Friday, March 16, 2007

Doin' Some Advertising For Uncle Captain J

Hi, it's me, Klu, and guess what???? I'm gonna have another bacation of a lifetime! 'Member how me and Big Mummy and Auntie E had a bacation of a lifetime last year on Uncle Captain J's boat? Well, I'm gonna get to go again, and this time Wilb'rina and Uncle Kermit are gonna come too. I think that's the 'citing-est thing ever!!!

Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch bought a boat called the David B. It was really old when they bought it, but they restored it (restoring is when you make an old thing all new again) and now they take people on bacations of a lifetime in Puget Sound and British Columbia and Alaska. You can buy a bacation of a lifetime on their website: Northwest Navigation. (Maybe you could even come on the same bacation of a lifetime as me! Then I could write 'bout you on my blog, Get A Klu, and post 'nonymous photos of you. 'Cept I don't know which trip we're going on yet.) Here's a picture of the David B. She's real pretty. (I called her 'she' cuz boats are always 'she,' even though she's got a man's name. Huh. Huh. I think that's funny.)

Here's my favorite picture of me from last year. And here's the link where you can see the rest of the post 'bout Me and a Dead Fish.

I can't wait till my second bacation of a lifetime! And I'm so glad Wilb'rina is gonna come this time, cuz she'll do lots of 'vestigatin'. Pigs are real curious, you know. And doin' some 'vestigatin' makes everything more 'citing.

Klu the Sailor Bear (Huh. Huh. I haven't signed my posts like that since last year when I was a Sailor Bear. I can't wait to be a Sailor Bear again!)