Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Darla's Gonna Have Her First Bacation Of A Lifetime!

Hi, it's me, Klu the Sailor Bear. Huh. Huh. I can't wait to be a Sailor Bear again.

I'm gonna be a Sailor Bear on the David B. That's Uncle Captain J's boat. And guess what? Today Big Mummy decided the 'citing-est thing ever! Darla is gonna come on our bacation of a lifetime too! She IS a duck, after all, and ducks like water, you know. Big Mummy decided she should come cuz she's the newest member of the family, and she hasn't had very many 'ventures yet. Here's a picture of me showing Darla and Wilb'rina the website for Northwest Navigation. Northwest Navigation is the name of Uncle Captain J's company.

Wilb'rina did some 'vestigatin' while I showed them the website, but Darla just said 'mwack.' I think Darla is really 'cited 'bout going on a bacation of a lifetime, cuz she hopped around and fell over a lot. That's what she does when she's really 'cited. But all she said was 'mwack.' I wish Darla would learn to say something more than just 'mwack.' I want her to say my name, Klu. I keep trying and trying all the time to teach her to say my name, Klu. Kuh-lu. It's not very hard. Kuh-lu. But all Darla says is 'mwack.'

Maybe when we go on our bacation of a lifetime on the David B, Darla will learn to say my name, Klu.

Klu the Sailor Bear

PS. Uncle Kermit is coming on our bacation of a lifetime too, but he's a grownup, so he's bein' 'nonymous.


Kirsten said...

Hi Klu,

I'm so 'cited for you! I hope you have an even better bacation of a lifetime than last time, and without stinky fish this time.

Darla will learn to talk. Human babies take a year or more to start saying words, so it might take her a long time. But when she does learn to say your name, she probably won't stop!


acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Kaori said...

Wow, how 'citing to be going on a bacation on the David B. and to be a Sailor Bear. Maybe Darla can do the navigat'n, cuz ducks really know their way around in water.

Linseed said...

Hope you have a wonderful 'bacation Klu! I look forward to hearing about it!

love Auntie Linseed

Peanut said...

congrats about your vacation!
i adopted a bear just like you! His name is Ike. i might post some blogs about him....