Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mac 'N' Cheese With Hot Dog Pennies For Uncle Kermit

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Um, I'm in a hurry today, cuz me and my Big Mummy are gonna go rock-climbing, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm FINALLY gonna get to make mac 'n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Uncle Kermit on Friday. My Big Mummy promised me AGES ago, but then she kept cooking fancy grownup food with French and 'Talian names for Uncle Kermit cuz she was showing off. But now it's us kids' turn. I just went with Big Mummy to the grocery store, and we bought all the stuff we need. 'Cept we didn't get hot dogs; we got kielbasa. Me and the other kids like kielbasa a LOT, even though we're not Polish.

Some nice lady left me a comment a while back that she didn't know what hot dog pennies were, and she had to look online. (I think she's from New Zealand.) Well, now we're gonna make kielbasa pennies. Huh. Huh. That's really funny. Cuz kielbasa is way fatter than hot dogs, so they're gonna come out more like quarters instead. Huh. That makes me laugh. To make kielbasa quarters, you slice the kielbasa into circles so they look like quarters, and then you put them in a pan on the stove till they turn brown and smell really good. Sometimes you eat some out of the pan when Big Mummy isn't looking. Then you put them in the mac 'n' cheese. They taste really good.

Tomorrow I'll show you a picture of our new house. I'm 'cited 'bout our new house, but I'm really sad cuz I'm gonna miss Auntie E something fierce. And the cousins. I wish Auntie E could live with us forever.

Klu the Bear


Abigail S said...

Have fun making your special dinner!

Linseed said...

Hope it goes well for you Klu! great photos! Look forward to seeing some on your 'bacation!

love Auntie Linseed