Monday, April 09, 2007

All 'Bout Darla and Her Senior Photos

Hi, it's me, Klu the 'Tographer Bear.

I decided to take Darla's Senior Photos today, now that Auntie E brought my camera back. (She took my camera to go visit Mr. Gumbles, cuz when grownups are in love, they like to stare at photos of each other.) I needed a good photo of Darla to put in my sidebar with all the other kids. But Darla didn't want to coop'rate. Her favorite place to sit is a nest she made out of hats. (Baby ducks come from nests, you know. I think that's why she likes to sit in a nest.) The bottom hat is from Uncle Captain J's boat company, Northwest Navigation. The next hats are to keep Auntie E's head warm in the winter. I couldn't make Darla come out so I could take her Senior Photos. She just sat there, saying 'mwack.' She still won't say my name, Klu. It's not very hard. Kuh-lu. But all she says is 'mwack.'

Here's a picture of Darla sitting in the nest of hats.

I got mad at her cuz she wouldn't come out of her nest so I could take her Senior Photo. Finally she got out of her nest, but then she just wanted to stand on her head. You're not supposed to stand on your head for your Senior Photo.

Then Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio came over, and she wanted to be in the photos too. I told her that only one person could be in a Senior Photo at a time, but she didn't want to listen to me. She just wanted to sit in Darla's nest. Janna likes nests too, cuz she's a bird, you know.

Finally, I got Darla to sit up so I could take her Senior Photo, but then Janna decided SHE wanted to stand on her head. I turned into a Very Frustrated Bear and stopped taking photos.

Klu the Very Frustrated Bear

PS. You can see Janna's backpack straps in the photo. I don't think most gannets have backpack straps.

PPS. I'm gonna use the first photo of Darla in the sidebar till she's old enough to coop'rate.

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Becky L said...

awe, so sad that you couldn't get a good picture. I hope she cooperates w/ you soon so you can get a pict w/ her NOT in that nest