Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Nativity

Hi, it's me, Klu the Christmas Bear. (Huh, huh, that was funny. Christmas Bear. Huh, huh.)

Today me and the other kids decided to make our own nativity scene. I was the Three Wise Men. Dars was Mother Mary. Bruno was Mr. Joseph. Wilburina was one of the sheep in the manger. Janna Ganna was the angel that sang, "Hark the herald angels sing." (That's my favorite Christmas carol ever.) And Speedy was the Baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddlin' clothes, 'cept we couldn't make him take off his bling. Here's a picture of us makin' our own nativity scene.

Big Mummy told me that the Three Wise Men looked 'doringly at the Baby Jesus when they gave him gold and frank-sense and mirr. (I don't know how to spell those words, but that's what the Three Wise Men brought the Baby Jesus.) Here's some pictures of me lookin' 'doringly at the Baby Jesus after I gave him my gold and stuff. (We did some pretendin' that the gourd was my gift to the Baby Jesus.)

Wilbs was the best sheep in the manger I ever saw. Here's a picture of her dressed up as a sheep.

Janna Ganna did lots of singin' while we were makin' our nativity. She was the best angel I ever saw. She sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," and "Away In The Manger" and "Jingle Bells Rock" and lots of other Christmas songs for the Baby Jesus.

Speedy got tired of bein' wrapped up in his swaddlin' clothes, so we decided to play something else. But he was the best Baby Jesus I ever saw.


PS. I love Christmas a lot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Attacked By Evil Kitty

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I was gonna write a post 'bout how we're babysittin' a kitty this weekend and how it's the 'citin'-est thing ever, but now I'm gonna write a post 'bout how it's the scariest thing ever. That's cuz the kitty we're babysittin' goes back and forth from Nice Kitty to Evil Kitty really fast. (Her real name's Ella, but I just call her Nice Kitty or Evil Kitty.)

Here's a picture of her when she's bein' Nice Kitty. Isn't she the best kitty you ever saw?

Nice Kitty was doin' some nice playin' on the floor with her stick and her wad of paper. Here's a picture of her bein' Nice Kitty and doin' some nice playin'.

I wanted to do some playin' with her, as long as she stayed bein' Nice Kitty. So I went and sat on the floor by her. I really wanted to do some playin' but I was feelin' a little nervous she might turn into Evil Kitty.

Nice Kitty saw me sittin' on the floor and she came over. First she just did some sniffin'. She's kinda big, so I sat real still while she did some sniffin', even though her whiskers were ticklin' me.

Then she gave me a kinda nice hug, 'cept she pushed me over with her back feet.

Then she threw me to the ground, but she was still kinda givin' me a hug.

Then she got me into a paw lock.

Then all the sudden she turned into Evil Kitty and started bitin' my ear. I got scared and held my paws over my head. Here's a picture of Evil Kitty bitin' my ear and me holdin' my paws over my head.

Then Evil Kitty went completely 'zerk. She grabbed me in the neck and started flingin' me everywhere.

I tried hittin' her, pow POW, but she's just kept flingin' me and flingin' me. It was the scariest thing ever. I had to shout for Big Mummy to rescue me. Here's a picture of Evil Kitty flingin' me everywhere, and Big Mummy rescuin' me.

As soon as Big Mummy rescued me, Evil Kitty turned back into Nice Kitty.

I don't like Evil Kitty very much.

Klu the Bear

PS. My ear hurts where she bit it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gettin' Out the Christmas Lights

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bloggin' Bear.

Big Mummy started getting out the Christmas decorations today, cuz it's almost Christmas. (I like Christmas a lot, you know.) She put the lights on the floor and plugged them in to see if they worked. Dars got all 'cited and started hoppin' around in the lights, wearin' her Santa hat. Here's a picture of Dars doin' some hoppin' in the lights, wearin' her Santa hat.

Dars did some hoppin', and then she made a 'scovery: one set of lights wasn't workin'. Here's a photo of Dars makin' a 'scovery.

While Dars was busy makin' her 'scovery, Wilbs was doin' some 'vestigatin'. Here's a photo of Wilbs 'vestigatin' a bag of ornaments from Ikea (that's from Sweden, where I'm from, cuz I'm a Swedish-Scottish-'Merican bear, you know.) You can see Dars in the background gettin' frustrated cuz she couldn't make the lights go on.

Dars got really frustrated cuz the lights wouldn't go on, so she kicked them. Here's a photo of Dars kickin' the lights. But that didn't make them go on either. They didn't go on till Big Mummy 'scovered that string wasn't plugged in.

Wilbs and Dars looked so cute in their Santa costumes that I made them pose in Uncle Kerms's chair for a portrait. 'Cept Wilbs doesn't really look like an elf. She looks more like a Christmas tube.

Isn't Dars the cutest duck you ever saw?

Klu the Bear

PS. I can't wait till Christmas.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Playin' Space Ranger

Hi, um, it's me, Space Ranger. (Huh, huh, it's really me, Klu the Bear).

Big Mummy went to the eye doctor today, and she got a weird sunglasses curly thing. So we decided to play that I was Space Ranger. Space Ranger, pow, POW! Here's a picture of me standin' in front of my spaceship, bein' Space Ranger, and wearin' the weird sunglasses curly thing. (My spaceship is really the coffee maker, but we were doin' some pretendin'.)

Speedy decided he wanted to play Space Ranger too, so he came along in my spaceship. My Big Daddy, (that's Uncle Kerms), let me use his Blackberry for our central console. Here's a picture of us gettin' ready to launch our spaceship from our central console.

We did some flyin' through the universe, stoppin' all them bad guys. Speedy was really fierce, fightin' them bad guys, 'specially cuz he was wearin' his bling. I write another post 'bout Speedy's bling soon. I didn't get no pictures of us flyin' through the universe, stoppin' all them bad guys, cuz we were too busy stoppin' all them bad guys.

Space Ranger (Klu the Bear)