Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More 'Citing-est Stuff Ever!

Hi, it's me, Klu, and today is the 'citing-est day ever. Last night Big Mummy came home from Uncle Kermit's house, and she had a baby duck with her!!! Uncle Kermit was lookin' for a good home for the baby duck, and he thought of us, cuz we like kids a lot. The baby duck didn't have a name, cuz she hadn't been 'dopted yet. And she was kinda scared (just like Samuel was, when he climbed up the tree. You can read about that in my post 'bout 'doptin' Samuel). Auntie E gave the baby duck a big hug, and she knew right away what her name was: Darla Duck. That's short for Darling Duck. And we're gonna call her DD. She's the darling-est baby duck I ever met.

This morning DD was kinda scared and she did some cryin'. So me and Wilb'rina decided to make a nest for her. Baby ducks come from nests, you know. So we thought maybe she wouldn't feel so scared if we made a nest for her. Here's a picture of me and Wilb'rina and DD in our nest.

After DD got done doin' some cryin', Roma decided to teach her to stand on her head. Here's a picture of Roma and DD standin' on their heads, and me and Wilb'rina doin' some encouragin'. (Encouragin' is when you tell people nice things 'bout them.)

Isn't DD the cutest baby duck you ever saw? I like the tuft on the top of her head.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Was Mad At My Big Mummy

Hi, it's me, Klu, and I was mad at my Big Mummy. I was mad at her cuz she SAID that the next time Mr. Kermit (Huh. Huh. I just called him Mr. Kermit cuz he likes green. He's a grownup, so I can't tell you his real name, cuz grownups all want to be 'nonymous on my blog.), so she SAID that the next time Mr. Kermit came over, me and the other kids could make him dinner. (We like Mr. Kermit a lot, cuz he talks to us and knows we're real. Some grownups don't know we're real.) So me and the other kids had it all decided what we were gonna make for him. We had lots of long 'scussions, (a 'scussion is when you talk 'bout something to decide) cuz we had to decide between pancakes poured in the shape of the letters of our names, or mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies. We decided on mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies cuz pancakes make us a little wild. (From eating all that sugar, you know.) And we wanted to behave ourselves for Mr. Kermit.

But Big Mummy didn't do what she said. She 'vited Mr. Kermit over yesterday, and Auntie E and Mr. Gumbles (that's not his real name, either, cuz he's a grownup so he's being 'nonymous) were there too, and Big Mummy forgot all 'bout lettin' me and the other kids make dinner. So she made some grownup food that had a French name (it tasted good, but I didn't want to eat it cuz I was mad at my Big Mummy).

I was mad at Big Mummy all evening, but all the grownups were doin' some talkin' and some laughin' and stuff, so she didn't notice. But when she tucked me in to bed, she said, "Klu, are you okay?" And then I started to cry cuz I really wanted to make mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Mr. Kermit. Big Mummy 'pologized for forgetting all 'bout what she said. And she said Mr. Kermit would probably come back and have dinner with us soon (cuz he has to fix our 'puter again) and we could make him really special homemade mac n' cheese, not just the kind from the blue box. So I stopped crying and gave my Big Mummy a hug and went to sleep.

That's all.
Klu the Bear

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's A Good Thing Auntie E Came Back With My Camera

Hi, it's me, Klu. Me and Blu are havin' the 'citing-est day ever. It's a good thing Auntie E came back with my camera. The neighbors' tree is gettin' cut down! It's a big tree. And there's lots of people doin' some helpin' to make it get cut down.

First there's the man with the chainsaw. He's way up in the tree, doin' some cuttin'. He climbed up the tree like he was doin' some rock-climbin', but I don't think I'd like to do some rock-climbin' with a chainsaw.

Then there's the man on the ground doin' some lowerin'. He has a rope and he lowers the big branches after the man doin' some cuttin' cuts them.

Then there's the two men on the roof of the garage, doin' some stuff. Mostly they're doin' some standin' around, but sometimes they do some shovin' when the man doin' some lowerin' lowers a branch. They shove the branch so it doesn't land on the garage.

There's a chopper machine in the alley. I can't wait till they do some choppin'. Here's some pictures of me and Blu, doin' some watchin'. You can tell that I'm me, and Blu is Blu cuz his head is fatter than mine. (He's got more stuffin'.)

I'll post some more photos later. I've gotta get back to my watchin' now.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Why My Name Is Klu

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

A nice lady named Manda wrote me a comment (I like comments a lot) and asked why my name was Klu. She said I could write 'bout that till my Auntie E comes back with my camera. Auntie E is comin' back today. That makes me so happy I feel squiggly inside. I hope she took lots of pictures of her friend with my camera. I can't tell you 'bout her friend, cuz he's a secret. Maybe I'll tell you more soon. Huh. Huh.

