Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The 'Citin'-est 'Struction Ever

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

A few mornings ago, I heard some noises outside, so I opened the blinds before the sun was doin' any shinin'. And I saw the 'citin'-est thing EVER: a whole bunch of cement mixers were linin' up across the street where they've been doin' some 'struction. Here's a picture of me doin' some watchin' before the sun was doin' any shinin'.

Then when it started gettin' light out, they brought in the biggest crane EVER! Here's a photo of the biggest crane ever.

Then they made the cement go up a hose on the crane and come shootin' out at the end of the crane. They shot the cement to make the bottom of the new buildin'. Here's a picture of me watchin' them shoot the cement out the end of the crane. You can't really see where the cement is shootin' out, but it was really 'citin'.

I stayed at the window and did some watchin' most of the mornin' cuz it was so 'citin'. I like watchin' 'struction a lot. Maybe I'll drive a crane when I grow up. Or maybe a digger. I'd like to drive a digger a lot.

Klu the Bear

PS. I wrote an email to Hannah G tonight, cuz she's got 'monia. I told her to get feelin' better soon. I miss Hannah G something fierce. I don't get to see Hannah G much now, since Auntie E moved to Wyoming.


Sandra said...

Hi, Klu. That's really 'citing. I got a-scared a little 'cause it kinda looks like a really big dinosaur in the background. You didn't look a-scared, you look really brave.

How is Roma Jean?

Linseed said...

wow Klu! Looks really 'citing!
Nice to hear from you again!


Auntie Linseed