Sunday, November 25, 2007

Doin' Some Playin' In The Leaves

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear,

I didn't write a post for a few days cuz it was Thanksgiving, and I had to do some thankin' and some eatin' and stuff. But I did a photo shoot with Speedy, cuz he went on our Thanksgiving bacation with us. But first I have to write my last post 'bout our trip to St. Louis.

After we got done doin' some swingin' and some climbin', we went to another house where there were a lot of woods to play in. A whale came along with us, but he didn't say very much. It's hard to get to know a whale when he doesn't say very much. Ewey came too, and did some more playin' with us.

First we made a fort out of some logs and big pieces of stone. The big pieces of stone were so big that we had to have the grownups move them for us. Here's a picture of me and Speedy and Ewey and the whale in our fort, after the grownups moved the big pieces of stone for us.

But the best part of doin' some playin' in the woods was all the leaves. We made a big pile of leaves beside our fort, and we jumped in them. I didn't want Ewey to jump in the leaves cuz her wool was so pretty, but she said it was okay. (My cousin Bianca is a lambie too, but her wool is a lot dirtier cuz she's had so many 'ventures. I miss Bianca something fierce.) Here's a picture of me and Speedy and Ewey doin' some jumpin' in the leaves.

We keep havin' so many 'ventures I can't keep track of them all. In my next post, I'll tell you 'bout our Thanksgiving 'venture. But it was just a little 'venture, not a bacation where you ride on a airplane.

Klu the Bear

PS. I haven't written any ph'losophy for a while, or any stuff that Richard Scarry would like. Maybe I'll do that for my next post.


Blue said...

What fun!
Autumns good for that sort of thing
Next time you come visit me - do leave your paw print in my guest book...
I have a new bear blog friend, Edward @
do check, him out, I've told him about you!

Bear pats

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Sounds like you all had lots of fun! My favorite time of year is fall because of the leaves. My new friend Annika is an "Autumn" bear. I can't wait to post some pictures of her. I think she's real pretty.

Emila Yusof said...

Klu, you're having so much fun!