Sunday, August 05, 2007

Doin' Some Slidin' on Uncle Kermit's Stairs

Hi, it's me, Klu.

We kids like Uncle Kermit a lot, but we used to think his house was kinda boring, cuz he didn't have many toys. But then we made a 'scovery. Actually, Darla made the 'scovery. The railing of Uncle Kermit's stairs makes the best slide ever. Darla didn't mean to slide down it the first time. She was just doin' some waddlin' on the flat part of the railing, but she got too close to the slanted part. She slid down the slanted part sayin' 'mwack, mwack, MWACK, MWACK, MWACK, MWACK.' She landed on the carpet on her back, and she just kept sayin' 'mwack, mwack.' It looked like so much fun that me and Wilbs decided to try it too. Here's a picture of my first time. I was feelin' a little scared.

On my second try, I decided to push with my paws. Pushin' with my paws made me go faster. Here's a picture of me pushin' with my paws.

Then I decided to go down headfirst on my back. That was the 'citin'-est way ever. It made my stomach do a flip-flop when I flew off the end of the railing. Here's a picture of me shootin' down headfirst on my back.

Big Mummy thought I looked so cute that she made a closeup of me shootin' down headfirst on my back. Here's the closeup of me shootin' down headfirst on my back.

Oh, I forgot. Here's a photo of Darla at the bottom, after she got done doin' some slidin'. She just lay there saying, 'mwack, mwack, MWACK.' Isn't she the cutest baby duck ever?

We don't think Uncle Kermit's house is so boring anymore.

Klu the Bear