Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Got A Topic Today

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear, and I got a topic today. It's about me and Blu making snow angels. Um, hang on a minute -- Blu wants to say hi too.

Hi, it's me, Blu. I never wrote nothin' on a blog before, cuz I'm not a Bloggin' Bear like Klu. I just like to do some walkin'. And I really like walkin' in the snow. I'm really good at walkin'. Better than Klu, cuz he's kinda pigeon-toed. And my head is bigger than his, cuz I got more stuffin'. That's all. That's the first time I wrote on a blog. Love, Blu.

Hi, it's me again, Klu. That was my cousin, Blu. I think he could be a Famous Bloggin' Bear too someday, cuz he's good at saying stuff.

Okay, I gotta tell you about me and Blu making snow angels. I got my favorite-est wish last night, cuz it snowed all night. We didn't get quite nine and a half inches, cuz then it would be over our heads. But Big Mummy said she thought it was at least five. It came up to my tummy (where I have that weird crease, but I haven't thought about that for a long time). So me and Blu went out and made snow angels. Here's two pictures of us making snow angels.

Here's a picture of what the snow angels looked like after we got up. But the light wasn't very good, so they kind of just look like squiggles in the snow. But they're really snow angels.

Then me and Blu had a wrestling match in the snow. Bears like to wrestle. Blu won, cuz he's bigger than me and he's got more stuffin'. Here's a picture of us after we got done wrestling.

We're inside now, getting dry by the heater. I like winter. I like snow a lot. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur.

Klu the Snow Angel Bear

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Just-Some-Stuff Blog

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bloggin' Bear.

Some days I write my blog about a topic. A topic is something you write about. Like Roma's Senior Photos. Or hearing the elks bugling. But other days I can't think of a topic. Today is a day like that. So I'm just gonna write some stuff.

I went with Big Mummy on a 'venture today. Well, it was just a mini-'venture. I can't tell you where we went, cuz it's a secret. But I like going places in the car. I like looking out the windows at everything. I saw a police car with its lights flashing. Maybe when I grow up, I can be a Policeman Bear, so I could drive a car really fast with its lights flashing. And I saw some snow. Bears like snow, 'member, cuz we have fur and fur keeps us warm in the snow. I hope it snows a lot tonight, so we can make another snowman tomorrow. Or maybe a snow-alien, like we made last time, with the scary eyes. Huh. It was funny, but I didn't really like it. I wanted it to look happy. Uncle Captain J said they had a whole foot of snow where they live. (They live close to the marina where the David B lives). If we had a whole foot of snow here, it would be over my head. I just got Big Mummy to measure me, and I'm nine and a half inches tall. Here's a picture of me being measured.

Klu the Nine-and-a-Half-Inches-Tall Bear

Friday, November 24, 2006

I Wish I Were A Cat

Hi, I'm Klu, and I wish I were a cat. Wanna know why? Cuz cats have nine lives, so they must get to have nine bacations of a lifetime. I already had my bacation of a lifetime (that was my trip on the David B) so all my other bacations are just normal bacations. I just had a normal bacation for Thanksgiving. We went to a place in the mountains called Estes Park. (I don't know what 'Estes' means, and it's not really a park, it's a town.) We stayed in the best cabin ever. I like cabins in the mountains a lot. When you stay in a cabin, it's almost as exciting to look out the windows as it is when you're a Sailor Bear. We saw lots of animals (wild animals, not tame animals like me and the other kids) and we had lots of adventures.

Um, the first wild animals we d'scovered when we got to the cabin were a lot of mice. We didn't actually see them, but we could tell they'd been there. (I'm not 'llowed to tell you how we knew we'd been there, cuz that would be gross. You'll have to ask your Big Mummy or Daddy to 'splain to you.)

Then, we went out for a hike. When it was getting dark, we heard a whole pack of coyotes singing. I'm not sure I liked it very much. It made the fur stand up on my arms. Then, we saw a dark shape come running up the hill toward us. I didn't like that very much either. Coyotes don't eat wild bears, but I wasn't sure about a small, tame bear like me. But then when it got closer, we saw it wasn't a coyote at all. It was a deer. I think he was running away from the coyotes, cuz he was in a hurry. Deers can run really fast, even when they're going uphill.

Then we walked a little further, on a gravel road by the cabin, and we scared a herd of elk. There were about 30 elk in the herd. That's a lot of elk. We didn't even see them till they started running, and then they ran right past us. I kind of liked that a lot, but I kind of didn't like it, too. Those elks are bigger than my Big Mummy and my Auntie E and me combined. I'm glad they didn't come any closer. But it was real 'citing.

Then the next day was Thanksgiving. We saw a coyote walk right past the cabin, and then later we saw some deer. That made me real thankful. And we went snowshoeing to a special place: Bear Lake! I was so 'cited there was a lake just for bears. It was all frozen. But we didn't see any bears 'cept me.

