Monday, April 09, 2007

My Big Mummy Did Some 'Pologizin' Too

Hi, it's me, Klu the Finally Bear. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I'm the Finally Bear cuz all my fans are gonna say, "finally" when they read my new post. But it's REALLY not my fault that I didn't write any posts for a long time. It's my Big Mummy's fault. She's doin' all that spinnin' cuz of Uncle Kermit. Grownups are really weird when they fall in love. I hope when I meet a nice girl-bear one day and fall in love that I don't get weird. But all the grownups I know get weird when they fall in love. Auntie E is weird too. And now she's movin' away, cuz Mr. Gumbles lives a long ways away from here. I'm gonna miss Auntie E something fierce. I asked her if Roma and Blu and Bianca could live with us, but she said no, they were gonna live with her. I'm gonna miss them something fierce. But Auntie E said we could come and visit her lots. I can't wait to visit her where she's gonna live. Guess what? They have grizzly bears where she's gonna live. I hope I don't get eaten by a grizzly bear.

Klu the Finally Bear

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Linseed said...

oh my goodness Klu, how exciting for auntie E & Big Mummy! Can't wait to hear the news!

love Auntie Linseed