Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Gonna Do Some More Bloggin'

Hi, um, it's me, Klu.

Um, I've been away so long I don't know if I 'member how to do some bloggin'. I didn't mean to be away so long. I just got kinda 'stracted, cuz there were so many 'citing things goin' on. But now I'm gonna do some more bloggin' again, and I asked Roma and Blu to help me write some posts. And maybe Wilbs is gonna write some posts too. Cuz sometimes I can't think of a post.

But tonight I can think of a post. It's about Auntie E's wedding. Auntie E got married to Uncle Gumbles! (Now Blu and Roma and Bianca can call him Papa Gumbles, but he's still Uncle Gumbles to me.) I got to be the Best Bear at the wedding! That was the 'citin'-est thing ever! Here's a picture of me and my Big Mummy and Auntie E, with me bein' the Best Bear.

Now that I'm doin' some bloggin' again, I'll tell you all 'bout Speedy, cuz he's the best turtle I ever met. I love him so much. And I'll tell you 'bout all our 'ventures. We're gonna have a 'venture tomorrow, cuz we're going to St. Louis to meet Uncle Kerms's family. I don't know if I'm gonna do much appearin' cuz I don't know if they'll know that I'm a real bear or not. I'll tell you 'bout it when we get back.

Klu the Bloggin' Bear

PS. I'm sorry I let my fans down by not bloggin' for so long. 'Specially Shelley Anne, cuz she wrote me a comment that she was sad cuz her Big Mummy used to read my blog to her.


Linseed said...

I bet you made a wonderful best bear Klu! Can you give my congrat'lations to Auntie E! So is she Auntie G now? Love to your big Mummy too!

I'm glad you're back blogging!

Auntie Linseed

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Yay! It's nice to see you back, Klu! At our house we adopted Annika. She's a bear, too. As soon as I get my 'Puter @ home workin', I'll post some pictures of her & her brothers & sisters. They don't have nearly as many exciting adventures as you, though. :)

Blue said...

I'm sooo glad your back!
You always make me smile & LOL alot.

Pats & pets

Blue said...

Oh dear!
Such a good restart.
Loved the comment n my blog!
Now waiting again...

A blue Blue

Blue said...

Come on Klu,
You won an award, stole my heart, made me laugh a lot - you must blog more.
The clever shorts delight me.