Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Elk Bugling and Campin' in the Middle of the Night

Hi everyone, it's me, Klu.

Um, here's a picture of me and Roma and Auntie E all being 'nonymous. Big Mummy took this photo of us on the second day of our camping trip. We went on the camping trip cuz it was Big Mummy's birthday, and what she wanted to do for her birthday treat was go listen to the elk bugling. So we drove to a campground, and got there in the middle of the night. The moon was the prettiest ever, and we had lots of firewood, so we made a big fire. It's okay to make a fire at that campground, cuz they had those metal places to make a fire. And Smokey Bear said the fire danger was low. (I like Smokey Bear's hat -- maybe I could be a Fireman Bear or a Ranger Bear some day. 'Cept I want to be a Captain Bear, like Uncle Captain J.) Anyway, we made a fire and ate dinner, and then we slept in the back of Auntie E's truck. I like sleepin' in the truck. It's super-cozy, cuz two grownups and a bear and a muppet take up a lot of room. Then, we got up REALLY early and drove into the national park and went to a meadow where the elk bugle.

I gotta tell you all about the elk bugling. The oldest boy elks want to catch lots of wives, so they make a 'mazing sound. They open their mouths in a funny way, and then they make a moo that sounds like singing. It was so beautiful it made all the fur stand up on my arms. And the sound went bouncin' round and round in the valley. It was like a concert. When it got light, we watched the elks with the binoculars. The boy elks would bugle at each other to say who was the strongest, and who should have the most wives. Sometimes they crash their antlers together if they can't agree on who's the strongest, but we didn't get to see that. Maybe next year, cuz I want to go back. It was the most 'mazing-est thing I ever heard.

I gotta go to bed now, cuz it's WAY past my bedtime. It's 11:00. I'm supposed to go to bed at 9:00, but I was all wakey-wakey, cuz I wanted to write a blog. I like bein' a Blogging Bear.

Tomorrow I'm gonna write a post about some of the other kids, cuz I wrote lots of post about me and my bacations.


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Anonymous said...

Klu and Big Mummy,

Your adventures inspire me to plan some of my own adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Kate