Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sorry It Was So Slow

Here's that last photo. Love, Klu

Here's Them Extra Photos I Told You About, (the ones that wouldn't 'pload)

Sometimes the 'ploader thing is slower 'n molasses in January. I think every other bear in the country is writin' his blog right now, and tryin' to 'pload some photos.


PS. I gotta take a break and 'pload the last photo later, cuz Auntie E needs to check her email, and I've been hoggin' the on line.

My Album Cover

Hi, um, it's me Klu. Today I'm back to being a Famous Bear, so I'm gonna record an album. I'm gonna sing lead vocals, and the kids are gonna sing backup, and it's gonna feature Auntie E on guitar. Auntie E's a really really good guitar player, but her favorite way to play is with her back to you, so she can't tell you're listening. She's gonna write some songs for me to sing, and I'm gonna sing them, so you can listen to them. Maybe we'll use some of the songs for the music in my play that I write, too. Huh. Maybe I should write a musical, instead.

I painted my album cover today, and I only got one little blob of green shiny paint on my tummy. It's kind of next to my weird crease, but Big Mummy stuck me under the faucet and it mostly came out. She said the rest is just so you can tell I'm a painter bear.

This first picture is me and the kids before I started painting. That's Blu in the front -- can you tell cuz his head is fatter than mine?

This next picture is me with plastic wrap on my feet, so I could make my shiny green bear pawprints on the painting. That's when I got the blob of green on my tummy. Big Mummy put the green paint on the bottoms of my feet with a paintbrush (that tickled a lot) and I walked on my album cover, to be dramatic.

Here's me painting my name (Klu the Bear) and the name of my album (Get a Klu). I'm just in the middle of painting the blobs at the end of each letter. I like painting with shiny paint. The green paint was supposed to be shiny, too, but it didn't look as shiny as the gold and silver paint. I like shiny things.

My last photo for today is a closeup of my album cover, so you'll be able to recognize it in the music store. I'm gonna sell it on Amazon, too. And I'll auction the 'riginal of the painting on eBay when the paint gets dry.

Maybe that's all for today, cuz I'm tired and kind of soggy. But I had lots of fun. I'd like to be a Painter Bear every day.


Klu the Bear

PS. My last two photos won't 'pload, so I'm gonna put them in a different post, but you'll know what they are, right?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Think I'm A Boring Bear Today

Hi, it's me, the maybe-Boring Bear, Klu. I think I'm not a Famous Bear today. Famous Bears do stuff like go rock-climbing and play Bubble Bees. But today I'm just a Boring Bear. Cuz all I'm doin' is eating Oreos with my brother, Bruno. (He's a dog, 'member?) This is a picture of us eatin' Oreos and drinking milk. We're drinkin' milk cuz the Oreos package says that they're milk's favorite cookie. I actually thought they were my favorite cookies. But milk goes good with Oreos.

My Big Mummy just said I'm not a Boring Bear. She said I'm just having an ordinary day. So maybe I'm an Ordinary Bear today. When I'm an Ordinary Bear, I don't worry as much about those 'specatations about my blog, or the weird crease on my tummy. I just think about how much I love Bruno, my brother, and how Oreos and milk taste really good together.

Wanna know what I'm gonna do next on my blog? Me and the other kids are writing a play. We're gonna put the play on a stage, and take pictures of us in our costumes. And Big Mummy will type the play onto my blog, so you can read what it says. I don't know what it's gonna be about yet, but we'll discover that soon.

If you were here, I'd share my Oreos with you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Always Forget Something

Hi again, it's just me, Klu the bear. I got so excited about maybe being a Famous Bear (cuz I play Bubble Bees) that I forgot to write about hannah g. I got a comment from hannah g. That made me super-happy, cuz hannah g's the nicest little girl in the whole world. She likes rock-climbing too, and she likes to put make-up on people. If I was a girl-bear, I'd have her put make-up on me, but I'm a boy-bear. Besides, my fur might get in the way. I'm really glad hannah g is my friend.

That's all I forgot to say.

PS. I'm gonna go play the green cows-n-milk game now, cuz it's way before dinner, so it's okay if it makes me hyper. Another game I like is at the top of all the game pictures: the one with the picture of the pink rose. You get to be a fan, and you blow a balloon around. The balloon has a bottle tied to it, and it's sticky, so it catches floaty flowers. You try to blow the fan to catch lots of floaty flowers. Does that make sense? It's hard to 'splain. You'll just have to play it yourself. That game works really good if you have big paws that get in the way, like me.

Am I a Famous Bear Now?

Hi, it's me, Klu, and I feel all squigly on the inside. I just read my comments on my blog, and somebody put a link to my blog on their website, cuz they like to play Bubble Bees too. Huh. Maybe I'm a famous bear now. I'm a little scared. I keep looking at the weird crease on my tummy, and I don't know if I want to be famous anymore. I never noticed the weird crease till I got famous. I have a funny tingly feeling in my paws right now. Cuz now everyone knows that I like to play Bubble Bees. Is this how the big movie stars feel? Like, um, I don't know if I'd like it if me and my Big Mummy were in the supermarket and there was a picture of me on the front of one of those magazines. And the headline said, 'Klu's Tummy Crease Gets Weirder.' I might feel shy. But I do like to play Bubble Bees a lot.

