Monday, May 07, 2007

'Zaster Zone

Hi, it's me, Klu the Movin' Bear. Bears don't like movin', you know. Our old house is a 'zaster zone, and our new house is a 'zaster zone, so it's really hard to do some playin' and stuff. Here's a picture of me and Roma with the 'zaster zone in the background. It's not a very good photo, cuz the background is too dark, but doin' some movin' makes you really busy, so I don't have time to take another one.

Wilb'rina is the only one who likes movin', cuz there's so much stuff to 'vestigate. Here's a picture of her 'vestigatin' a box. Blu is watchin' her do some 'vestigatin'. You can tell it's Blu and not me, Klu, cuz his head is bigger than mine and he's got more stuffin'. I'm gonna miss Blu and Roma and Bianca something fierce. Um, sometimes I start to cry just cuz I think about it. I feel like doin' some cryin' right now.

But Wilb'rina doesn't feel like doin' some cryin'. She's too 'cited 'bout all that 'vestigatin'. Here's another picture of her 'vestigatin' a different box, and Roma and Bruno watchin'. All our furniture is at our new house, so they had to sit on some other boxes.

I think I'll go do some cryin' now while the other kids aren't lookin'.

Klu the Sad Bear


Linseed said...

Ah Klu, this is the worst bit, packing up, but it will get better you know - lots of new places to explore in your new house!

love to you and Big Mummy

Auntie Linseed

Blue said...

I hate moving my-self, & as a hoarder its awful! Like you & family I'm going to have to bite the bullit & move soon. Just keep putting it off!
Pats & pets to you

Anonymous said...


Aren't you glad all that 'zaster zone is done with? Your Big Mummy must be chuffed about living in a quiet flat with a bird feeder. Ahh, the simple pleasures, no?

Love to you, Uncle Kermit, and Big Mummy on your current 'venture out in WA.

gledwood said...

Hey I hope you don't mind but I'm collecting brilliant blogs so I put you on my links. "Best blogs iv" on my sidebar ...

Blue said...

KLU,are there!
I know movings stressful, but ...

Anonymous said...


We're all getting real impatient! What's happening in your life now that you're back from your 'venture in Washington on the boat?

Auntie E

Valerie said...

My, Klu, I hope you didn't fall overboard.