Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our New Bacation in Jackson, Wyoming

Hi, um, it's me Klu the Bear. (But I'm just a little, tame bear.)

We just got back from our new bacation to go visit Auntie E and Mr. Gumbles in Jackson, Wyoming. 'Cept Auntie E left me a comment and said I should call him Uncle Gumbles now. Huh. Huh. That's cuz they're gonna get married sometime soon. I like Uncle Gumbles a lot, cuz he's like Willy Wonka. He makes chocolate. We got to take a tour of his chocolate factory. Bears like chocolate a lot, you know. There were big vats of melted chocolate, and Uncle Gumbles took the lids off so we could see inside. I wanted to put my paw in, just to taste it, but Uncle Gumbles said I might fall in like Augustus Gloop, and that would be dangerous. (Big Mummy held onto Wilbs real tight to keep her from doin' any 'vestigatin.') I wasn't 'llowed to take any photos inside the chocolate factory cuz it's top secret.

But I'm tellin' 'bout our bacation all backwards. That's cuz I got so 'cited 'bout the Huckleberry Mountain Chocolates. You can buy them on Uncle Gumbles's website, 'specially if you are a businessbear and run a gift shop. I like the popcorn and the huckleberry bark the best.

Anyway, I looked out the front window of the car the whole way to Jackson cuz I was so 'cited to see Auntie E and the kids. I missed them something fierce. It was really late at night when we got there, but we got to stay up for a long time cuz we hadn't seen the kids since they moved away from Denver. Blu showed me the newspaper from Grand Teton National Park, and told me all 'bout the mama grizzly bear and her three cubs that everyone's been seein'. I was so 'cited to see Blu. I gave him a big bear hug and 'bout squeezed all his stuffin' out. (He's got more stuffin' than me. That's why his head is bigger than mine.) Here's a picture of Blu showin' me the newspaper with the photo of the mama grizzly bear.

Right when Blu was showin' me the newspaper with the picture of the mama grizzly bear, all the other kids came over to see too. I didn't like that very much. I wanted to spend some quality time with Blu, but all the other kids wanted to see the newspaper too. Here's a picture of all the kids lookin' at the newspaper. 'Cept Darla. She just made a nest in the blanket.

Then big Mummy said it was bedtime, and we'd get to see lots of stuff in the morning. I was so 'cited I couldn't go to sleep for forever. And Blu was doin' some snorin'. I forgot that Blu always does some snorin'. It kept me awake, 'cept I was so happy to see him that I couldn't be mad at him for snorin'. Some bears snore, you know. But not me. 'Cept when I have a cold. I think everybody snores when they have a cold.

Klu the Bear

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Linseed said...

Oh Wow! How wonderful! What a 'xciting 'bacation you had Klu!

I loved Uncle Gumbles chocolate website - ask your big Mummy if they ship to the UK

lots of love

Auntie Linseed