When the nice lady named Manda asked me why I was named Klu, I was confused. I thought I was named Klu cuz Klu was my name. My name's always been Klu. But I asked my Big Mummy, and she said I didn't have a name when I was born. Huh. I think that's funny. But it makes me feel a little weird, too. It's hard to 'magine me without a name. Even when I was a baby bear. So then she told me the story of why my name is Klu.

Back when Auntie E and my Big Mummy lived in Scotland, my Big Mummy 'dopted Bruno. She loved him so much that Auntie E decided to 'dopt somebody too. So she 'dopted Blu. Blu comes from Ikea, Sweden (me, too). Here's the link for Ikea so you can see where we come from. Me and Blu and Samuel and all the other bears that come from Ikea, our last name is Blund. I don't know why, but that's just our name. I think it's a Swedish name. So when Auntie E 'dopted Blu, she got to name him. (I didn't know this till she told me. I thought his name was always Blu.) Because she was 'doptin' Blu, he was gonna get to have a new last name. (That's how 'doption works, you know.) But she wanted Blu to have his Swedish heritage. (Heritage is something you're born with.) So she decided to name him Blu.

Then Auntie E moved to 'Merica, and Blu (and Roma and Bianca, too, cuz they were 'dopted by then) moved with her. Big Mummy and Bruno missed them something fierce. And Bruno was really lonely, cuz Big Mummy was away at work all day, and he didn't have the other kids to play with. So Big Mummy decided to do some more 'doptin'. So she 'dopted me, Klu. I didn't know this till Big Mummy did some 'splainin' just now, but my name wasn't Klu when she 'dopted me. I was just, um, Mr. Blund. Huh. Huh. That's really funny. Mr. Blund. Big Mummy wanted me to have my Swedish heritage too, but she couldn't name me Blu cuz that was Blu's name. So she named me Klu.

And that's why I'm Klu.

I like comments a lot. I'm glad the nice lady named Manda wrote that comment, cuz otherwise I never would have known why I was named Klu.

I can't wait till Auntie E gets home!

Klu the Bear

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh, Something I Forgot To Say

Um, it's me, again, Klu. Auntie E, I forgot to say something. Please bring my camera back, cuz it's boring to write posts without photos. If I had my camera, I'd take a picture of Blu, and then you could decide if he looked like he'd been doin' some cryin' or not.


Auntie E, We Miss You Something Fierce

Hi, it's me, Klu, and this is a message for Auntie E from all the kids. Auntie E, we miss you something fierce. We don't have as much fun when you're not here. Wilb'rina just put her head in my lap and started to cry, cuz she misses you. (She said she'd feel better if Big Mummy would let her have another piece of toffee, but Big Mummy said no.) Blu looked like he'd been doin' some cryin' earlier, but when I asked him 'bout it, he said he was a boy bear, and boy bears don't cry. But that's kinda wrong, cuz I'm a boy bear and I cry sometimes. And Samuel's a boy bear, and he cries all the time. (Blu said that was cuz Samuel's just a baby bear.) Please come home, Auntie E.

Janna Ganna
(and Big Mummy too)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Can't Post Any Photos

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I can't post any photos for a few days, cuz Auntie E took my camera. She went to visit her friend. So maybe I'll write some ph'losophy, 'cept I can't think of none. Me and the other kids had to help Big Mummy clean the house today. Auntie E left kinda like a tornado. She was doin' some spinnin' around. Spinnin' around makes the house really messy. I'll think 'bout some ph'losophy and write it later. Right now I'm gonna do some playin' before Big Mummy notices and makes me do some more cleanin'.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Balentine's Day

Hi, it's me, Klu. Um, I didn't feel good yesterday, so I didn't get to finish all my Balentine cards. I felt kinda cranky 'bout it this morning. I got out all the markers and the paper and stuff, but I had so many Balentines to make that I didn't know where to start. I already made one for Auntie E and for Hannah G and for Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch and for my Big Mummy, but I still had to make one for Roma and one for Blu and one for Wilb'rina and one for Bianca and one for Janna Ganna and one for Bruna and one for Sammi and one for Tibbi and one for Tuffy and one for Miss Kate and one for my friend Jack and one for Mr. Cr (even though he called me a 'weird little guy') and one for Auntie Linseed and one for Eric and one for all my fans and, um, one for my other friends. I got mad cuz I didn't want to be sick yesterday. I wanted to make all my Balentines.
I threw the pink marker on the floor (it still had the cap on) cuz I was mad. My Big Mummy heard me throw the pink marker on the floor cuz I was mad. She asked me why I was mad, and I told her it was cuz I wanted to finish all my Balentines yesterday, but I didn't feel good. Then I started to cry cuz I had so many Balentines to finish. Big Mummy gave me a hug, and said maybe I could make a nice Balentine and put it on my blog for everybody. So I stopped cryin' and made a Balentine for everybody. Here's a picture of my Balentine for everybody. It says, 'Be mine, Balentine.' Huh. I like Balentine's Day.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Don't Feel Good

