Monday, June 04, 2007

Here's That Other Photo 'Bout The Shells In Uncle Kermit's Bathroom

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear,

Here's that photo I couldn't 'pload the other day, cuz Big Mummy forgot the cord to make the pictures go from the camera to the 'puter. That's me in Uncle Kermit's bathroom, playin' with the shells we picked up. I like it that Uncle Kermit has some shells at his house now. He doesn't have very many toys to play with when we go over there. But I'm gonna start leavin' some of my toys for him to play with. Maybe I'll leave one of my Hot Wheels cars for him to play with. I think he'd like that.

Today is Monday, and we're supposed to have the internet at our house on Wednesday. I'm glad cuz I feel a little 'barrassed sittin' here in the coffee shop and writin' my blog. All the grownups are starin' at me again. I don't understand why grownups always have to stare at bloggin' bears.

Klu the Bear

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