Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm A Real Dirty and Tired Bear, Cuz Of My 'Ventures

Um, hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. I'm not gonna write a long post cuz I just got back from my 'venture in St Louis. That's where Uncle Kerms grew up, and we just went to meet his family. I think they liked me a lot, 'specially Natalie and Luke. Speedy went on our 'venture too, and my Big Mummy. I took lots of photos of our 'venture, but I'm too tired now to download them. And I really need a bath, cuz I'm kind of a different color of brown now. More like dirt than fur. I'll write a post 'bout my 'ventures tomorrow.

Klu the Tired Bear (I'm kinda dirty too.)

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