Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Uncle Kermit's Museum

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I used to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear, but I'm not sure I am anymore, cuz all I've been doin' is some spinnin'. It's hard to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear when all the grownups around you are doin' some spinnin'. So I decided maybe I should just do some spinnin' too. And some playin'. But now I want to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear again.

Darla took me along to Uncle Kermit's house, cuz I wanted to do some 'vestigatin'. I'm not as good at 'vestigatin' as Wilb'rina, but Darla knows all 'bout Uncle Kermit's house cuz he fostered her before we 'dopted her. So I just followed Darla around, 'vestigatin' stuff while she said 'mwack.' Darla only says 'mwack' cuz she's just a baby duck. I can't wait till she's old enough to say my name, Klu. Kuh-lu. Here's a picture of me 'vestigatin' some of Uncle Kermit's shoes.

I like Uncle Kermit a lot. Some grownups don't know that me and the other kids are real. But Uncle Kermit knows we're real. He likes us a lot. But his house isn't very good for kids yet. It's kinda like a museum, really empty and clean and stuff. The best thing for kids that me and Darla found was a statue of a giraffe. I climbed up on a candle holder to get a better look at the giraffe, cuz I was hopin' it might be a real giraffe. But it's just a statue. I guess in museums you only have statues, not real giraffes. Here's a picture of me and Darla 'vestigatin' the statue of the giraffe.

After we got done 'vestigatin' the statue of the giraffe, we got kinda bored. I think I'm gonna give Uncle Kermit some of my toys, so the next time we go to his house, we can do some playin'. I think Uncle Kermit's real good at doin' some playin', but he just needs some toys.

Now that I'm a Famous Bloggin' Bear again, I'll write some more posts. My Big Mummy helped me make a list of all the posts I want to write. I want to write about moving to a new house, and about making mac 'n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Uncle Kermit (we're gonna make it for him on Friday), and how sad it is that Auntie E is moving away to Mr. Gumbles' city, and some other stuff. I'm sorry I let my fans down for a little while. Would you please forgive me? Um, thanks. Pretty soon I'm gonna have lots of posts to write, cuz me and Darla and Wilb'rina and Uncle Kermit and my Big Mummy are goin' on another bacation of a lifetime on the David B with Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch.

Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear

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Abigail S said...

Good to see you back, Klu!