Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feelin' Stressed 'Bout My Blog

Hi, it's me, Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear,

I've been feelin' stressed 'bout my blog cuz I didn't write nothin' for more than a week. Sometimes it's hard to be a Famous Bloggin' Bear, cuz there's all those 'spectations that I'm gonna have lots of 'ventures to write 'bout. I don't think I had any 'ventures lately.

I was just tellin' Uncle Kerms that I was feelin' stressed 'bout my blog. He told me to turn around so he could rub my shoulders. Here's a picture of Uncle Kerms rubbin' my shoulders.

After Uncle Kerms got done rubbin' my shoulders, I felt a lot better, and I decided to write my blog 'bout feelin' stressed 'bout my blog. Then I decided I should put some new links on my blog, cuz I 'scovered there's other Famous Bloggin' Animals out there.

Here are some links to other Famous Bloggin' Animals. I'll put them in my sidebar too. I wish Roma would write a post on my blog sometime. I miss Roma something fierce. I 'vited her to write posts on my blog, but Auntie E and Uncle Gumbles don't have internet at their house yet, so Roma can only write a post if she goes along with Auntie E to work. Um, I almost forgot -- here's those links to other Famous Bloggin' Animals:

This one is 'about Phytheas, who is a bear on the move. Phytheas is from England. That's kinda close to Scotland, where I used to be from.

This one is 'bout a bear named Arthur who lives in London. He has 'ventures too, but they're different from my 'ventures. He does stuff like ride on buses. I never rode on a bus.

This blog is called The Unexpected Life of the Green Frog, and it's 'bout a green frog that goes lots of places. I think this green frog has had more 'ventures than me, but he doesn't do any 'splainin' 'bout his 'ventures. He just takes pictures.

Um, that's all. I don't feel stressed 'bout my blog now, cuz I wrote a post.

Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear


Janice said...

Hi :)

This is a really cute blog.

comicon said...

aw, poor little thing! a blog is nothing to be stressed about, you blog whenever you please and believe me, I'm stlll gonna read it whether you blog once a day or once a onth! you blog for your own sake, not for someone elses. have a great day, klu, and say hi to your friends from me!

Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt said...

Sorry to hear you got the stress thing, but great to see you managed to deal with it!
I know what you mean though!
Hope you are having a better time now.

Great to meet you!

Linseed said...

its always good to hear from you klu, whenever you can manage it.

Love to big mummy!

Auntie Linseed

Anonymous said...

Dear Klu,

Something that might give you even more 'ventures would be to buy a plane ticket and come visit me (Auntie E and Uncle G)in Wyoming. Anytime soon would be great. Blu talks about you and the cousins every night when we're getting ready for bed, and he's really missin' you, and he said he could give you a neck rub. Even better than Uncle Kerms (no offense, Uncle Kerms). No worries, Klu. Blogs are supposed to be FUN. Just come have some more FUN with us here in Wyoming. Are you afraid of moose? We have lots of them where I live.

Love, AE