If you want to look at the website where I'm a famous bear, here it is:

You wanna know what I think is funny? I go rock-climbing a whole lot more than I play Bubble Bees, but maybe I'm gonna be a famous bear because I play Bubble Bees. I'm better at rock-climbing. My paws are made for climbing, more than for using a 'puter.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Bubble Bees

I forgot to write about Bubble Bees in that other post. Bubble Bees is my favorite video game. I put a link for it, but it don't go straight to the game, like I wanted. It goes to the page with all the other games. Bubble Bees in the one with the yellow bee picture. I like the green cows and milk game too, but Big Mummy won't let me play it after dinner cuz she says it makes me hyper. I just get excited, trying to catch them cows. She makes me play the yellow stars on the blue sky one. The music makes me sleepy. And I like sliding the squishy ball around, making the star bounce. Did you ever see a star bounce? I saw one once. It just bounced for a little ways across the sky, then it disappeared.

Um, when you play Bubble Bees, you get to see what high scores everyone else got. My highest score ever is 257. That's cuz my paws are kinda big and get in the way. My Auntie E's high score is 5300, cuz she caught the red bee and the clock and a yellow bee, all in one bubble. I never did that. You could write me a comment and tell me what your high score is, after you play the game. Maybe I'll make a high score chart.


Wavin' Bye to People

Huh. It's me again, Klu the bear. I'm gettin' over feelin' shy now, cuz I got lots of comments. I like comments. They make me really happy. Cuz that means I'm gettin' to be a famous bear. I've been gettin' invitations to do famous-bear stuff, like go ride on people's boats. I'm gonna ride on the David B soon. That's why I put a link for it. And I got an invitation to go on a boat called Sunbear. I like that. I could be a Sunbear. 'Cept it's never sunny in Washington where the Sunbear is. It's sunny in Colorado, though.

Um, I like waving goodbye to people. That's what this blog is about. This is a photo of me and Blu sittin' by the window. You can see Big Mummy's car in the background. We like to sit up here and wave goodbye to people. We wave bye to Auntie E when she goes to work. She likes it. It makes her laugh. Sometimes we wave bye to Big Mummy too. Or the other kids.

But you know what's the best part? It's when someone comes home. Cuz that's what happens when you love someone: you get really happy when they come home.

Klu (the bear)

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Uh, hi. It's me again, Klu the Bear. I feel real shy now, cuz I went public. I noticed this morning that I had a funny weird crease on my tummy. Did you notice? I never saw it before, till I went public. My Big Mummy says that's cuz now there's 'spectations about my blog. I couldn't think of anything to say today. I feel kind of tangly on the inside.

So I'm gonna show you a picture of Bruno and Bianca, cuz you ain't seen them much yet. Bruno's my brother and he's a dog. And Bianca is the lamb from Italy I told you about. She's my cousin, and she's the one that talks funny, cuz she's got an accent. Actually, it isn't funny; it's really pretty how she talks. It just sounds different than the rest of the kids.

Bruno just came in, and he wants to say somethin', so I'm gonna interview him on my blog. His tongue is really big, cuz he's a dog, so that's why he talks with a lisp.

Klu the Bear: Hi, Bruno, what do you want to say on my blog?

Bruno the Dog: (starts to run away) I feel thcared. Maybe ith that thing Roma thaid: thtage fright.

Klu the Bear: Well, Bruno, it's okay. You can talk on my blog another time.

Um, I never saw Bruno do that before. Usually he likes new people, and he wags his tail a lot and licks their face. But he got real scared bein' on my blog. Maybe next time I'll let him be incognito.

Okay, that's all for today. Now you saw a picture of all the kids, so I can start telling you about our adventures. Huh. We have a lot of fun. We're goin' on a boat trip soon. The boat is called the David B, and I put a link on my blog for it.

Klu the Bear

PS. Did you notice the funny crease on my tummy?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Feelin' Kinda Shy

Hi again, it's me, Klu. I'm feelin' kinda shy right now, cuz me and my Big Mummy decided for me to go public. I feel 'barrassed. (But that's okay, cuz I'm a bear.) I want to be a famous bear. And the only way I can be a famous bear is to go public. So I'm making my debut. (Roma taught me that word. She likes big words. She's really smart.)

I started feelin' shy just now, writing this blog, but Big Mummy said to just write what I was already plannin' to write about. So I'm gonna write about me and my cousin Blu, and how his head is bigger than mine and how that's how you can tell that he's Blu and I'm Klu. Besides that, he's dirtier than me, cuz he did lots of sleep-overs with Hannah and the other kids. And he had lots of adventures in Scotland before I got 'dopted. Having adventures makes you get dirty.

