Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year from Me and All the Other Kids

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just wanted to say Happy New Year from me and all the other kids. Here's a photo of all of us. It's not the best photo ever, but it's the only one I have of all the kids together, before Samuel went to be 'dopted by Hannah G. I wish I had asked Big Mummy to take some photos of all of us. I mean real photos, with us doin' some posin'. But she just took this photo of us on top of Mrs. B's dryer. We were getting dry after we played in the giant snow cave and did some sleddin' and had a snowball fight.

I liked 2006 a lot. I had lots of 'citing 'ventures, like sailing with Uncle Captain J on the David B and hearin' the elk bugling. I want to have some more 'ventures in 2007. That means I can start having more 'ventures tomorrow, cuz 2007 starts tomorrow.

Happy New Year!
Klu (and Bruno and Janna Ganna and Wilburina and Roma and Blu and Bianca (and Big Mummy and Auntie E)(and Samuel too, but he lives with Hannah G now (I miss Samual something fierce.)))

Friday, December 29, 2006

Wilburina and the Amaryllis

Hi, it's Klu, the Famous Bloggin' Bear.

When we got home from our Christmas bacation, we did some playin' so that Wilburina would feel like she was part of the family. Mrs. B gave us an amaryllis plant. An amaryllis is a pretty flower, but it starts out as a bulb. So me and Wilburina helped Big Mummy plant the amaryllis bulb. Here's a picture of Wilburina before we started. Isn't she the cutest pig you ever saw? She has a bouncy, oinky voice.

The dirt for the amaryllis plant came in a funny hockey puck. Here's a picture of Wilburina doin' some 'vestigatin'. 'Vestigatin' is what you do when you're a curious pig and you want to find things out. Wilburina is a really curious pig. I think pigs are really smart. She likes finding things out.

The directions said to put the dirt (the dirt that came in a funny hockey puck) in the pot and add water. We did that and it started growing! It grew and grew till it was big enough to plant the amaryllis bulb. Here's some pictures of Wilburina watching it grow.

I'll take a picture of our amaryllis plant when it has pretty flowers, but Big Mummy says you have to wait six or eight weeks. That's a long time.


PS. I took a photo of Wilburina for the sidebar. Do you like it? Isn't she the cutest pig you ever saw?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our 'Citing Snowball Fight

Hi everyone, it's me, Klu.

I really like having 'ventures. And we had lots of 'ventures on Christmas bacation. I already told you about some of the 'ventures, like 'dopting Wilburina (she's a pig, and we're gonna call her Rina for short). And our sledding 'venture. And the biggest snow cave ever. But I forgot to tell you about our snowball fight 'venture. It was just me and Blu and Samuel, cuz we were feeling sad that he was gonna go live with Hannah G, and we wouldn't get to play with him as often. Only sometimes. (We're 'cited that he's got his own Big Mummy, but we miss him something fierce.) So we decided to have a snowball fight to say goodbye to Samuel.

Here's a picture of us having a snowball fight to say goodbye to Samuel. I got down in a big people footprint and used it like a fort. That was a really good idea, cuz then the other kids couldn't hit me with as many snowballs. You can just see my head sticking out from the people footprint.

Samuel really liked throwing snowballs. Here's a picture of him getting ready to throw a big snowball.

Blu and Samuel really liked my idea about getting down in a big people footprint, so they asked Hannah G to make them some footprints. Then we threw lots of snowballs at each other. You can see all the snowballs we threw at each other.

Wasn't that the best way ever to say goodbye to Samuel?

Klu the Bear

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Biggest Snow Cave Ever

Hi, it's me, Klu.

You know how me and Blu taught Samuel how to make a snow cave? (We taught Samuel cuz he's a bear and bears like caves.) Well, when we went on our Christmas 'venture, we saw the biggest snow cave ever. Hannah G and Jack and Seth and all the other kids had been doin' some diggin'. They must have been doin' some diggin' for a long time, cuz their snow cave was so big I couldn't touch the ceiling. Here's a picture of all of us kids in the big snow cave. (You can see Samuel in the picture, but then he went home with his new Big Mummy, Hannah G. I miss Samuel something fierce.)