Hi, it's me, Klu the Sick Bear. Huh. Huh. That made me laugh. I don't get sick very often, but right now I'm a sick bear. I have a sore throat. I've been lyin' on the chair beside Big Mummy while she does some writin'. I was doing a little nappin'. But Wilb'rina keeps comin' around, 'vestigatin' whether I feel better yet. I got mad at her last time cuz she woke me up when I was doin' some nappin'.

I don't want to be sick, cuz tomorrow is Balentine's Day, and I'm not done makin' all my Balentines yet.

That's all I'm gonna write today.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sammi and Hannah G

Hi, um, it's me again, Klu the Bear, and I 'membered a post I wanted to write. This is a post 'bout the other day, when Hannah G and Sammi (that's the bear we fostered before Christmas, 'cept we called him Samuel) came to visit. My Big Mummy taught Hannah G how to do some crochetin', and Auntie E taught Hannah G how to do some bloggin'. While they were doin' some teachin', us kids did some playin'. Sammi brought along his sister Tibbi (she's a pink rabbit) and his brother Tuffi (he's another bear, but not an Ikea bear like me and Blu and Samuel). We did lots of playin' in Janna Ganna's birdhouse, but Tibbi mostly did some crochetin'. Here's a picture of Tibbi doin' some crochetin', and Samuel 'vestigatin' the ball of yarn.

Tibbi got mad at Sammi cuz he was pullin' on her ball of yarn and messin' up her crochetin'. Here's a picture of her gettin' mad at Sammi, and Sammi doin' some cryin'.

Hannah G heard them doin' some fightin', so she came over and gave Sammi his own ball of yarn to play with. Here's a picture of Hannah G givin' Sammi his own ball of yarn. It was a green and blue ball of yarn.

Sammi and Tuffi did some playin' with the green and blue ball of yarn. First they did some nice playin'. Then they got kind of tangled up. Here's some pictures of them doin' some nice playin', then gettin' kind of tangled up.

Tibbi didn't get much crochetin' done, cuz they were gettin' kind of tangled up right in front of her. She got kind of crabby. Here's a picture of her lookin' kind of crabby.

Isn't Sammi the cutest baby bear you ever saw? I was really happy to see Sammi again. I missed him something fierce. He's the best baby bear I ever met. And now he has his own blog. It's called Super Sammi.

Klu the Bear

'Spectations Again

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I can't think of a post to write today. I got nervous cuz of all those 'specations 'bout my blog, now that I'm a Famous Bloggin' Bear. 'Spectations make me notice the weird crease in my tummy again. I hadn't noticed it for a while, but I woke up this morning and thought 'bout being a Famous Bloggin' Bear, then I noticed the weird crease on my tummy again.

Um, I gotta tell you 'bout my voice. Last night I met my Big Mummy's friend, the one she was doin' some thinkin' 'bout. And he was surprised cuz I don't have a high, squeaky voice. He thought I was gonna have a high, squeaky voice. But I'm a boy bear, you know. Boy bears don't have high, squeaky voices. I guess he thought cuz my Big Mummy has a high, squeaky voice that I would have a high, squeaky voice too. But I have a low, boy bear voice. I just wanted to tell you that. I'd be 'barrassed if you thought I had a high, squeaky voice.

That's all the stuff I can think of right now.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Um, Thank You Lots and Lots

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I felt the squiggly-est ever all day today, cuz so many people looked at my blog (Get A Klu). And people wrote me nice comments and linked to my blog and stuff. Bears like comments, you know. Normally my Big Mummy makes me write a thank you note to everyone who writes me a comment, but she said today was a special 'ccasion, cuz I got named Blog of the Day, and I could just write one thank you note to everyone.

This is my thank you note.

Thank you.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Makin' Our Balentine's Cards

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I feel all squiggly on the inside, cuz I got picked for bein' the Blog of the Day. I like bein' a Famous Bloggin' Bear, but sometimes bein' famous makes me feel squiggly. Big Mummy said she was real proud of me, and that made me feel squiggly too.

