Friday, March 09, 2007

I Can't Wait Till My Birthday!

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just did some countin' and it's 22 days till my birthday. My birthday is April 1st. Huh. Huh. I was born on April Fool's Day. I think that's funny. But last year the other kids did something to me on my birthday that made me cry. They woke me up really early before Big Mummy woke up, and told me she had forgotten all 'bout my birthday. I went out and looked at my place at the breakfast table, and there weren't any presents for me. We ALWAYS get our birthday presents at breakfast. So I started to cry, cuz I thought Big Mummy had forgotten all 'bout my birthday. Just then Big Mummy came out with lots of presents, and the other kids said, "April Fool!" but I just kept cryin' cuz I was mad. Cuz I thought for a minute that Big Mummy forgot all 'bout my birthday. Big Mummy asked the other kids what they were doin', and they got kind of 'barrassed and did some 'splainin'. And she said that wasn't a very nice kind of April Fool's joke. They did some 'pologizin' and said they were sorry. I cried for a little longer, but then they all got out their presents for me, and I stopped cryin' so I could open my presents. And Big Mummy hadn't forgotten all 'bout my birthday after all.

I like birthdays a lot. I can't wait till my birthday comes. 22 days is a long time.



Abigail S said...

Happy Birthday a little early!

Is there anything special you want for your birthday?

FJ said...
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FJ said...

Hey, Klu, your birthday is two days before mine!

Have a good one, in advance.


Peanut said...

happy early birthday!

Manda M said...

Hi Klu!
Have you looked at your web counter recently? You have had over 3000 hits now!
You must really be a famous blogging bear now!