Here's a picture of Samuel and Roma. He's doin' some shovelin'. But the snow cave was so big he really didn't need to do some shovelin'. He was just doing it cuz it's fun. Bears like snow, you know.


Here's Us Having A Sleddin' 'Venture!

Hi, it's me, Klu, again. It's still Christmas, and we just had a 'citing 'venture with all the kids. We went sleddin'!

Here's some pictures of us sleddin'. 'Cept that we didn't have sleds cuz we're all squishy and we can just sled on our fur. Me and the other bears and Roma went down head-first on our backs, and Bruno and Bianca and Wilburina (we're gonna call her Rina for short) went down on their tummies.

Here's a picture of Samuel sleddin' on Hannah G's back. I guess he thought his new Big Mummy would make a really good sled. Huh. Huh. I think that's funny.


PS. Merry Christmas!

Samuel Gets 'Dopted By Hannah G and Wilburina Gets 'Dopted By Us!

Merry Christmas, it's me, Klu!

Christmas is the 'citing-est day ever! The first thing that happened is that Samuel got 'fficially 'dopted. And guess who Samuel's new Big Mummy is?!! It's my friend Hannah G!!! Me and Auntie E and my Big Mummy knew all along that we where just fostering Samuel till he could get 'dopted by Hannah G. (Fostering means we were taking care of Samuel and helping him get unscared when he climbed up a tree.) But Hannah G didn't know she was gonna get to 'dopt Samuel. (That's why it was a secret about Samuel's long voyage and everything, and why I was giving clues.) She was really 'cited. Here's a picture of Hannah signing the 'fficial 'doption papers. So that means Samuel is 'fficially Hannah G's bear now.

After Samuel got 'fficially 'dopted, I was feelin' kind of sad, cuz now Samuel's gonna live with Hannah G, and we won't get to play with him as much. Only sometimes. But just when I was feeling sad, something more that was really 'citing happened!!! We found out we're 'dopting Wilburina!!! Here's a picture of Wilburina. She's a pig. She has a funny, oinky kind of voice, and she's really bouncy. I think we're gonna call her Rina for short.

I didn't know Wilburina before, but now I love her a lot. She's the best pig I ever met. I'm really 'cited we 'dopted her.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Here's Our 'Mazing Snow Cave!

Hi fans, it's me, the Cave Bear, Klu. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I'm not really a Cave Bear, but we made a snow cave yesterday, and we were pretending to be Cave Bears. Me and Blu taught Samuel how to make a snow cave, cuz he's just a baby bear, and he still has to learn things. Bears like caves, you know. Baby bears are born in caves, so Samuel liked the snow cave right away. Me and Blu and Samuel were all born in a cave in Ikea, Sweden, but we don't remember it cuz we were too little.

Here's a picture of the first snow cave we made. It was kind of small. I had to squish my head over when I was sitting up. Samuel just mostly lay down, and he took up all the room in the snow cave, so Blu had to stand by the door. Here's a photo of my head squished over and Samuel lying down and Blu standing by the door.

Bears are really good at digging. And bears like snow, you know, cuz we have fur. So we decided to make our snow cave bigger. Here's our snow cave after we made it bigger. We made a special bedroom for Samuel so he could take a nap. He's just a baby bear, and baby bears sleep a lot, you know.

Then I decided I wanted to have a recliner chair. I never had a recliner chair before. So I made a recliner chair out of snow, so I could do some relaxin'. Here's me in my recliner chair (made out of snow). Samuel woke up from his nap, and decided he was tired of our snow cave. In the picture, he's climbing out of the snow cave. (Blu is helping him).

Then Samuel decided to just keep climbing up the snow mountain. Here's a picture of him climbing up the snow mountain.

Big Mummy tried to take a photo of all of us sitting on the snow mountain, but Samuel wouldn't smile. It's hard to make a baby bear smile sometimes. He was getting tired and cranky and his fur was all wet. Here's a picture that Big Mummy took of all three of us. Me and Blu are smiling, but Samuel wouldn't look at the camera.