I can't remember why we're standing on our heads in the photo. We like standing on our heads. Sometimes me and Bruno and Janna and Blu and Roma and Bianca all stand on our heads at the same time. It makes us happy. You should try it. Sometimes when you're feeling sad, you should stand on your head and it'll make you happy.

Can you tell which is me, Klu, and which is Blu in the photo? Huh. I'll give you a clue. Huh. Get it? Get a Klu. Huh. Huh. I'm really funny.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two Extra Pictures of Roma Climbin'

Hi, it's me again, Klu the bear. I tried to put these two pictures of Roma in my other today's blog, but they wouldn't go in. Maybe my blog was too big for Big Mummy's computer. I don't know.

These are Roma climbin'. I love Roma.

Climb on, Roma. (That's what you say after you put the climber on belay.)


Goin' Rock Climbin' with the Cousins

Hi, it's me, Klu, again. Um, today I'm gonna show you about going rock climbin' with the Cousins. I like rock climbin' a LOT. I could do it every, every day. Bears are good at rock climbin', cuz they know how to climb trees.

Here's a picture of me on the face, and my cousin Blu belayin' me. Roma's standing there watchin' us, cuz she's gonna climb next, so she wants to see how I do it. (I do it really good). Blu has to do a hip belay cuz they don't make belay devices for bears. Or muppets.

I think this face is a 5.10. That means it's REALLY hard. There are some good footholds, but not much for your paws, so you really gotta trust your feet. That's somethin' they say all the time in rock climbin': trust your feet. It means you stand on really little stuff.

Here's another picture of Blu and Roma. Can you tell that Blu's head is fatter than mine? That's how you can tell that I'm me and he's Blu. He's got more stuffin.

Blu and Roma are my cousins. I've got another cousin, too. Her name is Bianca. She's a lamb from Italy and she has a funny accent. I wish I could make a movie of Bianca. I wanted to put lots of movies on my blog, but we took one of me the other day, and Big Mummy said it was so big it would take a month to upload. She doesn't know how to make it smaller.

Um, I'd really like it if you posted a comment on my blog. I got one comment so far. It was really nice. Huh. It made me happy.

I was trying just now to get the photos fixed on this post, and I messed up the words. It said something before about Roma, but I can't 'member what it was. I'm just a beginning Blogging Bear. Sometimes I mess things up.

Klu the bear

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Me, Klu, and My Magic Carpet

Hi, it's me, Klu, again. I really like writing on my blog. I woke up really early this morning, but I had to wait till Big Mummy got up and turned her 'puter on. Then I had to wait while she ate her Cheerios and drank her tea. (Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio's whole family is named after Cheerios. They live on Bass Rock in Scotland. That's a big rock where lots of gannets live. But Janna lives with us, cuz we 'dopted her. That's what 'dopted kids do -- they live with their new family. I'm 'dopted too. My family is from Ikea.)

But that wasn't what I wanted to write about this morning. I wanted to show you my magic carpet. Sometimes when Big Mummy and Auntie E aren't home, we kids play lots of fun games. Sometimes I put on my sheik costume, and I fly my magic carpet across the desert, and I rescue the princess. (Usually, we make Roma be the princess cuz she's the right size for me to rescue on the carpet.) Here's some pictures of me on my carpet.

Okay, I'm gonna go eat some Cheerios now. Huh. And wake up Auntie E and the other kids so they can read my blog: Get a Klu. Huh.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I think I like comments

Can someone please write me a comment, cuz I think I like them. A nice comment, please.


That's me, Klu

Some Pictures of the Kids

Hi, it’s me, Klu. I wanted to show you some more pictures of the kids. I love the kids a lot. I’m gonna make a movie of the kids tomorrow.

This is Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio. She’s my little sister. I love her a lot. She likes to fly around in circles overhead, and then suddenly she dives into the water. Or the pretend water. Cuz that’s what gannets do. And then she laughs a lot. Auntie E is scared of Janna when she dives. But she likes her the rest of the time. Janna talks in a high, squeaky voice, cuz that’s what gannets do.

That’s all about Janna.


Janna, Blu, Roma, and me, Klu

Klu's first post on his own blog

Hi, it's me, Klu. I just started my blog today. I have to have Big Mummy help me with the typing, cuz my paws are too big. Sometimes they get in the way. But I tell her what to say. Sometimes I do my own typin', but then it looks like this:

cdsafvrkjenver oeooivg 30rgr kjkjd jkj

I don't think you can read that very good.

I'm gonna do lots of stuff on my blog. First, I gotta show you all the kids. You don't get to see Big Mummy cuz she's gonna be 'nonymous. Prob'ly Auntie E wants to be 'nonymous too. But I'll tell you lots about them. And you can see all the other kids, cuz they don't want to be 'nonymous. 'Cept maybe Roma, cuz she's already famous.

I'm gonna go take some photos and movies now. I'll be back soon.