Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Gotta Do Some 'Pologizin'

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. Um, did you forget 'bout me, cuz I didn't write a new post for so long? Huh. Huh. That's kinda funny. But I'm sorry too. I don't want my fans to forget 'bout me. I didn't mean to wait so long to write a new post. But everybody at my house is doin' some spinnin', and that makes me kinda crazy. Big Mummy is doin' some spinnin' cuz of Uncle Kermit, so I can't get her to sit down and help me use the 'puter. And Auntie E is doin' some spinnin' too, cuz Mr Gumbles lives a LONG ways away. All she does is talk on the phone now. So everything is crazy at our house. And we gotta move to a new house soon. I don't think I like movin' cuz it makes all the grownups get even more spinny.

My birthday is tomorrow. I asked Auntie E what she was giving me for a birthday present, but she wouldn't tell me, cuz it's a surprise. I like surprises, but I wish tomorrow would come now.

I'll tell you all 'bout my birthday tomorrow.

Klu the Sailor Bear (cuz I'm going on another bacation of a lifetime soon)


Manda M said...

Hi Klu!
Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a 'mazing day :)


Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Klu!


Becky L said...

Klu, you are absolutely too cute! I'm sorry to hear that all the adults at your place are "spinning." We tend to get that way sometimes.

anywho, have a happy b-day!

Vivian said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Klu. I'm sorry it is late ... lots of spinnin' going on here, too.

Linseed said...

this all sounds very interesting Klu - have a very happy birthday!

Auntie Linseed

April said...

Klu, I hope you had a good birthday. I can't wait to find out! What did you get from Auntie E?

Abigail S said...

Happy Easter-birthday!