That's all, cuz we have to go out and help Big Mummy and Auntie E dig their cars out. Bears are good at doin' some diggin' in the snow, you know.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sorry, I Got 'Stracted Cuz of the Blizzard

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I didn't write a post for a few days cuz we just had a blizzard!!!! It was the 'citing-est thing ever! We had 30 to 35 inches of snow. 'Member how Big Mummy measured me a little while ago, and I was 9 and a half inches high? That means the snow was over my head. It was the 'citing-est! I was so busy playing that I forgot to be a Bloggin' Bear. Last night, me and Big Mummy and Auntie E went out for a snowshoe walk through our neighborhood in the dark. (I rode in Big Mummy's pocket, cuz the snow was too deep for my snowshoes.) It was really quiet, cuz everybody had to stay at home. And today me and the other kids made a snow cave, but I forgot to take pictures of it cuz I was too 'cited to play in it. It's dark now, but I'll take some photos tomorrow. Here's a picture of Big Mummy's car and Auntie E's truck in the background. Big Mummy's car is buried under a whole mountain of snow.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cranberries & Popcorn

Hi, it's me again, the Famous Bloggin' Bear, Klu.

Tonight was the best night ever, cuz we started decorating our Christmas tree. First we all helped Big Mummy pop lots of popcorn. Samuel never saw popcorn before, and he started to cry when it made the first pops. So Big Mummy lifted the lid off the pan just a little, to show him what was happening. A popcorn jumped out right at him, and that scared him, so he cried some more. But that's okay, cuz he's just a baby bear, and baby bears cry a lot while they're 'scovering all about the world.

Then we all helped string the popcorn and cranberries on strings. Big Mummy had us make a 'sembly line. A 'sembly line is where everybody does one part of the 'sembling. ('Sembling means putting together. Roma always knows big words like that.) Here's some pictures of our 'sembly line. Roma helped pick out which cranberry to put on the string, and I handed the cranberry to Blu and Bruno and Biana, and they put the cranberry on the string. Here's some pictures of the 'sembly line.

Janna and Samuel were supposed to be doing the 'sembly line for the popcorn, but Samuel had to smell the popcorn first. Big Mummy said we could eat as much popcorn as we wanted, cuz it didn't have butter on it, cuz we don't want anyone eating the popcorn when it's on the tree. (Like the squirrels that live in the roof.) Here's a picture of Samuel smelling the popcorn. Then he decided to eat the popcorn. And he kind of forgot about the 'sembly line. He just sat and ate popcorn. So Janna Ganna had to do all the popcorn 'sembly line by herself.

Then we carried the strings of popcorn and cranberries into the living room and put them on the tree. Here's a picture of me and Bianca, putting the strings of popcorn and cranberries on the tree.

I like our Christmas tree a lot. It's the beautiful-est Christmas tree ever. Here's a photo of me sitting in the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas carols. Big Mummy said I looked really festive. I can't wait for Santa to see our tree. I think he'll like it a lot. And he'll put lots of presents under it.

That's all. I'm gonna go count on Big Mummy's calendar now, to see how many more days it is till Christmas.


Monday, December 11, 2006

I Just 'Scovered Somethin' 'Bout Samuel

Hi, it's Klu. (That's me. Huh. Huh.)

I just had Big Mummy take a photo of me and Blu and Samuel so you could see how we're different. We're all bears and we all come from Ikea, Sweden. But there's lots of ways we're different too.

1. Samuel is a really nice color. He's a prettier color than me and Blu. He's kind of gold-ish brown. (I just want to hug him, cuz he's so cute.) Me and Blu are kind of cream colored.

2. Blu has the most stuffin'. Samuel is more like me. He doesn't have that much stuffin'.

3. I (Klu) have the littlest head. Samuel and Blu both have big heads. Samuel has really pudgy cheeks. Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw?

4. Samuel has the biggest ears! Me and Blu have little ears, but Samuel has really big ears.

5. Here's the somethin' I just 'scovered: Samuel has a weird crease on his tummy, too! His weird crease is on his right side, and mine is on my left side. But it's the same kind of weird crease! I was so 'cited, cuz maybe my crease isn't so weird after all. Maybe it's just the way some bears look.