I know it's not Balentine's Day yet, but I asked Big Mummy if we could make our cards for Balentine's Day, and she said yes. And she said cuz it's a special 'ccasion, we could get out ALL the art s'pplies. Usually she doesn't let us get out all the art s'pplies all at once, cuz we make a mess. But tonight is a special 'ccasion. So we got to use the paints and the markers and the pastels and the glue and the scissors and stuff to make our Balentine's cards. Here's some pictures of all of us doin' some paintin' and some drawin' and some gluin'. (You can tell that I'm me, and Blu is Blu cuz his head is bigger than mine, and he's got more stuffin'.)

We made a Balentine's card for Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch. I want to be a Captain Bear, just like Uncle Captain J when I grow up. 'Cept now I'm a Famous Bloggin' Bear, so I don't know if I have enough time to be a Sailor Bear too. But I want to be a Sailor Bear on the David B (that's Uncle Captain J's boat) again next summer. Here's a picture of Bruno looking at the Balentine we made for Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch.

Roma had the greatest idea ever. She made an open-and-shut thing. We wrote some Balentine's messages on the inside. Here's a picture of Roma writing some Balentine's messages on the inside of the open-and-shut thing. I love Roma a lot. She's the best muppet I know. And she knows lots of big words.

Wilb'rina didn't make any Balentine's cuz she was too busy doin' some 'vestigatin'. ('Vestigatin' is what you do to find out stuff.) Here's a picture of Wilb'rina 'vestigatin' the paint water. She almost put her nose in the paint water, but Big Mummy came in just then, and said, "WilbuRINA," in that certain voice. So Wilb'rina didn't put her nose quite in the paint water.

I have to go to bed now. I asked Big Mummy if I could stay up later cuz it's a special 'ccasion, but she just said, "KLU," in that certain voice. I have to do some sleepin' cuz Hannah G and Samuel are comin' to visit us tomorrow. I miss Samuel somethin' fierce. I haven't seen him since he got 'dopted by Hannah G at Christmas. But I gotta do some sleepin' before they get here.

Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear (Huh. Huh. That made me laugh. I signed my blog like that before, but now I'm even famous-er. That makes me laugh.)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Roma Wants To Tell You 'Bout Standin' On Your Head

Hi, it's me, Klu.

After me and Roma wrote our ph'losophy yesterday, she wanted to tell you 'bout how to stand on your head, case you didn't know. So here's her 'structions.

Roma's Headstand 'Structions:

1. First, you gotta put your head on the floor, but not too close too the wall. Here's a picture of Roma puttin' her head on the floor.

2. Then you gotta do some balancin' on your head. Here's a picture of Roma balancin' on her head.

3. Then, while you're still doin' some balancin', you stick one leg in the air. Here's a picture of Roma stickin' one leg in the air.

4. Then, while you're still doin' some balancin', you stick the other leg in the air. Here's a picture of Roma stickin' her other leg in the air.

Roma's real good at doin' some headstands. Hannah G is real good at doin' some headstands too. I miss Hannah G somethin' fierce. And Samuel. But we're gonna get to see them real soon, cuz we're gonna have a party and do some bloggin' and some crochetin'. Um, I'm not gonna do the crochetin'. That's for girl bears. I'm a boy bear. My Big Mummy's gonna teach Hannah G how to crochet and my Auntie E's gonna teach her and Samuel how to write a blog. I'll take some pictures of our party. And when Samuel has his blog, I'll tell you the link.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Ph'losophy From Me and Roma

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I didn't write any ph'losophy on my blog for a while, so me and Roma decided to write some. Here's some ph'losophies. And a picture of me and Roma writing our ph'losophies.

1. Grownups are weird. They spend a lot of time doin' some stuff like burnin' pots of rice on the stove when they could be doin' some playin'. Doin' some playin' is way better than gettin' 'stracted and burnin' some rice. I like doin' some playin'. I 'specially like playin' in the snow. It's been doin' a lot of snowin' here lately. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur.

2. This one is Roma's ph'losophy. Standin' on your head is good. (That's what Roma says.) When you're feelin' sad, it's good to stand on your head, cuz it makes you happy. The world looks different when you stand on your head.

3. Wilb'rina wants to write a ph'losophy too. There's lots of stuff to 'vestigate. You don't really know what somethin' is till you do some 'vestigatin'. (That's what Wilb'rina says.)

That's all the ph'losophies we can think of now. Here's a picture of us doin' some headstands. You can see Geraldo the Draft Dragon in the background, cuz he's busy guarding our door 'gainst dangerous drafts tonight.

Klu the Bear

Oh, I gotta tell you 'bout my new sticker. It's a picture of a bear. Uncle T gave it to my Big Mummy when she was at Uncle T and Auntie Ph's house a few days ago. It came from a Honey Bear. I never had a sticker of a bear for my tummy before.