Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Back!

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. 'Member me? I couldn't write my blog for a long time cuz everyone was doin' some movin' and stuff, and then me and Uncle Kermit and Big Mummy and Darla and Wilb'rina went on a bacation of a lifetime. But I'm back now. 'Cept we still don't have the internet at our house, so me and my Big Mummy are sitting in a coffee shop right now. I felt a little 'barrassed 'bout writin' my blog in public, but I didn't want to let my fans down. So I decided I didn't care if the grownups all stared at me. I don't know why grownups all stare at bloggin' bears.

Um, but that's not what I wanted to write 'bout. I wanted to tell you 'bout everything that happened since we did some movin'.

First, Auntie E moved away. That was the saddest thing ever. I miss Auntie E something fierce. And Roma and Blu and Bianca too. Now Auntie E lives in a place where they have grizzly bears. We're gonna go visit her soon, but I don't know how I feel 'bout grizzly bears. I'm just a little bear compared to a grizzly bear.

Then, the next day after Auntie E moved away, me and Uncle Kermit and Big Mummy and Darla and Wilb'rina got on a plane and flew to Seattle. I like planes a lot, but I didn't take any pictures of us on the plane. Me and Wilbs did some 'vestigatin'. Darla just made a nest in the seat pocket. Darla's always makin' a nest somewhere, cuz she's a baby duck, and baby ducks come from nests, you know.

Then we got a car and drove to 'Lympia. 'Lympia is where my Big Mummy's Big Mummy and Daddy, Mrs. A and Mr. K, live. Me and Uncle Kermit and Big Mummy and Darla and Wilbs all went down to the dock at Mrs. A and Mr. K's house. Here's a picture of us on the dock, lookin' at 'Lympia in the distance.

All around the dock, there was some weird green stuff on the ground. Sometimes there's water on the ground there, but it was low tide when we were there, so there wasn't any water. Low tide is when all the water goes away.

Wilbs decided to do some 'vestigatin'. She jumped down on a piece of wood that was kinda floatin' on the weird green stuff. Here's a picture of her on the piece of wood, doin' some 'vestigatin'. I didn't like it very much that she was way down there on the piece of wood, cuz I didn't want her to get swept away by the water. I felt a little worried 'bout her, but Big Mummy said she was fine.

Darla just found a nest. It was a little hole in the dock. I don't know why it was there, but Darla just got into it like it was a nest and looked at all the big ducks flyin' by. One of the ducks that was flyin' by said 'mwack' and Darla got really excited. She said, 'mwack, mwack, mwack, mwack, mwack.' But the big duck just kept flyin' by. I wish Darla would say my name, Klu. Kuh-lu. But she still only says 'mwack.' I can't wait till she can say something besides 'mwack.'

We're supposed to have the internet at our house today. Then I'll write another post and tell you what we did next.

I like Uncle Kermit a lot. He's the best uncle ever.

Klu the 'Venturous Bear

Monday, May 07, 2007

'Zaster Zone

Hi, it's me, Klu the Movin' Bear. Bears don't like movin', you know. Our old house is a 'zaster zone, and our new house is a 'zaster zone, so it's really hard to do some playin' and stuff. Here's a picture of me and Roma with the 'zaster zone in the background. It's not a very good photo, cuz the background is too dark, but doin' some movin' makes you really busy, so I don't have time to take another one.

Wilb'rina is the only one who likes movin', cuz there's so much stuff to 'vestigate. Here's a picture of her 'vestigatin' a box. Blu is watchin' her do some 'vestigatin'. You can tell it's Blu and not me, Klu, cuz his head is bigger than mine and he's got more stuffin'. I'm gonna miss Blu and Roma and Bianca something fierce. Um, sometimes I start to cry just cuz I think about it. I feel like doin' some cryin' right now.

But Wilb'rina doesn't feel like doin' some cryin'. She's too 'cited 'bout all that 'vestigatin'. Here's another picture of her 'vestigatin' a different box, and Roma and Bruno watchin'. All our furniture is at our new house, so they had to sit on some other boxes.

I think I'll go do some cryin' now while the other kids aren't lookin'.

Klu the Sad Bear

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Decided Somethin': Bears Don't Like Movin'

Hi, it's me, Klu. And Blu's here too. We just decided somethin': bears don't like movin'. We both got really 'cited when we first saw the new 'partment, cuz it's really close to Uncle Kermit's house, and it's next to some mountains, and bears like mountains a lot, you know. But then Big Mummy started doin' some packin' and we can't find our toys and the house is crazy and Blu and Roma and Bianca and Auntie E are goin' away. I sat in the laundry basket and did some cryin' just now, but I didn't take any photos of that. Blu got in the laundry basket too, and we did some cryin' together. I'm gonna miss Blu somethin' fierce. He's the best bear I know. Nobody else can do some bear ballet and some walkin' quite as good as Blu. I don't want him to go away.

That's all. I don't want to write anymore. So there.

Klu the Sad Bear