Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Tribute From Me and Roma

Hi, it's me, Klu, and Roma. We're feeling real sad about those kids that died because those bad men came to their schools. We don't understand why people do bad things to other people. (Bears and muppets do bad things to each other too, but you don't hear about it so much cuz they don't have newspapers and radios and stuff like people do). Big Mummy said we should do a tribute to those kids that died. A tribute is when you do something nice about someone who died. So we just want to say that we're real sad and this is our tribute. Sometimes it's good to be a Blogging Bear, cuz then you can write important things on your blog, like a tribute to some kids who died. That's more important than telling about my bacation or how we like to go rock-climbing.

Here's a picture of me and Roma saying a prayer. We said a prayer for all those kids' brothers and sisters. I bet they miss them something fierce. I'd miss Janna or Bruno or Roma or Blu or Bianca something fierce if something happened to one of them. We cried, too, when we said a prayer, even though we don't know those kids' brothers and sisters. But we feel real sad about it.

Klu and Roma

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