Monday, June 18, 2007

More 'Bout The David B

Hi, it's me, Klu the Sailor,

'Cept I gotta tell you real quick 'bout bein' a sailor bear, cuz me and Uncle Kermit are gonna go on another bacation. It's only a quick bacation to go see Auntie E and the other kids. But I'm 'cited cuz I miss them somethin' fierce. So I gotta finish tellin' 'bout our bacation on the David B. But now that we FINALLY have the internet at our house, I can do my blog more.

Me and Wilbs did a lot of lookin' out the window when we were on the David B. Here's a picture of us lookin' out the window. You can see some islands and stuff. I like Washington a lot. I like lookin' at some islands.

We wanted Darla to do some lookin' out the window with us, but all she did was some fallin'. Baby ducks aren't very good at sittin' on window ledges. They are better at sittin' in nests, cuz that's where they come from. Here's a picture of Darla doin' some fallin' onto the settee. Every time she fell, she kicked her legs in the air and said 'mwack', but it sounded like she was laughin'. I think baby ducks like doin' some fallin'.

I gotta go do my packin' now. We're gonna leave to visit Auntie E on Thursday afternoon. It takes lots of hours to drive there, but that's okay cuz we like ridin' in the car. And I can't wait to see Roma and Blu and Bianca. I miss them somethin' fierce. Auntie E got a digital camera yesterday, so now she can take pictures of the kids and send them to us.

Klu the Bacation Bear

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