Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Last Post 'Bout Our Other Bacation Cuz Now I Gotta Write 'Bout Our New Bacation

Um, hi, it's me, Klu. I'm kinda behind on my posts cuz I've been havin' so many bacations. So this is gonna be the last picture from our bacation on the David B, and then I'll start writing 'bout our new bacation (we saw a bear).

Um, Wilbs was doin' so much 'vestigatin' on the David B that Big Mummy was scared she might fall overboard. It's really bad to fall overboard when you're on a boat. You could die. So Big Mummy had to hang onto Wilbs all the time. Here's a picture of Wilbs doin' some sittin' on Big Mummy's lap and lookin' at the scenery. You can see how Big Mummy has Wilbs's legs clamped between her knees. That was so she didn't go overboard.

Now I gotta go download my photos from our new bacation. I didn't get any photos of the wild bear, cuz we were kinda scared. But I took lots of photos of me and Blu (we're bears).

Klu the Bear


Anonymous said...


I miss you and the kids already. Mr Gumbles and I will always remember your visit with lots of smiles. By the way, don't you think you oughtta call Mr Gumbles Uncle Gumbles soon? ;-)

Auntie E

Klu said...

Hi Auntie E,

I miss you and the kids somethin' fierce already, and we just got home. Okay, I can call Mr. Gumbles Uncle Gumbles. Huh. Huh. That makes me laugh. Uncle Gumbles. I was gonna call him that before, but I was tryin' to be polite. But when you get married, it would sound funny to call you Auntie E and call him Mr. Gumbles.

Please give Roma and Bianca and Blu a kiss for me.

Klu the Bear

Linseed said...

Hi Klu

Tell Auntie E and Mr Gumbles congratulations! I am so pleased! Have they set a date yet!

So glad you had a good time and I look forward to more pictures of your 'bacation

Auntie Linseed