other boats in my next post.

I like being a Sailor Bear. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up, just like Uncle Captain J.

Sailor Bear Klu

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Here's That Picture of the Boat Called The Zodiac

The David B and the Zodiac Go By Each Other

Hi, it's me, the Sailor Bear, Klu.

I had the best 'venture ever when I was a Sailor Bear on the David B. That's why I'm writing about it on my blog.

On the first day, after we left the marina (that's the place where Sailor Bears leave their boats when they're not sailin' them, remember?), I was looking out the window. Here's a picture of me looking out the window.

Then, the most exciting thing ever happened. This super-big sailboat came sailing by. I grabbed Big Mummy's camera and ran to the door of the pilothouse (that's the place where Uncle Captain J drives the boat from). This is a picture of the really big sailboat sailing by. It's called the Zodiac. That's why I called this post, 'The David B and the Zodiac Go By Each Other.'

We watched the Zodiac for a long time, cuz she was so pretty. (I wrote 'she' cuz 'member how I told you that boats are always ladies? I think that's funny. Huh.)

I'm gonna post one more picture of the Zodiac by itself, cuz she's so pretty. But I'm gonna put it in another post, cuz I don't want to mess this one up.

Hey, I forgot to tell you that I got a comment from my friend Jack that he thinks I'm a really Funny Bear. I like to make people laugh. And I like getting comments. That means I'm still a Famous Bear, and my fans like me.

Klu the Sailor Bear

Friday, September 22, 2006

Me and a Dead Fish -- I Didn't Like It

Hi, um, it's me, Klu.

I'm sorry I'm being a Slow Bear about doin' my blog. It's hard to be a Blogging Bear when you're on bacation. But I don't want to let my public down, so here's a photo of me and a king salmon. It's dead, but I didn't really like standing so close to it, cuz I would have fit inside its mouth when it was 'live. I'm smilin' in the photo, cuz Big Mummy told me to, but I felt kind of squigly on the inside. After we took the photo, Auntie E and the engineer cut the sides off the fish and cleaned out its guts so we could eat it. That was the best part, cuz I'm a bear, and bears like to eat salmon a lot.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's the first day

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Me and my Big Mummy and Auntie E all slept on the boat in the marina before we started on our journey. I didn't sleep very much, cuz I was so 'cited. I never was a Sailor Bear before.

When we woke up in the morning, Auntie Ch made us a 'mazing breakfast. My Big Mummy never makes me a breakfast like that. But this was a trip of a lifetime, so we had to get a 'mazing breakfast. The first picture is me and some blueberry muffins. I'm a bear, so I like blueberries.

The next picture is me looking out the window of the galley while we were still in the marina. The galley is a Sailor Word for the kitchen. The marina is where Sailor Bears keeps their boats when they're not sailin' them.

Then I helped Uncle J figure out the tides, cuz we wanted to go through Deception Pass, but the water was gonna be in a hurry to go the other direction so we couldn't go.

The last picture is me getting familiar with the instruments, so I could help Uncle J drive the boat.

Okay, I'm gonna publish this post now, and pick some more photos. I'm havin' a really good bacation, but I miss Bruno something fierce. Bruno's my brother, the dog. He didn't come on my bacation. I miss Roma too, and the other kids.

Klu the Sailor Bear

I'm a real Sailor Bear now. Huh.

Hi, um, it's me, Klu, the Sailor Bear. I'm back on land now, and I gotta tell my fans about my trip. Here's a picture of the boat that I went on. It's called the David B. I don't know why they named it the David B, cuz all boats are ladies. So they call the boat 'her,' but she's got a man's name. Huh. I think that's funny.

I'm gonna do lots of separate posts, and tell you all about it.

me, Klu, the Sailor Bear

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Going Away on the David B (that's a boat)

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just wanted to tell you that I might not be writing a blog every day for a little while, cuz I'm going for a ride on a boat. It's the David B. When I come back, I'll post lots of photos of me as a Sailor Bear. You can look at the link to the boat if you want to while I'm gone, and 'magine me riding on it.

Here's a picture that I drew of the David B and me being a Sailor Bear.

