Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Uncle Kerms's New Drum

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

This is a post 'bout Uncle Kerms and his drum. My Big Mummy gave Uncle Kerms a drum for Balentine's Day. She said she knew it was a weird gift for Balentine's Day, but Uncle Kerms liked it a LOT.

Uncle Kerms let me try playin' his drum, and I 'scovered it's real fun to do some drummin'. But Uncle Kerms had to hold me up so I could reach the top of the drum. Then Uncle Kerms got tired of holdin' me up and he went away. But I still wanted to do some drummin' so I tried standin' on the tissue box. But I still wasn't tall enough to reach the top of the drum. I was feelin' really 'scouraged, but then Speedy had a great idea. He stood on the tissue box, and let me stand on his back. (Turtles have hard shells, you know, so it didn't hurt him.) Here's a picture of Speedy standin' on the tissue box, and me standin' on Speedy's back, doin' some drummin'.

Klu the Bear

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, a jambe. Cool! We have drumming circles here regularly.