Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, um, I Got A Dollar

Hi, um, it's me, Klu. Merry Christmas! (I could write 'Happy Christmas,' too, cuz that's what we used to say when I was a Scottish bear. But now I'm mostly a 'Merican bear, and we say 'Merry Christmas.')

Two 'citin'-est ever things already happened today. The first 'citin'-est thing ever is that it's doin' lots of snowin' here. When we woke up, we looked out the window, and it's snowin' and snowin'. That means we're havin' a white Christmas. That makes me real happy. I like snow a lot.

The other 'citin'-est thing ever is that Uncle Kerms gave me a dollar for Christmas! I never had my own dollar! My Big Mummy sometimes gives me some pennies or dimes to play with, but I never had my own dollar. First I was gonna use it to buy some gummy worms, but then I did some consultin' with Uncle Kerms, and he said if I went to the grocery store at the right time, I could get three Snickers bars for a dollar. If I got three Snickers bars, I could give each of the kids half a Snickers bar, cuz there's six of us: me, Wilbs, Dars, Speedy, Bruno, and Janna Ganna. But I don't think Speedy will like a Snickers bar very much, cuz he's a turtle and turtles mostly eat stuff like spinach and fish. So maybe he could give me his half.

Here's a picture of me sitting in the snow with my dollar. We're gonna do some playin' in the snow as soon as we're done with breakfast.

Klu the rich bear (huh huh, that made me laugh)

PS. It's still doin' some snowin', so there's already more snow on the balcony railing than when I took my photo.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Like Mood Rings A Lot

Hi, um, it's me, Klu.

I didn't write a blog for a while cuz I had a busy week. I had to do some gettin' ready for Christmas. And I went with my Big Mummy to work one day. But now I want to write about mood rings on my blog (Get A Klu).

My Big Mummy and Uncle Kerms have mood rings. Mood rings are really 'citin' cuz they change colors 'pendin' on your mood. Here's a picture of Uncle Kerms's hand with his mood ring on. It's sort of in between relaxed and peaceful (that's what green means) and cheerful and jubilant (that's what blue means). I didn't know what 'jubilant' meant till now. It means really cheerful and happy and 'cited, I think.

Big Mummy let me wear her mood ring for a while. Here's a picture of me wearing my Big Mummy's mood ring. When I first put it on, it said it was anxious (that's what brown means). I wasn't anxious. I think the ring was anxious cuz it got cold when Big Mummy took it off.

After I wore it for a while, it said I was relaxed and peaceful (that's what green means). Here's a picture of the ring after it turned green.

I want a mood ring for Christmas, and a phone so I can text a girl-bear when I meet one that I like. Uncle Kerms is giving me a dollar to buy gummy worms. I like presents a lot.

I gotta go cuz I'm over at Uncle Kerms's house, and I gotta do some playin' with Speedy. I miss Speedy somethin' fierce when we go home, so I gotta play lots with him right now.

Klu the Bear