Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Always Forget Something

Hi again, it's just me, Klu the bear. I got so excited about maybe being a Famous Bear (cuz I play Bubble Bees) that I forgot to write about hannah g. I got a comment from hannah g. That made me super-happy, cuz hannah g's the nicest little girl in the whole world. She likes rock-climbing too, and she likes to put make-up on people. If I was a girl-bear, I'd have her put make-up on me, but I'm a boy-bear. Besides, my fur might get in the way. I'm really glad hannah g is my friend.

That's all I forgot to say.

PS. I'm gonna go play the green cows-n-milk game now, cuz it's way before dinner, so it's okay if it makes me hyper. Another game I like is at the top of all the game pictures: the one with the picture of the pink rose. You get to be a fan, and you blow a balloon around. The balloon has a bottle tied to it, and it's sticky, so it catches floaty flowers. You try to blow the fan to catch lots of floaty flowers. Does that make sense? It's hard to 'splain. You'll just have to play it yourself. That game works really good if you have big paws that get in the way, like me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Klu,
It's me, Hannah G thanks for making me a famous bear, I mean famous girl.


Anonymous said...

hay klu I haVE PLAYED ALL those games on that one website my faviorte one is with the pig on it have you tyed that one

hannah g.