Klu (That means Ta Ta For Now. Huh. I like that. People in Scotland really said Ta Ta, but I never heard nobody say it in 'Merica.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Think I Got Famous-Bear-Block

Hi, it's me, Klu. I want to write the lyrics for my songs I'm gonna sing, now that we figured out how to put me talkin' on my blog. But I got all stuck. I can't think of no lyrics. It's cuz of them 'spectations about me and my blog. Lots of people like my blog now, and I'm a Famous Bear. That makes me feel funny on the inside. Um, kind of shy. And then I keep thinking and thinking about the crease on my tummy, and then I start feeling all tingly in my paws. Yesterday I asked Hannah G if she thought the crease was ugly, and she said no. That made me feel better for a little while, but then I got scared again. It's hard work being a Famous Bear. I didn't know it was gonna be so hard. And now I've got Famous-Bear-Block about my song lyrics. I had lots of ideas before there were 'specations, but now I can't remember any of them. Um, if you can think of any ideas for my songs, can you please write me a comment? I know I want to write one songs that's The Blues. So the lyrics have to be about how hard my life as a Famous Bear is.

Hey, I just had a idea! Maybe I should write about being scared that the crease on my tummy is getting bigger, and that my fans (that's you) will all leave me.

Okay, now I'm all 'cited, cuz I got some ideas. I gotta go write my song.

Klu (the Bear)

Monday, September 04, 2006

More About Playin' Bubble Bees (cuz it's my favorite game)

Hi, it's me again, Klu the bear. I know I already did lots of posts, but then I sat on Auntie E's shoulder and watched her play Bubble Bees, and I wanted to show you. This is Auntie E playing Bubble Bees, and me watching her.

Did you listen to me talkin' on that other post? I'm gonna do some more talkin' tomorrow.

Klu the Blogging Bear

Hi, This Is Me Talkin' On My Blog!

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Janna's Birdhouse!

Hi, it's me, Klu, and this was a Very Special Morning. My friends Hannah G and Jack and their big brother (but maybe he wants to be 'nonymous) and their mom (I think she wants to be 'nonymous too) came to visit. I felt shy, now that I'm a Famous Bear. This was the first time my fan club came to visit. I kept noticing the crease on my tummy.

Hannah G did the best thing EVER! (I like Hannah G. She's my friend.) Hannah made a birdhouse for Janna Ganna! She made it at Home Depot, and then she painted it. The front is yellow and black cuz that's Bubble Bees colors. And there's pink hearts on the roof. And a special little basketball hoop that's just the right size for Janna. Janna can put the ball in her built-in backpack (the one I teased her about and made her cry cuz I said it looked dumb when I was a Cranky Bear) when she doesn't want to play with it.

I feel really happy inside. I love Janna a lot. She's my little sister. So I feel really happy that Hannah made a birdhouse for Janna. Huh. I just noticed. Hannah. Janna. They make the same sound when you say them. And Janna is Janna Ganna, so we could call her Janna G. Huh. Huh. Hannah G. Janna G. Huh. They're not spelled 'zactly the same, but they make the same sound when you say them. I like that.

Klu the Happy Bear

Listenin' to Some Music

This is a picture of me listenin' to some music. I'm feeling 'spired to write the lyrics to my songs now, so Auntie E can write the music for me. I'll sing them into Audio Blogger when I get them written, 'kay?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This Is About When Blu Feels Jaunty

Hi, it's me, Klu the Famous Bear. (I'm not cranky today.)

I'm gonna write a blog about Blu. He's my cousin. He's a bear. (His head is fatter than mine). Sometimes he feels jaunty, and when he feels jaunty, he used to like to put on his special hat. That was back when he lived in Scotland, and we had a different kind of coffeemaker. That old coffeemaker had, um, jaunty bear hats that went inside it. Blu would put on his jaunty hat and do some walkin'. Blu's real good at walkin'. I'm not as good at walkin'. My legs are kind of curved in (maybe it's cuz of the weird crease on my tummy -- I just thought of that). Blu's got good legs to do some walkin'. So, um, anyway, he used to put on his jaunty hat from the coffeemaker, and do some walkin'.

But now we don't live in Scotland anymore. We live in 'Merica, and we have a 'Merican coffeemaker. It has a different kind of hats. They don't look very jaunty. They just make Blu look like a buttercup. He wears one sometimes when he's feeling r'diculous, but it doesn't make him feel jaunty. And he wouldn't put one on and pose for the camera cuz he was 'fraid you'd laugh at him.