I like bacations.

Oh, I forgot to say: if you look real close at one of the pictures of us looking out the window, you can see Santa Claus. That's cuz it's almost Christmas, now that Thanksgiving is over.

Auntie E told me that Hannah wanted to know why I haven't recorded my album yet. I can't make no audio posts right now, cuz that AudioBlogger thing went away. But I wrote a song that we sing all the time. The words are our phone number, but I can't tell you them, cuz then we wouldn’t be 'nonymous anymore. I made up the song to help Auntie E 'member my phone number, in case she wanted to call me from work, when her cell phone was off. And it's a really good song, cuz now she 'members my phone number and calls me sometimes. I'll write another song soon. And I asked for a digital recorder for Christmas. Then I can record my album. When I was little, I wanted to be a famous Rock Star Bear, but now I'm a famous Bloggin' Bear, and I want to be a Captain Bear and a 'Tographer Bear. It's hard to decide what to be. (Sometimes when we get tired of my Telephone Number Song, we sing a different song 'bout a telephone number. Maybe you know it: 867-5309. I don't know whose number it is. Maybe I should try calling it and see who answers. 'Cept it's kind of late tonight. I don't want to wake someone up, just to hear them sing their phone number. And I don't know the area code. I can't 'member that part of the song. I put my area code in my song for Auntie E.)

That's all for now, cuz Auntie E wants to check her email.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Roma's Senior Photo

Hi, it's Klu, that's me, the Bloggin' Bear.

Um, this is a post to show you Roma's Senior Photos. Roma is my cousin, and she's the most beautiful muppet in the whole world, so I decided to take her Senior Photos. She's not really a senior yet -- she's just a little muppet. But we were pretending. So here are Roma's Senior Photos. Isn't she the prettiest muppet you ever saw?

First we used a matching backdrop, but then you couldn't see her very well, and Big Mummy suggested we use a contrasting color. Contrasting means a color that is different. Roma is orange and pink, so a contrasting color is teal. Roma isn't teal. I like being a 'Tographer Bear. I wonder if I could be a Captain Bear AND a 'Tographer Bear when I grow up.

Geraldo the Draft Dragon (do you remember him? -- he was the dangerous sea serpent in the pirate post) was there by the door, getting ready to guard us against dangerous drafts. He watched our photo shoot and made Roma laugh. I wonder why people (and bears and muppets) always look better when they laugh? If I'm gonna be a Famous 'Tographer Bear, I need to learn how to make my subjects laugh before I take their picture. I could say, 'say cheese,' but that's not really very funny, I don't think. I wonder why people always say that.


Geraldo's the nicest Draft Dragon I ever met. Maybe I'll do a photo shoot of his Senior Photo someday.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sometimes I Forget To Be A Blogging Bear

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I forgot to be a blogging bear the last few days. It's cuz I was having too much fun. Me and the other kids went snowshoeing in the woods one day. And we went climbing. (You can see pictures of us climbing from my posts back in August). And we played with Big Mummy's stickers. And we did lots of other stuff. But I didn't forget about my blog -- well, I sort of did, but just for a little while. So that's why I'm writing to say hi.


Um, I'll give you another clue about Samuel. He's a bear like me and Blu, from Ikea, Sweden, but he's kind of a different color. We don't know him yet, but we heard he's kind of golden-brown, instead of tan like us.

I'll give you another clue soon.

Klu the Bear

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Stuff

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

I can't think of nuthin' to blog about today, so I'm just gonna tell you Some Stuff. I'm not gonna give you another clue today about Samuel (that's the bear who's on a long journey) cuz sometimes it's hard to give a clue without giving away a secret. Big Mummy said I could give some clues but I couldn't give away the secret. I can't think of any clues tonight ('cept me, Klu. Huh. Get it? Clue? Klu? Huh.)

So I'm gonna tell you some other stuff. Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio and Bruno the Comfort Dog are sitting here with me at Big Mummy's computer while I write this. We played basketball with Janna's ball and the hoop on the front of her birdhouse today. 'Cept we play it more like quidditch, cuz it's more fun to fly with the ball than run with the ball. None of us is very good at catching a ball. My paws are too squishy, and Bruno's paws are too floppy, and Janna just has wings. So we made up our own rules. We decided to call it birdball instead of basketball, cuz it's Janna's ball and she's a bird. Here's a picture of Bruno with the ball between his paws, and Janna tackling him over his shoulder. (In birdball, you're allowed to tackle your opponent if they're bigger than you, and Bruno is bigger than Janna Ganna.)


Friday, November 10, 2006

Somethin' 'Citing, But It's A Secret, So I Can't Tell

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I’m really 'cited, cuz the 'citing-est thing ever is going to happen, but it's a secret, so I can't tell you what it is. But I can give you a clue. Huh. Get a Klu. Huh. Huh. Get it? I can give you a klu. Huh, that's funny how my name and 'clue' sound the same. Here's the clue: it's about another bear, but his name isn't Blu. (Blu's my cousin and his head is fatter than mine. That's how you can tell that he's Blu and I'm me, Klu.) But this secret isn't about Blu, it's about another bear whose name is Samuel, and he's on a long journey. But that's all I can tell you right now about my secret. Here's a picture from today of me and Blu, so you can tell the secret isn't about us, cuz we're not on a long journey. We're right here, playing on Big Mummy's desk, and she let us each have a sticker. Mine is a squirt gun and Blu's is a frog. I like stickers a lot. I help Big Mummy pick out her writing stickers every day.

I'll maybe give you another clue about Samuel and his long journey pretty soon, but it's a secret, so I can only give you one clue at a time.

Klu (clue)

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Kinda Busy Playin' Today

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Big Mummy just asked me if I wanted to write a post for my blog, but I'm kinda busy. Me and the other kids are playin'. 'Sides, most of the time my photos won't 'pload if I wait till afternoon, cuz that's when all the other Bloggin' Bears are writing their posts and 'ploading their photos. So I'm gonna go back to playin' with the other kids. But I wanted to say hi to my fans. Hi. I helped Big Mummy with her stickers for her calendar again today. She gets to have a sticker for every hour she writes. It helps her write better. So I helped her pick out her stickers and put them on the calendar. I think I'm gonna ask her if me and the other kids can have some stickers to play with.

Okay, I'm gonna go play now. But I'll 'pload some photos and write a 'citing post tomorrow.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Terrible 'Sperience I Had

Hi, it's me, Klu, and I had a terrible 'sperience last night. I was sitting with Big Mummy on her desk while she was workin' on her novel. (She's a writer.) She gets to have a sticker for her calendar when she finishes writing, so I was helping her pick out her sticker. Having a sticker helps her write better. Here's a picture of me holding the stickers.

But then I fell asleep on the desk, and Big Mummy forgot about me. She went to bed, and she thought I was just sleepin' under the covers, cuz that's what I always do. But I wasn't. I fell asleep on the desk. Here's a picture of me sleeping on the desk.

Then I woke up in the middle of the night and I was scared. I didn't know where I was, cuz I wasn't under the covers where I always sleep. I was in a big, dark, scary room, all by myself. The other kids weren't there. Auntie E wasn't there. I was scared. And the door to my bedroom was closed, and I'm not big enough to open it by myself. I banged on it as loud as I could, but my paws are kind of squishy and so they don't make much noise. (Usually it's good for bears to be able to be quiet, when they're in the woods, but squishy paws don't bang very loud on my bedroom door.) Big Mummy didn't wake up, and none of the kids woke up. So I had to stay by myself in the living room and sleep on the couch for the rest of the night. I thought I could pretend to be a 'Venturous Bear, but I didn't feel very much like a 'Venturous Bear. I felt more like a Little Bear. Here's a picture of me on the couch.

I was real glad when it got to be morning, and Big Mummy came out and found me. (I cried, but just a little bit, cuz I was so glad I got found.)

So that was my terrible 'sperience. Now I'm gonna go play with the other kids.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hi Hannah G

Um, I gotta write a post to Hannah G cuz she's my friend. Hi Hannah. I got lots of candy for Hal'ween, but I'm only 'llowed to eat one piece a day. I think I should be 'llowed to eat more, cuz candy is sort of like honey, and honey is real good for bears. I'm real glad you write comments on my blog, cuz that means I'm a Famous Blogging Bear. I like that.


PS. Did you see my post about my portrait? I was really 'cited about my portrait.

The Best Ever Portrait of Me, Klu

Hi, um, ahoy, it's me, Klu, but I'm not a Pirate Bear anymore. That was just pretending, for Hal'ween.

Sometimes the best things ever happen. One of those best things ever happened yesterday. Auntie E painted my portrait!!! I had to still really, really still, so she could see what I looked like. It's hard to sit still. I think that's cuz I'm a bear, and bears are all wiggly. But I sat still real good, cuz I didn't want to mess up Auntie E's portrait of me. Having my portrait painted means I'm a Famous Bear. We put the portrait up on the wall, so we can look at it all the time.

Next, I think Auntie E should paint a portrait of Roma and Bruno and Janna and Blu and Bianca and Big Mummy and our green house with the yellow trim where we live and the mountains and the David B (that's the boat I had my bacation of a lifetime on -- you can look at my posts from September if you want to see me as a Sailor Bear) and lots and lots of other things. But 'specially Roma, cuz I think she'd make a real good portrait.


PS. Auntie E got a smudge of black stuff on my cheek while she was painting me, so I'm not quite a Clean Bear anymore. Maybe I can have another bath soon. I liked taking a bath a lot.