Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doin' Some Visitin'

Hi, it's me, um, Klu the Bear.

I just went on another bacation. It wasn't really a bacation of a lifetime, like my other bacations. On bacations of a lifetime, you usually do some sailin' or some rock-climbin' or some bikin' or some campin' or something. This was more of a visitin' bacation, cuz we went to visit Uncle Kerms's family. Speedy came too. He was really 'cited, cuz he never went on a bacation before. (He didn't know it wasn't really a bacation of a lifetime. He just thought it was a 'citin' bacation.)

On the second day of our bacation, the citin'-est thing ever happened: we met Ewey. Ewey is a lamb who looks a lot like Bianca, 'cept she's bigger. (I miss Bianca something fierce, now that she lives with Auntie E and Uncle Gumbles in Wyoming.)

Here's a picture of me and Ewey at the top of their slide in their back yard. I wish we had a slide in our back yard. We can do some good slidin' on Uncle Kerms's railing, but you can go faster on a real slide. Oh, I forgot to tell you 'bout Ewey's Big Mummy. Ewey has a Big Mummy named Natalie. Natalie is almost the same age as my friend Hannah G. You can see Natalie's knee in the photo. (I miss Hannah G something fierce. I need to write her an email.)

At the bottom of the slide, there was the best patch of dust I ever saw. Bears like dust, you know. I kinda rolled around in the dust cuz I liked it so much. Ewey wanted to roll around in it too, but I wouldn't let her cuz her wool was so pretty. (Lambs have wool, not fur, you know.) Here's a picture of me after I rolled around in the dust.

While me and Ewey were doin' some slidin', we didn't notice what Speedy was doin'. Turtles are really quiet sometimes. While we were doin' some slidin', Speedy was doin' some climbin'. Speedy is really good at doin' some climbin', but we just found that out. We didn't know turtles were good at doin' some climbin'. While me and Ewey were doin' some slidin', Speedy climbed all the way to the top of the jungle gym. Here's a picture of Speedy wavin' to us from the top of the jungle gym. Isn't he the best turtle you ever saw?

I gotta go to bed now, so I'll write another post tomorrow about doin' some swingin' on the swings.

Klu the Bear

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bundle-o-contradictions said...

Even if it wasn't a vacation of a lifetime, it sounds like you all had fun!
Have a happy day. :)