So this is some pictures I took of Blu. He was feelin' really jaunty today, cuz Big Mummy made him a hat just like in the old Scotland coffeemaker.

And I was feelin' kind of r'diculous, so I put on the buttercup hat.

Klu (a.k.a. Buttercup Bear) Huh.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Listening to My Message from Hannah G

Hi, um, I thought I was going to bed, but I couldn't go to sleep, cuz I was so excited. I got my first telephone message EVER today. It was from Hannah G. She's my friend. She called me to tell me she wrote lots of comments on my blog (Get A Klu). Huh. Um, here's a photo of me listening to my message. I was 'cited. So I guess that's a 'citing post for today.

Oh, and I got a comment from another bear, too! Her name is Millie, and she said she's pink. I wish I could meet her.

Okay, now my Big Mummy says I REALLY gotta go to bed.

I Gotta Go To Bed, But I Didn't Post Nothin'

Hi, it's me, Klu, the Blogging Bear.

I'm still a Beginner Blogging Bear, and I had to learn lots of stuff about posting photos today. So me and Big Mummy, we didn't get around to doing a 'citing post. I'm sorry. I know when you're a Famous Blogging Bear, there are 'spectations. I don't want to let my fans down. But I'm real sleepy now, and bears need their sleep, you know. I'll do a really good post tomorrow, 'kay?

Here's a okay portrait of me that you can look at till tomorrow.

Nightie Night,
Klu (Huh. That was funny. I never signed my blog that way before.)

I Re-'ppeared!!!

Hi, it's me, Klu the bear, and I'm so excited, cuz I re-'ppeared!!! Big Mummy did somethin' different with the photos in that one post of me havin' time-out, and I came back in my 'riginal colors! I'm really 'cited!

I'll write a longer post today, but I don't know yet what I want to say. But I was just so happy I had to tell you that my Famous Bear photo came back.

Klu (I feel like signing 'love' again today, because I wasn't a Cranky Bear when I woke up this morning).

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Still A Cranky Bear, But At Least I'm Bisible

Hi, it's me, Klu. We changed the way my page looks, and I'm bisible again. I'll change it back when the other colors work again. And I'll fix my links soon.


Now I'm Even A More Cranky Bear

Hi, again, it's me, Klu.

I'm trying to be not so cranky, but I just got really cranky, cuz I published my post, and my Famous Bear profile went away. It shows up if we make the page look different, but I like my page the way it is. Big Mummy's tryin' to get it figured out, but in the meantime, I feel cranky.


I'm A Cranky Bear Today

Hi, I woke up this morning and I felt like a Cranky Bear. I already had three times-outs today, cuz I hit Bruno when he tried to eat out of my bowl of Cheerios (it was MY bowl) and I pulled Roma's hair (I can't 'member why, but I just did) and I made fun of Janna and made her cry (her built-in backpack looks dumb sometimes). Yesterday I told Bruno he could post things on my blog, so we made him a member. Big Mummy wouldn't let me write a post this morning, cuz I had too many time-outs, so I told Bruno he could. But then I 'scovered that if he's a member, my photo doesn't show up on the top of my page. Just our two names. And I was mad cuz how can I be a Famous Bear some days if you have to scroll down the page to see a photo of me? So I deleted Bruno from being a member, and 'rased his post. (I think I hurt his feelings, but I didn't care, cuz that was before I had my attitude check.) Finally Big Mummy said I could write a post today if I 'pologized to all the other kids for bein' mean to them, and if my blog was a 'fession. So this is my 'fession. I'm a Cranky Bear today. Maybe I'll go back to bein' a Famous Bear tomorrow. It's hard to be a Famous Bear every day, cuz sometimes the other kids make you cranky. That's my 'fession. I gotta ask Big Mummy if I can have an Oreo now. She said I could have one after I 'pologized to the other kids.

The first picture is me having time-out. I got mad at Big Mummy for taking it, cuz I thought she was makin' fun of me, but she said she wasn't. The other picture is when I fell asleep having my time-out. Falling asleep makes time-outs get over faster.

The End,
Klu (I'm too cranky to put 'love', so I just put 'The End'.)