Can you see Samuel's tummy in the photo? I let him wear my sticker that says, "I'm a cutie." I thought he needed to wear it cuz he's a cutie. I'm so glad he's my cousin. I love him a lot. But he's still a little scared. It takes a while to get 'justed to being 'dopted.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Samuel Is Still A Little Scared

Hi, it's me, Klu. Samuel's cousin. Huh. I really like being Samuel's cousin. But he's still a little scared. We came out to the living room this morning, and Samuel had climbed up to the top of our Christmas tree. (We hadn't decorated it yet, so he must have thought it was part of the forest. Now it has lights on it, so maybe he'll know it's not part of the forest anymore. Now it's our Christmas tree.) Here's a picture of Samuel in the top of our tree. You can hardly see him, cuz he was hiding.

All of us kids got up on the bookshelf, so we could talk to Samuel. We talked to him lots, and told him we loved him, but he was still scared. (He was crying just a little bit.) Here's a picture of all of us kids on the bookshelf. You can hardly see Samuel in the top of the tree, cuz he was hiding.

Finally, we had an idea. We got Janna to fly up by Samuel and talk to him. She's kind of little and really cute, and she has a high, squeaky voice, so she's not scary at all. She didn't really like landing on the branches cuz they're prickly (she's a gannet, and gannets usually land on the water). So she mostly flew around the top of the tree and made Samuel laugh. Then he stopped being scared, and climbed down and played with us.

Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw? And Janna's pretty cute too, huh?


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now I Can Tell You 'Bout Samuel

Hi, it's me, Klu the Sticker Bear. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I called myself a Sticker Bear cuz I've got a candy cane sticker on my tummy. I got it from my Big Mummy.

Yesterday, we went to the 'doption place to get Samuel. Now I've given away the secret I couldn't tell you before. Samuel is a bear from Ikea, Sweden, and he was on a long journey because he was coming here to be 'dopted. We didn't know him before, but we know him now.

First we drove to the 'doption place. Here's a picture of me and Blu in the front of Auntie E's truck. I had two candy cane stickers on my tummy, cuz I wanted to have one to give to Samuel when we met him.

When we got to the 'doption place, the lady said Samuel got scared and climbed a tree. That's what bears do when they're scared, you know. We climb trees. Samuel was scared cuz he's never been 'dopted before. So we went outside, and there was Samuel, in the top of a tree. Here's a picture of Samuel in the top of the tree.

The 'doption lady and Big Mummy tried to talk to Samuel and get him to climb down, but it didn't work. But me and Blu are bears, so we knew how to talk to Samuel. Here's a picture of us talking to him. Samuel is just a baby bear, like me and Blu were, back when we were 'dopted, so he was scared. But we sat and talked to him and told him lots of things about being 'dopted that the 'doption lady never told him. That made him get less scared. Here's a picture of us talking to him.

Finally, Samuel decided to climb down. Here's a picture of him climbing down. Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw? I'm glad he's gonna be my cousin. I didn't know him before, but now I love him.

When he got to the ground, he decided to be shy again, and he wouldn't come out. Here's some pictures of him being shy.

But then we talked to him really quiet and soft, and he came out and let Blu give him a hug. Then he let me give him a hug too. Then I gave him my extra candy cane sticker so he wouldn't feel left out.

I was scared, too, when I first got 'dopted, cuz I didn't know Big Mummy or Bruno. But I'm not scared anymore. We're giving Samuel lots of hugs so he won't be scared anymore.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Something I Forgot to Say

Um, I forgot to say one thing in that other post. Did you see how I changed my blog and put those pictures of the other kids down the side? I'm gonna take all their Senior Photos soon -- I only did Roma's so far -- and then I'll post them all down the side. I like the new Blogger.


Our 'Venture Tomorrow

We're gonna have another 'venture tomorrow. But I can't tell you what it is. I can only give you a clue. Huh. Huh. Get it? A clue? A Klu? Huh. That always makes me laugh, how my name sounds like Klu.

So here's the clue. Remember about the bear named Samuel who's on a long journey? Well, that's what our 'venture is about tomorrow. I'll try to take some photos (I'm a good 'Tographer Bear) and I'll write a post about our 'venture Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

I feel a little squiggly on the inside about it. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight.