Thursday, May 16, 2024

Here's a Hug in Case You Need It

 Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I promised my Instagram followers (I'm a famous Instagram Bear now) that I would send them a hug if they needed one. You can use this hug too. It's for everyone. It's the biggest hug ever, and it feels really warm and cozy.

My feet got cut off in that picture, so just in case you wanted to see my feet, here's another hug:

I'm wearing Big Mummy's giveaway prize. If you want see it so good, here's another hug where you can see the giveaway prize too:

If you didn't sign up yet for Big Mummy's giveaway, you should click here and sign up. Maybe you'll win the prize and then you'll be Even More Happier.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Do You Want to Be More Happier?

 Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear!

I ruhlly like being happy. Mostly I'm a Pretty Happy Bear. But sometimes I turn into a Sad Bear. Or a Grumpy Bear. (That's usu'lly when I get in a fight with Darsie. She's my little sister and I love her somethin' FIERCE, but she always d'cides to be annoying just when I'm feeling like a Grumpy Bear.)

Anyways, I like being happy a LOT. Do you like being happy? 

Want to know what I do when I feel like a Sad Bear or a Grumpy Bear, and I want to be a More Happier Bear? I climb a tree. Climbin' some trees is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I get more happier when I climb a tree.

But you know how sometimes you just can't climb a tree? Maybe it's doin' some rainin' and you don't feel like getting your furs wet. Or maybe you're in a meadow and there's no trees.

But you're feeling like a Sad Bear or a Grumpy Bear and you really want to get More Happier.

When that happens to me, I use my 'magination. I 'magine climbing a tree and it makes me More Happier.

The other day it was rainin' somethin' FIERCE. I felt like a Grumpy Bear. But then I used my 'magination, and 'magined I was climbin' a tree and I felt more happier. Later, was telling my Big Mummy 'bout using my 'magination and how first I was a Grumpy Bear and then I was a More Happier Bear. She said that was so good I should share how to do it with you. So I made you a bideo. 

Do you want to be more happier? You should watch this bideo.

After you watch my bideo, if it makes you into a More Happier Bear, you should write me a comment and tell me. I like comments a LOT.


Klu the More Happier Bear

Friday, May 03, 2024

Want to Know Which Earrings Wilbsie Picked?

 Hi, it's me, um, Klu the Bear!

I've been helpin' Big Mummy make LOTS of earrings and other jools. I'm gonna write a blog soon 'bout doin' some helpin', but this blog is 'bout Wilbsie pickin' her favorite earrings.

Wilbsie likes to say 'oin.' She says 'oin' a lot in this bideo.

Here's the bideo so you can watch it:

If you like the earrings that Wilbsie picked, you can buy them here.

Isn't Wilbsie the cutest pig you ever saw?


Klu the Bear

Monday, April 01, 2024

It's My Birfday!

 Hi, it's me, um, Klu!

Today is April 1st, and it's my birfday! My birfday has always been on April Fools Day, ever since I got born. 

One of my birfday presents was a new bike helmet. I outgrewed my old one cuz my head got bigger. Here's a picture of me wearin' one of my birfday presents this morning. I'm wearin' Big Mummy's giveaway prize too. You can see it on my tummy - the moon and star pendant. (If you want to enter her giveaway, you can click HERE, but do it later, 'kay, when you're done readin' my blog.) If you win the giveaway, it'll be kinda like your birfday too!

The reason I was wearing my new birfday helmet was cuz me and Big Mummy rode to Pure Bliss to get my birfday cake! Sometimes I ride my own bike, but today I rode on the back of Big Mummy's bike. Here's a bideo before we left. I'm on the back of Big Mummy's bike. You should watch my bideo.

Here's a picture of how I hang on when we're going really fast.

Pure Bliss is my most favorite place in the world. They have lots of cakes. I always get the Chocolate Bliss Cake. It's the best cake. Here's a  bideo of me pointing at the Chocolate Bliss Cake. (I didn't ruhlly need to do some pointin' cuz Big Mummy already knew which cake I wanted. I always get the Chocolate Bliss Cake.)

Sometimes we sit on the pink sofas and eat our cake, but today we took it home. But I wanted to look at it first. Here's a poto of me doin' some lookin' at my Chocolate Bliss Cake on the pink sofa before we took it home.

I got a striped candle too.

I wanted to look at my cake again when we got home, but Big Mummy said I just needed to put it in the fridge. Here's a picture of me wishin' I could look at my cake again.

Now I gotta do some waitin' till after dinner. Here's me doin' some waiting till after dinner so I can eat my cake.

Don't forget to sign up for Big Mummy's giveaway. Now you can do it cuz you read my whole blog. You can click HERE.


Klu the Bear

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Did You Ever Do the Scariest Thing EVER?

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Did you ever do the scariest thing EVER? I did the scariest thing EVER today. I did a live bideo on Instagram. And I even let the kids be in my live bideo. Here's my live bideo:

The bideo is all about my Big Mummy's collection. The other kids did some modelin' of the jools in the collection. They were 'cited 'bout doin' some modelin'. We did some practicin' before we started the live bideo, but it still made my hands sweat. You never know what a duck or a pig is gonna do, you know?

In case you can't see the jools very good when the other kids are doin' some modelin', here's the 'fficial picture of them.

Her collection is gonna do some droppin' pretty soon. That means you can do some buyin'. If you want to be the first to know when her collection does some droppin', you should sign up for her email list. Here's where you sign up for her email list:

Sign Up Here!


Klu the Bear

PS. If you sign up, you'll be entered in her giveaway drawing too.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Darsie Did a Bad Thing

 Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear!

Me and Darsie were outside just now, and we were s'posed to be filmin' somethin' for my Big Mummy. She's doin' somethin' called droppin' a collection. A collection is a bunch of jools she made all at once. Droppin' a collection is makin' your fans wait until a certain day before you can buy them. Big Mummy says it makes it more 'citing, like a birfday present.

Here's a picture of Darsie playin' with the collection. She wasn't s'posed to be playin' with the collection, but she's a little kid, you know, and sometimes little kids do stuff they're not s'posed to.

We were tryin' to figure out how to film Darsie droppin' the collection, but she wasn't bein' very coop'rative. She's my little sister and she's my most fav'rite duck in the whole world, but sometimes she's not very coop'rative, you know. Big Mummy was tryin' to figure out where she could drop the collection from, cuz she didn't want the collection doin' some bouncin' on the concrete. 

When we weren't lookin', Darsie took one of the wolf-howling-at-the-moon pendants and climbed up on the steps with it.

Then she did some droppin' for real, not pretend.

Here's a picture after Darsie did some droppin' for real. You can see one of the wolf-howling-at-the-moon pendants between the cracks of the steps.

Big Mummy gave Darsie a scoldin' for playin' with the collection, then we got down on our hands and knees to crawl under the stairs. Here's a picture of the stairs.

Then we made a terrible 'scovery. Here's a picture of us makin' a terrible 'scovery.

We 'scovered that the insde of the bottom steps are all boxed in. Darsie dropped the collection into the box.

So Big Mummy gave Darsie an even bigger scoldin' and made her have time out. And we got out the hammer and the pry thingie. Here's a picture of Darsie in time out and me helpin' Big Mummy do some pryin'.

After Big Mummy fished the wolf-howling-at-the-moon pendant out from all the spiders and we hammered the steps back together, she didn't feel like filmin' Darsie droppin' the collection. But if you want to know more 'bout the collection and when it's gonna drop (that means everything will be on the website and you can buy them), you should sign up for our email list. You'll be entered to win the giveaway prize too! (That's kind of like getting a birfday present, you know.)


Klu the Bear

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Do You Ever Feel D'jected?

 Hi, it's me, um, Klu the Bear. Did you ever feel really d'jected? This is a poto of me feelin' d'jected cuz I did a dumb thing.

I was gonna make a bideo 'bout helpin' my Big Mummy make a jool and do some hammerin', but instead I had to make a bideo 'bout bein' d'jected. You can watch my bideo here:

Did you ever do a mistake and get d'jected? Maybe you could leave a comment and tell me 'bout it.

Klu the Bear