Saturday, August 26, 2006


Uh, hi. It's me again, Klu the Bear. I feel real shy now, cuz I went public. I noticed this morning that I had a funny weird crease on my tummy. Did you notice? I never saw it before, till I went public. My Big Mummy says that's cuz now there's 'spectations about my blog. I couldn't think of anything to say today. I feel kind of tangly on the inside.

So I'm gonna show you a picture of Bruno and Bianca, cuz you ain't seen them much yet. Bruno's my brother and he's a dog. And Bianca is the lamb from Italy I told you about. She's my cousin, and she's the one that talks funny, cuz she's got an accent. Actually, it isn't funny; it's really pretty how she talks. It just sounds different than the rest of the kids.

Bruno just came in, and he wants to say somethin', so I'm gonna interview him on my blog. His tongue is really big, cuz he's a dog, so that's why he talks with a lisp.

Klu the Bear: Hi, Bruno, what do you want to say on my blog?

Bruno the Dog: (starts to run away) I feel thcared. Maybe ith that thing Roma thaid: thtage fright.

Klu the Bear: Well, Bruno, it's okay. You can talk on my blog another time.

Um, I never saw Bruno do that before. Usually he likes new people, and he wags his tail a lot and licks their face. But he got real scared bein' on my blog. Maybe next time I'll let him be incognito.

Okay, that's all for today. Now you saw a picture of all the kids, so I can start telling you about our adventures. Huh. We have a lot of fun. We're goin' on a boat trip soon. The boat is called the David B, and I put a link on my blog for it.

Klu the Bear

PS. Did you notice the funny crease on my tummy?

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